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Make It : Easy Gift Wrap

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My brother turned 16 last week!  I didn't have much time to fuss over his gift wrap, so I wrapped them in some plain white paper and stuck some neon office label stickers on top (neon seems to be all the rage with the teens these days :)  I know he's not too concerned about what's on the outside of his gifts, but I still like to make them a bit fun and festive.

polka dot gifts

polka dot close up

I pulled the idea from a gift wrap story we did in the December 2009 issue of Living-

Green Gift Wrap

Can you spot the office label stickers above?  What are your favorite quick-wrap techniques?  And what's your method for making an extra-special package?

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  • I always keep a bag of birch bark strips on hand for various crafts; I harvest them from fallen birches near our camp in Vermont. My super simple gift wrap method never fails to elicit admiring "oohs" and "ahhhs": I just wrap the item in plain white craft paper, then cut a birch bark strip so that it goes once around the package. I then tie it all up with white cotton twine and attach an old-timey label and a little piece of "flair"-- in winter that could be a sprig of spruce, at other times, maybe a brightly colored feather. Easy, cheap and attractive! See a photo here:
    Those colored dots look great too!

  • Oh, I love this! Such a fun idea.

  • Neon is huge right now! I really like how you wrote on the stickers.

    When we're out of gift wrap we like to stamp natural colored paper then finish it off with a skinny velvet ribbon and a bouquet of paper flowers or velvet leaves.

  • To re-use the bubble wrap I get in the mail, I wrap fragile gifts with it. Pictures, wine bottles, small treasures... things that I would protect with it anyway, but rather than cover it up, I take advantage of the bubble wrap sparkle by adding silver ribbon and even yarn and felt bows.

  • Except for the holidays, I always try to wrap in brown paper ..... and then decorate. Some of my favorite things to do would be to sew or glue yarn in different patterns onto the paper. I can get really creative with this technique. Or paint different colored spots with a round foam brush and different colors of paint. Then iron to set. Or ..... oh, I have lots of things that I can do with brown paper!

  • My 16 year old daughter is very green conscious. For smaller gifts, she recycles attractive jewelry boxes and instead of wrapping them in paper, she wraps a ribbon around the box and ties a useful decoration, such as a flower shaped shower sponge on top.

  • What a fabulous idea to use stickers. My kids would absolutely love to 'make' wrapping paper with those. I'll have to use this idea next time.

    here are a couple of quick home-style gift wrap I have had my little ones make for their friends birthday parties:

    Stamped butcher paper:

    For the car lover:

    We also use our children's artwork to wrap gifts, especially for grandparents.

  • Hi,

    I am making the crepe paper roses barettes that Morgan Levine made, I had to enlarge the template a bit, I made about 5 so far, where can I get Martha's crepe paper?
    I can't find it at Michaels.


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