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Contests & Prizes : Mother's Day Project and Giveaway (contest expired)

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Growing up, my mom was always the planner/bill-payer/checkbook keeper in our family...and she still is. When Mother’s Day rolls around I like to give her something to brighten up her desk. I’ve been looking for a reason to try our flocking powders so for the first part of my gift I decided to make mom a flocked stone paperweight/objet d’art.

For another gift, I wanted to make my mom a memo cube.  A few years ago I gave her one that my kids decorated by drawing on the sides. You can buy blank memo cubes here. Afterwards, I did a Good Thing in the magazine using that idea as a Father’s Day gift which you can view here. I'll wrap the rock and memo pad along with a gift card, dried fruit (her fave!) and some hand drawn cards from the kids. Hope she likes it!

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I gathered some smooth rocks which I SHOULD have painted painted the color of the flocking powder. (Learn from my mistake and paint the rock first!)

1 I gathered some smooth rocks which I SHOULD have painted painted the color of the flocking powder. (Learn from my mistake and paint the rock first!)

flocking powder in cosmos, peony, daffodil, and orange pepper

2 flocking powder in cosmos, peony, daffodil, and orange pepper

Repeat on the bottom when the top is fully dry, at least an hour. If painted first in a matching color, 2 coats will probably do it.

3 Repeat on the bottom when the top is fully dry, at least an hour. If painted first in a matching color, 2 coats will probably do it.

Wear a dust mask, cover the top half with white glue, dump flocking powder generously on top and on the sides, and  lightly press handfuls of the flocking powder up the sides of the rock onto the glue.

4 Wear a dust mask, cover the top half with white glue, dump flocking powder generously on top and on the sides, and lightly press handfuls of the flocking powder up the sides of the rock onto the glue.


All done!

6 All done!

Blank memo cubes, calling out to be stamped!

7 Blank memo cubes, calling out to be stamped!

Rubber-banding the pad and gripping it together tightly will make for neater stamping. I used the cute floral stamps in our Peg Stamp Starter Kit and our butterfly stamps.

8 Rubber-banding the pad and gripping it together tightly will make for neater stamping. I used the cute floral stamps in our Peg Stamp Starter Kit and our butterfly stamps.

Stamp part of the image at a corner and then continueby stamping the rest of the image on the other side so it looks as if they wrapped around the sides of the cube.

9 Stamp part of the image at a corner and then continueby stamping the rest of the image on the other side so it looks as if they wrapped around the sides of the cube.

I wrapped them up with ribbon and a matching Le Pen.  I'll give my mom the memo pad and rock along with a gift card, dried fruit (her fave!) and some hand drawn cards from the kids. Hope she likes it!

10 I wrapped them up with ribbon and a matching Le Pen. I'll give my mom the memo pad and rock along with a gift card, dried fruit (her fave!) and some hand drawn cards from the kids. Hope she likes it!

Our gift to one lucky winner is a set of some of the Martha Stewart Crafts materials that I used in these projects: four colors of  Flocking Powders, a 2 ounce bottle of Glittering Glue (not pictured)  and the Peg Stamp Starter Kit which includes: 4 pigment ink pads, 1 sheet of (many!) stamps and 1 acrylic peg stamp block!!!

stamp and flocking giveaway

pegstampkitWant to win these tools and supplies for you or your mom?  Leave a comment in 50 words or less explaining what you'll make, along with your complete name and valid email address. All comments must be received by 6 PM friday, 5/7. We’ll choose one commenter at random to win this flocking powder and peg stamp set.  See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.

Good luck!!

Comments (130)

  • I would love to use these stamps to decorate my mothers window boxes. Right now they are painted plain white and in desperate need of sprucing up.

  • Thank you cards...thinking of you cards...tags to give with gifts of a little packet of seeds...what a cute favor for a shower! I could keep going here!

  • I am eager to use these tools. The colors and images you include are just what I would pick myself. Perfect!

  • I would use it to make some beautiful birthday cards and wrapping paper.

  • I will make wonderful flocked cards

  • I would make cards! I love flocking powder on cards. But the notepads are a super cute idea too.

  • I'm getting back into stamping and need some new stamps.

  • I stamp everything- from paper cups to tiny flags! Oh what fun!!

  • Interesting pieces! Stamps are always useful and fun.

  • I would use these tools to update our family photoalbums to scrapbooks!

  • Those ideas are super cute and I want to try them!

  • I would definitely make cards! To thank you's, to birthday's, to mother's day, to thinking of my hunny bunny! So Inspirational! Thank you!

  • I would love to make some spring cards.

  • Ilove greetingd cards! Never thought about making my own,until now! Thanks for the idea

  • I'd love to use these with my kids to make special picture frames with flocked flowers. Mom lives 8 states away and only sees the kids once a year. It'd be great to send her a new frame each of them designed with a recent picture.

  • I can't believe I've never tried any flocking craft and I am sure I would love to!

  • Jodi, I saw these yesterday right next to your desk (I was the friend of Linsey's who brought in her little girl)! I picked up these rocks and they were so soft they almost felt felted, and none of the flocking was falling off or anything...I think I might need to get some of this flocking powder!

  • Gorgeous! I'd use these supplies to embellish the handbound books I make!

  • My mother is an avid gardener. While in bloom, she always has fresh cut flowres in the house. There couldn't be a more perfect gift set to use while making gifts for my mom. I could make invitations for a surprise birthday. A beautiful wall hanging for her office. Such a lovely collection.

  • i was going to make plant-able paper flowers using wildflower seeds brushed on paper with a flour/water paste. love the flock and stamps, would be cute with flocking on the edge of the flowers, and then maybe decorating an empty glass bottle or jar with the stamps... mmm... better get going... :)

  • Oooh, I'd love to flock some picture frames for bright pops of color on our walls!

  • My daughter is decorating her first house. A picture created from this set would be perfect!

  • I've been making mom homemade gifts forever, and I'm so glad that you keep coming up with these great ideas! I'll never run out! Even if I don't win, I'm going to have to try flocking some rocks :)

  • Really nice supplies could do a lot with them but I'd probably put them aside for a special gift as my vision is bad. Love Martha Stewart craft supplies they are the best.

  • I want to create a decorative bird house for my mom. The flocking will give it a wonderful warm texture. Thanks for chance to win.

  • Really nice supplies I would make some spring/summer type cards, flock some picture frames to make them pop, decorate gift card holders i could go on and on but I may have to flock me some rocks also so cute and useful! Love your blog.

  • I'm sure I would find many uses for these supplies but I know I'd definitely use them to decorate some gift tags. I always have use for some pre-made gift tags for presents for people.

  • My daughter and I would make some cards and notepads with the stamps. We were just looking at the supplies at Michaels and she wanted to get that set!

  • I have never flocked before. This would be an excellent way to pick it up and enjoy making some cards for gifts and for special events.

  • I love those colors! I'd make my mom some cards to put in a box I made her a few years ago. She loves giving out cards but doesn't make her own, so I do that part for her!

  • I've never even heard of flocking powder before but the stones turned out lovely! I'd like to try adding it to parts of cards or notebooks for some fun detailing!

  • I'd love to make some cute desk accessories for my own mom. She works in a dreary office that could definitely use some spring colors to cheer it up.

  • I would make my mom a cute mother's day card and use some of those goodies to decorate a vase for flowers I will get her. She LOVES flowers! :) I am pretty sure she would almost make me make a mother's day card for her mother and my dad's mother (we are all not that close but my mom doesn't think that should matter and I suppose she is right). Aww making cards with those goodies would turn out so well! And perfect for spring!!

  • I would love to make the flocked eggshell containers you featured during Easter!

  • I love to make cards and gift tags, and the stamp kit would be lovely for that! And I've never used flocking powder before, but it looks fun!

  • I would try to make my 87 year mother something nice. I have never tried my hands at crafts, but I'd sure would like to try. This would give me a start, and I'm sure she would love it whatever I would give her. She might give a little giggle. Donna Harris,

  • I love spending time crafting with my 4 year old daughter. We would use the martha stewart craft items to make cards for her grandmothers.

  • personalized time with the kids making cards

  • I love the memo cube idea. As a teacher, having something that cute and usable would be perfect. And what can't you do with stamps? I'm pregnant with my first and if it's a girl I can use them to decorate for her! Thank you cards for my shower guests would be nice, too.

  • What a great giveaway! I think I would start on my stash of "thank-you" cards I always like to have on hand with these lovlies!
    Sarah M

  • I would make cards for all of my family and friends and would have my girls help me!

  • oh wow, i love flocked things. as a kid i had a huge collection of little plastic flocked animals. in these colors, i would love to make flocked barrettes, decorative flocked buttons, and rings with flocked "gems."

  • Elaboraria tarjetas para obsequiar

  • Great ideas! Would love to win new supplies!

  • I would love to win! Unfortunately, I no longer have a Mom living to make something for but I do have kids that enjoy crafting, maybe they could make something for me.

  • I would make cards to swap with my mom. We live 3000 miles away from each other and like to exchange handmade cards.

  • I would love to make my mom a pretty card. I would also love my kids to use the supplies to make her cards too.

  • I would love to win this stamp kit because I love to make cards for my family. Growing up I would always make cards for my mom for mothers day and she has kept each one. Through the years of course I've learned tricks from you and from books. Now I make better looking cards that don't include stick figures and scribbles. I hope i am chosen because I love crafting!!

  • My mom LOVES photos, so I'd probably make an album...or maybe a textural collage.

  • I will share making cards and doing projects with my grandchildren as I did with my children.

  • I have just started stamping when we created our save the date cards for our wedding in September. We are stamping/embossing parts of the wedding invitations, place cards, gift tags, etc as well! These would help!

  • I would love to win this prize for my mom. She really loves doing all kinds of crafts, and is not limited in her interests, or talents. Our last name is Holm (pronounced home), and she's always putting "Holm Made" on all the stuff she makes. Since my dad passed away (2 years ago on June 14th), the only thing that makes my mom a little happy, is working on all her craft projects. I know she'd love this, and doing it will make her a little more happy.

  • I would love to win this! I like to make cards for my friends and family's birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.

  • I would use the flocking powder to try and make some stencilled cards. I'd love to win some Martha Stewart crafts supplies!

  • I would like to make some placemats for spring with the rubber stamps. I have never used flocking powder, but I am willing to try.

  • i am an after-school art teacher, so would put those stamps to good use with my little art students. We would make cards and experiment with the flocking!

  • I would use this to make birthday cards and for scrapbooking.

  • I would make new stationary for my mother with the stamps. Not sure what I would use the flocking powder for, but I'm sure I'd find something!

  • diggin' those rock paperweights.

  • I would make customized labels for Home-Made Preserves and edible goodies!

  • These are super cute! I definitely would do the gift tags but I might try for gift wrap too on plain butcher paper.

  • I would make a stationary set for my grandmother. While she is not my mother, she gave me my mom who in heaven now. She gets all of my love and support and she loves my handmade gifts!

  • I made the grandmas photobooks with pictures of their cutest and only granddaughter.

  • I am going to flock an Altoid tin. My creative writing students will decorate the inside, and include tiny poems that they have written. This is a variation of a project that I got from a magazine.

  • I love to make cards for all occasions and this set would come in so handy! I think I'd also make some card sets as gifts for friends!

  • Would have no problem finding some uses for these. I'm currently taking a break from making my mom some bookmarks and a card!

  • I would die to try out some flocking. I really think I could find a way to add some flair to ballet flat shoes with flocking. Thanks!

  • i'd love to make those rock paper weights. i need some decor for my new apartment and these are just too cute! (: Maybe add glitter to make them sparkle!

  • Oooh! I had no idea you could even BUY flocking! I'm a sucker for type and big letters so I'd love to cover my initials in it. The stamps would come in handy for sprucing up flat paper bags for favors.

  • I'd flock lots of objects from my yard, blending nature with kitsch. Pinecones, stones, branches. I'd use the stamps to add some excitement to plain paper table goods for summer cookouts. The possibilities are endless!

  • I am planning a Grandmom-to-Be shower. These stamps would make wonderful invites, favor tags, and other decor items.

  • I'd use this to do some stamping.

  • I would use the stamps and flocking for cute favor boxes.

  • I would love to use the stamps and glitter to make a ton of Mother's Day cards for all of the lovely ladies who have children.

  • Haven't seen the flocking powder, would love to win and try it place of what I would glitter. The colors are beautiful. I would create some fun cards for my spring and summertime birthday greatings. I would also use the powder and stamps on unfinished wood shapes and clay pots. The kids would have ablast

  • I'd love to make the flocked memo cube!

  • I love the colors of the flocking powder!

  • I would love to use these to make a handmade card for my mother for Mother's day! I love flocking powder! -Beth

  • I would use these items to make some pretty thank you cards to write thank yous to my students for my end of the year gifts.

  • Lovely! I'd be sure to share with my mom!

  • I love clear stamps! They make it so easy to see where you're stamping. I would love this so I can make cards with my 4 year old. I want to teach her that it's nice to send and receive real mail!

  • I would love to try these materials on my ART QUILTS! I think the flocking would be an awesome texture on fabric. Of course, not to wash!

  • I would love to enter and win any competition on a Martha related blog but I can't because I don't live in USA. It's not fair as I'm an avid fan of Martha and her products. I check your blogs everyday. Surely one international post stamp every now and again would not blow your competition budgets?

  • My Mother still uses handkerchiefs and I would use those prizes to make a nice set. I would hand stamp the fabric and then put them in a nicely flocked little box. That would definitely make a nice presentation that my Mom would just love!

  • I would love to win the supplies to make my mom a lovely handstamped/flocked Mother's Day card & a personalized box for her keepsakes.

  • I would used these to make my sister's birthday invitations, introduce her to the world of handmade and all its glory.

  • I'm a stamper and a card maker, so I;d make cards with those sweet stamps. I'd love to play with the floving powder...seeing your flocked rocks has me thinking there's many items that could be improved with a little texture! Thanks for sharing!

  • I would love to make some great cards with these stamps and flocking powder.

  • I love to make cards, gift tags and art pictures. The flocking powder would create lovely texture and dimension.

  • I'd make cards, scrapbook pages, and shop tags with the supplies. I am thinking pretty flowers and ribbons. Thanks!

  • I have no artistic abilities, but my sister is very talented. She makes the most awesome cards. I would give them to her and ask her to make me a couple of thank you cards.

  • I'm going to copy your memo cube project. It looks great, can be a gift for anyone (with the right stamp design) and would be fun to make.

  • I would love to try the flocking power on greeting cards and I too will be copying the memo cube project for future gifts. Al the projects are beautiful.

  • Ooohhh! I love the flocked rocks that you made. If I won, I'd probably make some greeting cards.

  • I would love to experiment with the powder! I rarely keep anything for myself, so I'm sure I'd use all of it to make gifts or give away. (I LOVE gift giving!)

  • My Mom adores stamping. I would just give the set to her and enjoy watching her make something!

  • Love,love,love these!As a pre school teacher I know I would find lots of projects to use these with!

  • I would obviously use them for cards but another idea I would love to try out with these is to use fabric paint and use the stamps on re-usable cloth napkins. I think they would look stunning!

  • I would make a paperweight, this is sooo cute! Then, I would make cards with the extras, but I really like the rock paperweight, so it would be first, one for my mom, one for me, and one for each of my sisters (we are all moms, so we deserve it!)

  • Great to have went the grandkids come for a visit.

  • I would use the stamps to make cards for Operation Write Home. I am always looking for new supplies since I started making cards for this cause. I am unemployed so any free supplies really help me out.

  • I would use this for my scrapbook pages...and also to make cards to send to my grandkids...

  • So many weddings and new babies this season. I love making a personalized gift created for the recipient and these craft items definitely would make for a special gift for my loved ones celebrating milestone moments. (And make a few "thinking of you" gifts so I can show off my new skills)

  • These are so neat. I never thought of flocking anything! HAHA

    I think my daughter would love to help me make some stamped cards. Even thought she is only three she is already my little crafty/cooking buddy.


  • I would use the materials to make hand made cards.

  • I love Martha Stewart supplies they are high quality. I am giving lavender plants and would use this on the container and sachets I'm including. The rock idea is awesome.

  • I would make a handmade card for my mother, grandmother & mother in-law, including it with baby pics of ourselves and pictures of them. Thank you!

  • I would use the supplies for my scrapbooks and handmade cards.

  • i would make homemade birthday cards

  • I would make greeting cards and gift tags, and maybe flocking some mini pumpkins in the Fall.

  • Lovew the dainty stams and the colors as well!

  • I would make the flocked rocks and the memo cubes for my children's teachers.

  • flocking is new to me but the kids and I will have fun making some personal greeting cards.

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  • For her recent birthday I gave my mother a photo scanner so she could scan her beloved prints from the film age that sit in old, torn shoe boxes. I would use these tools to make her scrapbooks out of the prints once they are scanned so she can actually look at and enjoy them!

  • Love the craft supplies!!! Never can have enough of them :)

  • I would make the memo blocks. I love the look of them and only wish I'd seen this tutorial last week. :( These would make great teacher appreciation gifts.

  • i would make some baby shower cards for my sister

  • I would decorate some flower pots and some outdoor wall hangings for my patio

  • I would use it to make some lovely cards.

  • If I were to win, I would make picture frames.

  • Wow - flocking powder. Never knew such a thing existed! I'm thinking I would try to flock paper maché or sculpey sculptures my daughter has made. As for the stamps, shrink plastic jewelry!

  • I'd love to give the flocking powder a go for some fabulous decorations for my mother's newly renovated kitchen!

  • I would love to use these supplies to make a supply of cards for my mom. I could also use them to make her a tool caddy/box out of cardstock for her painting supplies.

  • like to try using these to make some cards

  • [...] ::custom notepads::The Crafts Dept. [...]

  • I pride myself on having a variety of craft supplies on hand at all times. I'm upset to know, I do not have these supplies however, and would love to be able to make cards with stamps, etc.

  • Thank you. It's so cute.

  • [...] idea that I am using for both teacher appreciation gifts and for fathers day. I stole the idea from Martha Stewart tweaked it a bit and made it my own. I started with a 3×3 cube of plain white paper that I [...]

  • [...] shows us how to make our own using blank memo pads, rubber stamps and a few rubber bands. Click here for this super cute DIY [...]

  • FYI - the place to purchase the blank note cubes has discontinued the items.

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