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Inspiration Board : Congratulations Marlene Schmitt!!

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Congratulations Marlene!  You won Tuesday's Rowenta Pro Master Iron giveaway!  Please e-mail your address to and we'll send it out to you.

Rowenta Pro Master

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  • How do you enter to win? Martha said onb the show to go to her site for a chance to win the iron but it looks like that person was already picked.

  • I would like to know how to enter to win the iron also. I have so much trouble finding a good iron.I know if you recomend this iron it will be good and i would love to have one. Oh one more thing I would love to clean my couch myself its a cotton material and white. I have the pillows dry cleaned but i need a solution to clean the couch. can you suggest anything. I would appreciate your suggestion. your fann I love your show. MC

  • Show aired on Saturday, May 8th and iron giveaway was May 6th?!
    I wanna Rowenta iron ~~waaaaah!

  • Really now, we are told to go to your website and click on the blog, then we can enter to win a Rowneta Iron too! Then when I get there the Iron has been given away and there is no chance for me to win one. I'm an avid Fan and I love to sew and do all kinds of crafts, crocheting and I have even taken up knitting because Martha says it is good therapy. I feel I should winthe Iron too just like a million other people who wanted to enter too. Really Disappointed and Deppressed.

  • i saw the Martha Stewart show today "07/26/2010" and its says that we had to enter to the web to have the chance to win the iron but the iron it was already give... that to sad

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