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Contests & Prizes : Rowenta Pro Master Iron (contest expired)

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Were you able to catch Martha personalizing tea towels with Joan Rivers on today's show?  The project was adapted from an iron-on tote bag story in this May's issue of Living.  You can download the monogram & cherry blossom clip art here, print it onto transfer paper, and make your own bag or tea towel.


Martha demonstrated one motif, but we developed several types of iron-on clip art for May's story and it's all available here.

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If you watched the show and saw every audience member leave with a Rowenta iron, perhaps you wish you'd been there yourself?  In The Crafts Dept, our iron is the most heavily utilized tool we use.  Since we're so devoted to ours, we wanted to give everyone a chance to win a new iron, so we're giving away a Rowenta Pro Master Iron to one lucky winner.  Leave a comment in 50 words or less explaining what you will do with your new iron, along with your complete name and valid email address. All comments must be received by 6 PM Tuesday, 5/4. We’ll choose one commenter at random to win a new Rowenta iron.

Rowenta Pro Master

See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.

We're giving away an iron on Twitter too!  Follow @craftsdept and tweet us a message including #rowentaprize between 10 and 6 today.  We'll choose one person at random to win a new iron.  Official rules here.

Comments (297)

  • I'd love to replace my hand-me-down iron (which is at least 10 years old), and have a professional one to iron on embroidery designs and to help press my sewing projects!

  • Well, I'm sure I'd find something crafty to do with it (pressing seams mostly), but maybe I'd be more motivated to make my clothes less wrinkly!

  • I would give this to my Mother who has always talked about getting a Rowenta iron, but will never buy it for herself. She would love this as a Mother's Day gift.

  • I'd absolutely LOVE to win this iron. As a new mom to a fun-loving 18 mo. old boy, my crafts have taken a turn towards the kid appreciated sort. I'm hoping for a new sewing machine for Mother's Day and this cool new iron would be the icing on my cake!!!

  • This iron would be AMAZINGly helpful with the wedding dress I'm making for my daughter out of relatively heavy Italian linen! My old iron is not up to the task.

  • I'd work on projects from my brand new Sewing and Crafts encyclopedia...I just started the applique book for my grandaughter. I saved scraps of the dresses I've smocked for her and am using those!

  • My daughters little dresses would be so beautifully pressed with this iron. It would also be used to create many a t-shirts, totes, I'm also going to do the towel craft.

  • I would love to use this iron to help with my fabric crafts and quilting projects. It would be a dream to receive such a wonderful tool.

  • I would use this iron to make my first real quilt!

  • Just went back to sewing and this iron sounds like it would be a big help.

  • With my new iron, I'd iron some clothes that I haven't ironed in a while.

  • I would use it for everything from ironing my grandmother's hand embroidered linens, to pressing the silk shirt I'm currently sewing.

  • I think my husband would enjoy the new iron more than I would! The iron-on crafts look fairly simple, and I could definitely use the new iron for some new sewing projects.

  • Honestly, I'd use it to spread a new appreciation for ironing amongst my peers. The wrinkled look is so overrated!

  • I would love to have this iron to replace my old one, which I have had for many years. I like to sew and I need a good iron for pressing as I sew.

  • Oh, the things I would do with the Rowenta iron......... applique, quilting, actually ironing my shirts at home.....the possibilities are endless!! Please, Please I would love to win!!

  • I would LOVE to win this iron! It would be great to use while I sew clothes and accessories for my baby girl :)

  • I would use it for my Out of Town totes for my upcoming wedding! (and maybe iron my soon to be husbands work shirts. . maybe not!)

  • I am a new sewer, is that event he correct term? (rephrase) I have just started sewing and I am realizing how much an iron plays in sewing your projects, I had no idea! I new iron would help with frustration of this cheap old one I have been using. The water/rust marks really put a damper on my nice effort.

  • My husband gave me the Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts for my birthday last week! Immediately, my sister-in-law and I made plans for starting a quilt together. The faceplate is falling off my current iron, but pressing seams without having sparks fly would be so pleasant!

  • I would enjoy the chore of ironing! It would make everyday ironing much more fun (and quick!) to do!

  • Hello Craft Department!

    What a wonderful treat it would be to win this iron!

  • I might just have to try the iron on art! Also, it be nice to have a working iron...mine picks and chooses when it wants to work.

  • I just saw the show with Joan Rivers and I am excited to use this new Rowenta iron to make tea towels with iron-on stickers! How cool is that!

  • I would give the iron directly to my husband, who has recently started ironing his own shirts--yay!

  • I would love a new Rowenta iron. Unfortunately , my current iron fell on the floor and doesn't work like it used to.

  • I've had nothing but a Rowenta iron for years now. My husband thought I was crazy when I wanted the first Rowenta we purchased. Now he uses it as much as I do. How wonderful it would be to have one for my sewing and quilting projects!

  • I would LOVE to win this iron! Mine is from my wedding 22 yrs ago & you can imagine how it works! I'd like to make both projects & finish my drapes. :)

  • I would replace my 15 year old iron that I dropped about 20 seconds after I bought it so the steam part of it has never worked.

  • This iron would help me with my ironing. I have the least expensive Wal-Mart iron. I LOVE to iron-always have, but lost my job and my iron died. Got my iron at Christmas. Thanks for considering me.

  • Serendipity! I'm just starting a Yo-Yo quilt and this wonderful iron would make the crafting a breeze.

  • My iron is so old I am thinking of selling it as an antique

  • I iron EVERYTHING! I practically never put my iron away... This one would be a great replacement for my trusty 15+ years old Rowenta.

  • I've finally gotten to retire, so now I can iron all those clothes I should have been wearing to work, but didn't have time to fuss with!

  • My mother taught me to sew and do crafts when I was 7 years old. Now at 50+ years old I still love to embroidery, smock delicate linen dresses, sew drapery and do crafting projects of all sorts. I was given a Rowenta iron as a wedding gift and it has been my faithful companion nearly everyday as I do craft projects and ironing for my family! Receiving a new Rowenta would be such a treat for me. I could then pass my 22 year old Rowenta iron onto my college age daughter. What a treat for both of us!!

  • This is very generous! I would definitely use the iron in my craft room for my quilting projects. Obviously you can't quilt without an iron and sometimes I feel like I even use my iron more than my sewing machine because I press my seams constantly. If I won this then I could truly follow Martha's advice of having a separate iron for crafts and clothing. Actually, I'd need 2 more, quilting, crafting and clothing, but I guess that can wait til another day.

  • I have a iron I really don't like. It dribbles water and spurts. This new one would make ironing quilt blocks easier and basically more fun.

  • I am an addicted quilter and sew-er. Have been since I was 6 and my grandmother taught me to sew and embroider. I will use the iron while quilting

  • I'm putting off a lot of my projects because my current Iron is so light weight. I HATE it! How I would love a good iron to finish all my projects and keep my clothes pressed and nice. My husband feels like a squirt bottle does the job alone.

  • Nothing is more relaxing to me than ironing, especially on rainy or overcast days and being a die hard crafter for 30 some years I've had my share of irons. I've never really found one that I maybe it'll be my lucky day to win this Rowenta and hopefully it'll be the last iron I'll ever buy. Thanks MS

  • I would make an iron-on butterfly decorated tablecloth for all my summer cook outs this season. Hope I win! :)

  • I love ironing it makes everything look so good

  • Oh Martha, my iron is about 25 years old. I will use the iron for all sorts of tasks. I don't have a dryer, so I iron my clothes before I meet with my massage clients. I also sew, love crafting and make wedding flowers from silk. I would love to utilize this iron when I am making the ring bearer pillows and to steam the wrinkles from crushed flowers. I would also like to make a quilt for my 17 month old grandson.

  • I would use this iron for my sewing projects. I'm having a hard time finding gloves as I have long nails and ling fingers so I need to make my own and the iron will come in handy.

  • I would lov to win the Iron! I would use it for alot of diferent crafts!I sew quilt enboridered all most evrey day . That is my rellxing time.I work two job adn have two kids but I allway make time to do my crafts. I love it. Thanks for all the great show. Anita

  • I'd give it to my mom or mother's day. She is obsessed with ironing EVERYTHING! (including sheets)

  • I am notorious for leaving clothes in the dryer and they tend to get really wrinkled. I would love to be able to iron them out!

  • I would love to make one of those lovely totes!

  • Too great! :)

  • I'm making curtains and would love to have this iron to use to make sharp, crisp corners.

  • I would love a new iron. Mine is about 15 years old. This iron would be a HUGE blessing when Im ironing clothes for My husband my self and our 7 children for church every Sunday. This would also make my craft projects ALOT more enjoyable.

  • Everyone who uses a sewing machine needs an iron to do neat work. I use my sewing machine for many projects. Also, I need an iron for the iron-on lining for sewing patterns.

  • I have used Rowenta Irons over the years. I believe them to be the best irons. I do a great deal of sewing and know the newest Rowenta Iron will make my sewing even easier and more productive

  • what would i do with the iron? i'd be an ironing fool :-)

  • A great iron makes such a huge difference! And great ironing job makes all the handmade projects look so much more professional-- I'd use it all the time, especially when I sew for my kiddos.

  • I would use it to iron all the great aprons I am making.

  • I would love a new Rowenta iron. I must admit my boyfriend does not own an iron at all!! I on the other hand iron almost everying-even my bed linens. I would love to introduce him to a world free of wrinkles!

  • I would iron everything! My sheets, clothes, towels! I know Martha is not a wrinkle person and I don't want to disappoint her!

  • I'd use it all the time for sewing and quilting.

  • OMG! I was sewing yesterday and the cat jumped up on the ironing board and down went my iron, ugh... I could really use a new one!

  • Would love a new Rowenta - this project is awesome and would love to give it a spin :) Thanks for the chance!

  • I would use this for transferring embroidery designs to a set of linens!

  • I FINALLY cleaned out my english side board where I keep all my table linens, napkins and candles. I would LOVE a new professional iron to keep all my linens nicely pressed! Also to save money I am trying to press our clothes instead of using the dry cleaners. Since doing this I realize I do need a better iron!

  • I would use this new iron to iron all of the summery cotton and linen clothing that wrinkle so easily.

  • I would love a new iron! I recently started quilting again and I need a good iron to keep my quilting process moving along!

  • We iron every single day. My husband and I overuse the iron we have and replace it annually. He doesn’t dry clean his shirts, but does them himself - armed with his Corning Ironing board cover and 3 kinds of starch. I use it for sewing, crafts, general ironing. Hope we win!

  • I would love the new Rowenta iron to iron my 9 year old TRIPLETS clothing for school. All of their clothing is pressed/iron daily and this would be a great addition to our family! Also would be great for their iron on projects/crafts.

  • I use the same iron from when my children were young and I now have grandchildren. I love to make t-shirts and use iron on transfers of their favorite things for my family I also make quilts for them when I can. I would use this iron often.

  • WOW... just read the reviews on this iron... a little out of my price range however... this iron would sure make life alot easier... I have a cheap old $20 sears iron but it does the job may take awhile and have to due some creases from time to time If I had a Rowenta I dont think it would ever get any rest I have so much to iron i put off because my iron takes forever! by the way great show today!

  • I can press seams; thus, giving my sewing projects that tailored finish. This iron can help me to give the designed and personal look to my craft projects. More importantly, as a career woman, ironed clothes gives a professional and cultured appearance. A best dressed woman/man is never wrinkled!

  • Hi Martha! My name is Tavon Thomas. I am the Youth Director at my church in Baltimore, Maryland. If I won the iron I plan to use it to teach the youth in our community how to craft and appropriately iron their clothes. Winning this activity started.

    Thank you!

  • Childhood, my mother ironing while I watched, 50+ years ago. She still irons and I still watch. Ironing helps make my craft projects look profession, which is great because
    I'm an amature at sewing. My clothes love the iron too.

  • I would use this iron to replace my cheap one that spits water onto anything I iron! I do iron a lot of our clothing as I like my family to look nice and neat! Having a nicer iron would encourage me to sew more too!

  • I would love a new Rowenta iron because the one I have is from my first wedding shower which was 1974! I love ironing, I think its both relaxing and rewarding and my most favorite thing to iron is sheets that have dried outside on the line.
    Every stroke of the iron releases the fesh secent of the outdoors.

  • As a longtime lover of vintage fabric & all things used...I will utilize the iron in my personalized ecclectic one of a kind cards and crafts. THINGS ARE TO BE USED & PEOPLE ARE TO BE LOVED. I make people feel special.

  • I will absolutely put my Rowenta iron to good use with daily ironing and especially with my crafting that I do from watching Marthas show. Thanks Martha

  • I do a lot with my iron- from my husband using it to iron his shirts, to me using it for pressing open quilt seams and making freezer-paper stencils. A new iron would be fabulous so we wouldn't have to share any more!

  • With a new iron, I would promise to actually iron my project every time the instructions call for it. ;)

  • Since this brand is always a subject when I tell people my name, I would love to put one to use and see how well it does. I would first use it everyday to iron my boyfriend's scrubs instead of sending him off to work wrinkly. I would be more inclined to tackle my sewing pile with proper equipment. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • My 11 year old and I have begun sewing together and this iron would be a wonderful tool for us to share! Thanks Martha for a wonderful show, loved Joan this morning, too funny!

  • I'd use it for quilting and cross stitch, but I'd give my future husband full custody, since he, unlike me, loves to iron ALL of his clothes - with a fancy schmancy iron, maybe he'd even iron mine!

  • Probably the most important thing I would do is iron some of my clothes. Perhaps I wouldn't be so wrinkled all the time. I'm sure it would be a big help with some of my sewing projects too.

  • Martha never had a really nice iron. Just now learning to quilt at 63. Retired and loving your show only real people show on the air.

  • I would get nice crisp seams on all my sewing!

  • I have recently started to sew and am learning via Martha's new Sewing book. This would come in handy!!

  • just better easier ironing all together- better seams and smoother edges

  • As a senior with time on my hands I am re-discovering my love of crafts. One of the new crafts I'm signed up for is quilting (I must make at least one for each child and grandchild). It would be wonderful to have a Rowenta from The Martha Show, and Pro Master sounds so cool, or guess I should say hot. I'm also a gadget person, like my father, so having the correct tool for the craft satifies my inner creativeness. It also tends to become expensive, since I like quality. Some things I want are essential to the project (like an iron with quilting) and some are just lovely to have (like Marthas glitter - oh my goodness I love those colors, had to have some, and have yet to use them, but I will). So please add me to the list as an excited potential new Rowenta iron owner.


  • I have been needing a new iron for sewing and crafting the beautifull porjects from the Marth Stewart's collection.

  • I downloaded the faux bois monogram letters while I watched Martha and Joan crafting this morning. I cannot wait to have a new Rowenta iron to put monograms on the old linens I have been collecting to give to my nieces. Thanks for the chance to win a Rowenta iron.

  • I'm learning to sew and I'd like to start quilting too, so this iron would be immensely helpful!

  • Right now, I'm working with a dry iron - it's fine for quilt piecing, but there are times when I do a project that needs a shot of steam.

    I've had such bad luck with steam irons. It would be great to try out this one.

  • It would be a great gift to give to my daughter for Mothers Day from her 9 year old Triplets. I have one and it was the best investment I could have bought for an iron.

  • My employer abruptly closed its company and laid-off everyone. Being my 2nd time laid-off, it’s a great time to start my own business. I am in my late 40's and I am starting a home-based T-shirt business. Winning the Rowenta iron will allow me to press each shirt before packaging.

  • I would like to own a Rowenta Pro Master Iron. I'm 45 years old and I am getting arthritis in my hands. Rowenta Pro Master Iron will help me do more crafts and ironing my clothes easer then my 15 years old iron I had when I was a teenager.

  • I would use the Rowenta iron when I make my quilts, when I sew for my grandson, when the urge strikes! That's how I roll!

  • I don't currently even own an iron! I've been meaning to barter for one for a while now, so I can make my sewing projects and homemade clothing look more professional. If I win this iron, I'll be making tea towels for EVERYONE this holiday season!

  • I'm teaching my 7-year-old to iron and would love to teach her this homemaking skill with a Rowenta!

  • It would be a blessing for me. I would not have to unplug it every few minutes and could really get some crafts done! My current iron has no temp control and does not shut off.
    I can't imagine working with a "real" iron, heavenly!

  • If I was lucky enough to win the Rowenta Iron, I would use it to make inspirational gifts for those with illnesses. Being a cancer survivor, I know the importance of knowing that someone cared enough to make me a personalized gift in my time of need. A quilt with words of encouragement might just be the only comfort some people receive.

  • I would LOVE to win this iron. I am an avid quilter and Rowenta is the best iron made! It is so very important that you iron as you quilt! I will be able to make more perfect quilts for my loved ones with this iron. I also have rheumatoid arthritis, so this will be extremely helpful in my daily life of irong, too. I would be able to press without pushing too hard on the iron.

  • I am newly retired (in my 2nd week). I used to sew quite bit. Now I hope to have the time to do all the craft projects I have been wanting to try. A professionl iron would sure make it easier!

  • I HAVE DREAMED OF OWNING A ROWENTA for over 12 years!


    Iwould iron Seams, pillowcases, sheets and my 13 year old son wants french cuff shirts for his Eagle Scout cuff great to iron those with a Rowenta!

    Thank you for this opportunity!
    I love the show!

    Have a fabulous day!

  • i would love a new iron i could never afford to buy a iron and would love to iron my clothes so they arent so wrinkled and then i look all frumpy and wrinkly

  • I am the Coordinator of the Appalachian Helping Hands clothes closet that provides good new or used clothing to the needy at no cost. This iron would really help! Fingers crossed! Thanks!

  • OMG!! I need the Rowenta Pro Master iron because my iron sputtered out last night as I was midway through ironing baby clothes I purchased at a tag sale this weekend. I like to bring home the clothes, wash and iron them and give them to my daughter for the grands.

  • If I win the Rowneta iron, I will feel, as Ms. Rivers explained, a sense of instant gratification!

  • I recently retired and plan on teaching my granddaughter, who is interested in fashion design, how to sew this summer and the use of a good iron would be very beneficial with this project.

  • I have always wanted a Rowenta; I think I would actually iron if I had one!

  • It is a great iron to use for general ironing, and I am a sewing of clothing and professional sewn draperies that I do out of my home. It would work great!!!

  • I would LOVE to win this iron...I sell stuff on etsy and this iron would be SO helpful when I make the items I sell. I also love sewing and with sewing comes this would be great!

  • I would use it for my sewing projects and to give new life to clothing before I pass it off to the consignment store.

  • I'd love this to work on the curtain alteration I'm planning to undertake!

  • OMG! To have the same iron as Martha and Joan could I die happy? Perhaps I could get a job ironing President Obama's skivvies. Now that's a dream come true! Well, a guy can always hope...

  • I would give this to my 76 year old mother, who still irons her clothes once a week. I remember as a child every Sunday her ironing clothes, I know she would appreciate and love this iron.
    Thank you!

  • i am of the old school days where you iron clothes. I enjoy ironing my husbands clothes and seeing how really nice he looks. I also sew and having a super good iron is a necessary tool for great results. I would greatly enjoy using this iron.

  • I have always wanted a Rowenta, I would love to use it to do the iron on transfer project.

  • I would love a new Rowenta iron to use when I'm working on my quilting and sewing projects!

  • What perfect timing! My present iron is on its last legs and i would sure love a new Rowenta to iron my husbands shirts. He has a sensitive neck and can only wear 100% cotton shirts which require a great iron to do the job. Thankyou!

  • I would use this wonderful iron to press my fabric pieces for a baby quilt for my son who is due in August!

  • If I won the new iron I would start to iron again. Wouldn't my husband look good with fresh ironed creased shirts and slacks. I have an iron that I have had as long as I have been married. I use to iron and got out of the habit of ironing over a year ago when I got sick and now that I am recovering I should start ironing as soon as I feel better. Wouldn't it be nice to make those neat drawstring pants and iron them.

  • I have a rather large extended family and my doughters and I love making handcrafted gifts. A new Rowenta iron would be a wonderful addition to the craft closet and our clothing closet!

  • Hello my is Charlean J Walker and I live on Wadmalaw Island South Carolina. I am retired and I love sewing. I would love to have the iron because I will be starting a project with two of my church sisters, where we will be working with senior citizens on quilting and also making clothing for less fortunate children in our community and surrounding area.

    Thank You

    Charlean J Walker
    (843) 763 - 4523

  • My mother had a rowenta Iron and loved it so much that she gave all of her six girls one for Christmas one year. She knew we would all love it and we did. That iron was just as she had said "the best". My iron gave out. I replaced it with another brand that I could afford at the time and have been so disappointed. Mother knows Best. Still can't afford a Rowenta and I would love to repalce my current Iron with a Rowenta. Thanks,

  • I love doing crafts and this iron would be great for those that require heat pressing....of course it would also be great for everyday.

    Thank you. :-)

  • I will definitely use this amazing new iron to iron my husband's work clothes, mine is broken and that is a sad thing for me! I would also be crafting with it if my kids wanted to!

  • No iron in the world beats a Rowenta. Have used them for years.

  • I would love to win this iron. My sister has one and when visiting her I have used it and loved it. I have tried many irons in the past and would love to have one that worked well.

  • I would replace my current, nasty iron! I have a lot of clothes that need ironing. I am also learning to sew so could use it for that too!

  • oh, wow a new iron! it would definitely replace my old one which has started leaking water. I have a whole line-up of sewing projects in mind, so this iron would definitely help me along in realizing them!

  • I do a lot of sewing with a very old iron. This would be a great help!

  • I would use this iron to 1) iron my white shirts and get that crisp, professional look in my new jobs as a bartender and server and, 2) to at last pursue a craft I've been wanting to do for some years now.

  • I'm a new mom and would love to stay home. Sewing is a part of my heart and a new iron would allow me to craft and possibly make a living from it. My husband is also a cowboy that likes his Wranglers pressed!

  • What perfect timing!!! Just last week I was ironing when a knock came at my door. In my haste to answer the door, I bumped the ironing board and, *boom* *crash*, my iron hit the floor and broke a part. To win this iron would truly be a blessing...thank you for the opportunity.

  • I would use this iron for my curtains. They wrinkle so easily and this would be great to use on them.

    thank you

  • I would replace the iron that just broke after 12 years of service (I got it when I moved into my Freshman dorm!) I'd love it for all my sewing projects and the iron-on transfers are amazing!

  • It would be great to win this iron since my family and I prefer ironing our own clothes, linens, etc. and the iron we have does not have as good a temperature range or large a sole plate as the Rowenta you are awarding. We have enjoyed your show for several years, now!

  • I have been wanting to replace my 12 year old iron. I make many crafts which also includes sewing that I could really use the Rowenta on. With a new iron like this I may even iron my husbands USAF uniforms
    once again and save some money !!!!!

  • I would love a new iron! I use my iron frequently while sewing and sadly, it leaks. It drips boiling water on me and my sewing projects, which is not a good thing.

  • I would love to win a Rowenta iron. I like to make quilts and its important to iron all your seams and this iron would help me out immensely.

  • I takes classes at Joann's for crafts.I need to press with an iron all the time. My grandson irons everyday and he uses my iron over to his house. This makes it hard for me to use this iron when it is with him. I have just retired in October 2009;therefore I go over everyday so we both can use this iron. It would be good to win a new iron.

  • I'm a nurse with a lot of scrubs that need ironing, but what I would like the iron for is crafts. There are so many times I have found one necessary to finish my project I am suprised, from heat transfer, finishing seams, to my sons school projects. Sign me up to hopefully win the Rowenta

  • If I won, that means I would actually NOT have to clean my iron everytime I want to craft!
    How nice to have one in the craft room and not ask my girls where the iron is!

  • Great iron, a must have for any sewing project. I'm currently into making bags, all kinds, can't get enough of sewing.

  • I am in dire need of a great iron. My current use-all is just a simple $15 dollar one that I bought at a box store. I use it all the time for sewing and applique!!
    Sarah M

  • I still have my $10 iron from college, so it's definitely due for an upgrade. I'd use this iron to do some real quilting and have a professional looking finished product.

  • I would actually iron on the iron on designs that I made for my ESL volunteer teachers.

  • It would be so great to have such a nice iron for sewing and crafting. And well, maybe I might just shock my family and iron an article of clothing too. :)

  • Lol- i need to learn how to iron.

  • Wow, what a great giveaway. I would use this iron for everything - and throw my old cracked iron away!

  • I would love to give myself a present of a new Rowenta iron to use exclusively for my sewing and crafting! I would let my children continue to use the old one and have this be 'mom's special iron'!

  • I will really want to win this iron I love to make craft project and this iron will be nice to have, so I can make aplication on my clothing and craft project.

  • I lost my job 2 years ago and would love to have the Rowenta Iron. I had a small Iron that gave out on me, so I borrowed my mothers, but she took it back. I sew a lot for my 16 grandchildren and also have been learning to quilt.

  • My iron just died so this is perfect!

  • I am another Joan who loves to iron. As a person who also sews, I would love a quality iron that will be even more enjoyable to use and last a longer time in my laundry room.

  • i need more IRONy in my life!

  • I would give the Rowenta iron to my mother for Mother’s Day. My mother is 76 years old and has been a homemaker/seamstress all her life. She has sewn and ironed our clothes from scratch. In her High School yearbook, she wrote that she hoped to become a Fashion designer.

  • I have eyed Rowenta for years. I am a cancer patient and am learning to quilt. The Rowenta would enhance the many sewing crafts that I do (handbags, pillows, etc.) as mine is 30 years old. I, as many, was recently laid off, and have no funds for luxuries.

  • This iron will be perfect for the sewing and crafts I do with the grandchildren.

  • Well, Martha
    I have watch you for several years and you do great things with what you have. You always like giving and helping People. So this Rowenta Iron would help
    me out alot.

  • Oh, the sheets & kitchen towels I could iron!

  • Oooh, boy - I'd love to have an iron I can trust as I'm just learning to sew! My old one is so gunked up and I keep crossing my fingers it won't stain my projects. yeah, it's time for a new one, for sure. Thanks!

  • I have grandchildren, nieces & nephews who love just about anything put on a T-shirt. Onesies are fun to embellish for the little ones. I always do 2 at a time... one to wear & one for backup.

  • I would love to win the Rowenta Pro iron. It would be a great addition to my craft supplies. I do a lot of embroidery and this iron will be a grea tool for my iron on transfers! Thanks for this great opportunity to win an iron!

  • I would love to have an iron that doesn't spit all over my clothes. It doesn't do that...right??? Please say it doesn't spit...ok...I'll take it then.

  • I would love an iron I could trust! I keep buying irons & continue to be disappointed. They don't have enough steam or shoot gunk on my projects or favorite shirts Thanks!!

  • This iron looks so amazing! I never thought I would be so excited over an iron, but now that I am turning over a new leaf and creating my own "crafting" workspace, a brilliant new iron would be a great beginning. Good equipment makes all the difference in the world when it comes to the ease and happiness in creating new things- a Rowenta Pro Master looks to definitely be a great piece of equipment! Here to hoping you (Rowenta) and I will make beautiful, steamy creations together!

  • I loaned our old iron (10years+) and never got it back! It would be lovely to upgrade from the iron I bought to replace the missing one. It was 8$ at one of the superstores. You can tell it's an 8$ iron...

  • I would actually learn how to iron clothes properly, since Im getting married soon and I don't know how! I love the look of crisp linens, so I better start learning!

  • I iron everything from craft projects to shirts, slacks, dresses, blouses and would like to try the Rowenta iron that I have heard so much about. I iron when I watch TV.

  • I will iron my sheets if I win this iron!

  • I bought my first Rowenta 20 years ago when I saw you using it. My company let many people go and your show keeps me going everyday. I have the show to look foward to. The Iron would be used and appreciated. Thank You Pat

  • I am a bride to be PLUS an aunt to be! I would use my Rowenta Pro to iron on my horseshoe motif for the cotton totes I'll be giving my wedding guests. I would also use it to create one of a kind onesies for my little nephew.

  • Great giveaway! I would use it for normal ironing. I buy cotton, not synthetics, so I iron a lot.

  • I would love to replace my old iron that I use for sewing projects -- my roommate put down her glass of clear soda next to my water cup and I filled the iron with soda! It hasn't been the same since.

  • I would love, love, love a new iron to use for my quilting projects. Quilter's always have a pair of scissors that is "off limits" for paper use....this iron would be "off limits" to any other craft projects that leave a messy residue on the bottom of the iron. Thank you for the oppportunity!

  • At 5' tall I have to hem all of my pants - even the petite ones. My college-era iron is in such a bad state I have 2 pairs of pants I have owned for a year which have not been hemmed. The first thing I would do with my new iron is hem away at the old - and some new! - pants.

  • this will be great for appliques on t shirts and embellishing simple cotton blouses or denim jackets

  • I am a iron freak, I iron everything from my 2 year daughter clothes to bed sheets, pillowcase and everything else. Love to have this Rowenta iron with so many features.

  • I would use the new iron to sew clothes for my 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son.

  • I would love to win this iron to give to my mother who loves to sew for others and she also irons for some of her neighbors who are not able to iron. She would never treat herself to a professional iron and at age 91 I think she deserves something to make her ironing easier.

  • To start with I love watching Martha,She just makes
    it look so easy. I have 4 greatgrandchildren and it
    will be put to good used.3 of the children love to
    cook,they have their own play kitchen,chelfs hat.
    So on their aprons I will be able to put name or what
    they would like.Thank You so Much

  • WOW!! A new iron would be the Best mother's day gift for ironing all those fun Martha Stewart craft projects.
    Thanks for considering me for this nice give away!!!

  • Women in my generation grew up ironing everything. Today with modern fabrics and dryers we iron less. I love to iron because when the board goes up, the TV goes on to the Martha Stewart program. I will love ironing to Martha with my new Rowenta!

  • I watched the show today with Joan Rivers and everyday I tune into Martha Stewart show. My favorite iron is 20+years old! I have cleaned the bottom of it so many times but it is really starting to sjow it years of use! I would "cherish" a new Rowenta iron!

  • I'm an avid quilter and pressing seams and bindings are important to have a professional-looking quilt. I sure could use a new iron. Mine is on its last legs!

  • I have been a rownta user for years. You can never have too many irons.

  • This iron would be a perfect Mother's Day gift!

  • I love watching the Martha Stewart Show. Today I watched the show with Joan Rivers (very funny). I have alot of sewing projects to do and I would love to win the Rowenta Pro Iron. The Iron that I have now just is used for ironing clothing, which I have my 20 & 15 year old daughters ironing their clothes before they wear them. My husband even irons his clothing. Thank you Peggy

  • Oh, so many things! Most exciting for me, I'd love to use it for my sewing. I'm slowly learning and having a great time!

  • I love Martha. If I had a good iron, I would start housecleaning my Grandmother's house and wash and iron all of her curtains. I love to iron and have an old Rowenta, but could use an new one. Thank you, Rene.

  • I would love to have a Rowenta Pro Master Iron! Thanks for the chance.

  • I would LOVE to have an iron that wouldn't spit water and heat to the proper temperature! I would be motivated to actually do all of the ironing, rather than just ironing what I need at the time.

  • I would love to have this iron. I watch Martha everyday and love all her information she has to offer me. I have her new Craft and Sewing book and this iron would be a great additions to my craftroom. My last iron I had bought myself and am still using is 30 years old.

  • Please pick me! My iron is terrible and I really want to try this project.

  • I would love this iron for my husband. He wants a new iron, that doesn't leak or leave burn marks, like our current one does. I tell him we can't afford a nice one right now. Hopefully I can surprise him with this amazing Rowenta!

  • I might actually iron my husband's clothes before he goes to work and gets laughed at by everyone...

  • I will iron just about anything with a wrinkle. Sheets, shirts, and sweatpants. Nothing will be left untouched.

  • I am graduating in 10 days and I have a lot of interviews to go on! This iron would get great use! Plus I'm a poor college student who is borrowing her roommates :(

  • My sister loves well-ironed clothes (she re-ironed several items of mine on a recent trip so they’d be up to her standards), but I know she doesn’t have a great iron. This wonderful iron would make the perfect birthday gift for her!

  • I purchased your craft book today, I have just recently started a home based business and for my mother's day from me to me would "LOVE" to have this wonderful "ROWENTA" iron to help me have nicely flat seams using your patterns from your book!!!! LOVE the show!!!!

  • I would use it for everyday ironing, but I also have and embroidery machine, and love to sew so it would also be used for all my craft projects.

  • My iron just broke and I need a new one. What can't I do with that iron? It seems so powerful. I bet it makes ironing my husband's dressshirts a dream.

  • My iron is old and I am in need of a new one this would be great to have.

  • My iron just broke and I need a new one.I bet it would make ironing my husband's shirts a dream. It looks really powerful.

  • i would love to have a new iron. I sew alot for the grandchildren and it would be awesome to have the best iron on the market today!

  • I would love to be able to press my quilt pieces with an iron that is not as old as my son (27yrs.)and taped together with duct tape!

  • I will use it every morning to iron my work clothes as I have been doing for 30 years! I have never gone to work without ironing my clothes!

  • I would love to win this Iron,looks so stunning and will do a good job when doing crafts.

  • I would love a Rowenta iron, have wanted one for the last 25 years but could never afford one. I sew everyday, mkae clothes for my grandchildren and greatgrandkids. This would sure help.

    Thanks, Carole

  • I love your show and love to do crafts and sew. My iron is to the point of spitting white flecks as it irons. I would love, love, love to replace it with a Rowenta, which sounds like the best iron to have! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  • I have a (broken) rowenta iron now, and have for many years, but it quit working just this past Saturday and with so many things needing to be fixed at our house right now, I was looking a much cheaper version of an iron since I can't afford a new rowenta at this time. I would just love a new one! ! ! I really need a new iron for ironing my husbands shirts for work. I love when he looks so sharp and crisp.

  • I want to start sewing again, and this would be a huge help. The one I'm using now is a little cheap-y from Target. I would also like to do some of these iron on transfer projects for my nieces and nephew!

  • I love to iron,I iron everything ! I even iron t-shirts. I desperately need a new iron,I have a rowenta,that I loved but, it is leaking and driving me CRAZY.......Please Please Please pick me!!!!!!!

  • I love how Martha used vintage tea towels on the television demonstration as I also repurpose vintage hankies in making little dollies.
    How wonderful it would be to utilize the simply wonderful ROWENTA iron to press my delicate fabrics!

    A faithful follower,
    Lori ann Merrill

  • I will use it to iron my clothes.

  • Ironing is no longer a pleasure with the demise of the steam and spray features and unpredictable auto turn off of my 20 year old iron. By replacing this iron with a top of the line Iron I will be showing respect to my old iron’s faithful years of service.

  • I would use this awesome Rowenta iron for all of my craft items, the draperies I make, and all of the clothes I need to iron.

  • I would use this awesome Rowenta iron for all of my craft projects, the draperies I make, and all of the clothes I need to iron.

  • Yes, indeed the Rowenta iron would inspire me to do more craft projects, and do some alterations on my wardrobe, as this iron represents " I would like for you to be used, and not just setting around collecting dust"

  • The first thing I would do with a new iron would be to finally wash all the curtains in my house which I've been putting off since I don't want to iron them!

  • I love to sew and make costumes. Every year I make a new costume to wear to ComicCon, a large convention here in southern California. The Rowenta would be wonderful. I think the seam allowance went to 1/2" because that is the width of the foot. Thanks!

  • I will actually iron..right now, I just use the bottom of the tea pot :)

  • What would I do with a fantastic iron?? I would use it to press fabric when sewing, to iron on patches over the holes in my children's and husband's clothing, to iron freezer paper to t-shirts for painting, and to keep our clothing looking nice and neat.

  • going to learn to sew and use the iron to make clothing for my 2 daughters

  • Would love to have a new iron as mine is 25 years old. I would like to try to make the tea towels that were on Martha's show today!!!!

  • It's time for a new iron & this would be a great one! Very versatile.....

  • I'd iron my curtains, since I have to take them down for Spring Cleaning.

  • With knocking my present iron off the
    ironing board oh so many time.... it
    would be so wonderful to not have a
    leaky iron. Thank you for considering

  • I have been asking for a new iron for holidays,birthday, etc. for years. No one takes me seriously. I would definitely use this iron for crafting. My iron now randomly spits out rusty water ruining everything.

  • I need to replace my old Rowenta iron that leaks water with a new one. I love Rowenta irons--they are the best! My husband and I will use it for ironing and steaming. I will use it to create craft projects such as the apron customized with a photo of my dogs using ink jet printer iron-on transfer paper.

  • I am in desperate need of a new iron.... mine is an old hand me down :)

  • This would be a great gift to give my mother on Mother's Day.

  • Deciding what to do with it would not be a problem; the girls (wife and daughter) would take it and use it.

  • I just recently lost my home to a fire and I am trying to gather all the essentials back, and this definately is an essential. I would love to win this Rowenta iron.

  • My son loves to iron all of his clothes. He needs a new iron and this would be the perfect gift to him.

  • I bought an iron about 13 years ago, it is about on it's last steam. I would love to have the Rowenta iron, I know it would make my sewing projects and clothes so much better looking. Thank you for the chance.

  • I'm very particular about ironing, and I would really love to have this wonderful iron for regular use!

  • This Rowenta iron would come in handy, while I am learning to sew at the age of 51 and a 1/2. :)
    I have never heard of this brand of iron. Could also use on husbands work clothes.

  • I have to have this for my precious materials!

  • it will be great to be able to make a project without having the iron shut off on me every 10 minutes...the automatic shut off is broken and it shuts off when it pleases...drives me crazy!

  • My iron was given to me as a wedding present almost 40 years ago. I might be time for a new one lol!

  • Now a civilian, and no longer on active duty in the US Army, I’ve finally got some time on my hands. While Stationed at Ibn Sina Hosptial in Baghdad Iraq many Americans sent quilts and crafts for both patients and soldiers alike. I was always touched by the thoughtful gifts and would love to give back by creating and donating quilts for others in need.

  • Rowenta Irons are great.I am from one of those few remaining familes that all still iron daily.Being one of the original Rowenta Iron owners in my family. I've managed to convert most of my siblings. I'd love to own the new Rowenta Pro Master Iron. Then give my Rowenta Focus to another family member.
    - Peter V.

  • "Rowenta "She Sent Ya, To Me, cause I need You, "Rowenta" Martha uses nothing but the BEST!!!

  • The Rowenta Masterpro would Iron out my problems and eliminate wrinkles in time. Steam
    my dream projects into reality.Rowenta glides across
    the fabric like skaters on ice; pressing seams flat
    and fabulous on everything from sheets,shirts,skirts,
    slacks,tablecloths,ties, pillowcases,placesettings,
    and quilts galore. Glide on!

  • I would SO love this iron!! Two Christmases ago, I asked my husband for a new iron and picked one out. I tried to be somewhat frugal while still getting a good iron. I failed! My iron is horrible! It shuts itself off while I am using it! I am an addicted fabric-crafter/designer/budding seamstress and I NEED A GOOD IRON!! So why not enter this contest? :) Good luck to everyone but mostly me!

  • I would love to use the new iron for quilting - It would be soooo special and do such a wonderful job. I plan to make quilts for the children at the City of Hope.
    Thanks, Dora

  • I would love, love, love to give this Iron to my nephew who is getting married very soon.

  • That iron looks like such a pro. I'd mostly be using it for sewing -- a cute Mad Men-style dress is next on the list! -- but I also have a couple sheets of printable iron-on paper left from when I made some Dharma goodies for the Lost premiere. Something gooood could come from this iron!

  • I'll tell you what I WON'T do with this iron.... I won't use it to make fused plastic bags. As you might imagine, I really need a new iron!

  • I am a quilter, and could really use a good iron! Since I use my iron daily, I end up having to buy one every year or two. I would love to try a Rowenta. Pick me! Pick me! XXOO

  • The Boys room is becoming the guest/sewing room. I'm setting up the sewing table and an area for ironing, instead of running up stairs every time I need to iron something. I would Love to have this Iron!!!!

  • I would absolutely love to win this iron because I just started sewing to save on expenses on clothes and bedding. Although I do sew, I have not purchased an iron so this would be a great addition to my crafts!!

  • What a fantastic looking iron! It looks to be a heavy weight which will be perfect for ironing linen to a nice crisp!

  • I'd like to help press all the flags and components of the flags as they're sewn for the marching band.

  • When I heard that the studio audience was going home with a new Rowenta iron my jaw dropped. I would love a Rowenta for all my craft projects and family's clothes.

  • I use to make mine & my daughters clothes when she was little. Being in the work field for so long I didn't have much time to sew. But now my pace is slowing down & time on my hands I plan to go back to making my own clothes again & working on some crafts. And I now have grand daughters to sew for. It would be a real treat to win an iron such as this one to make ironing a joy instead of a chore.

  • Just bought a house and an iron is something we're missing. I would iron everything from our fabric placemats that have gotten wrinkly in the washer to these iron on images I wanted to put on our pillows!

  • I need a new iron because I dropped my old one and now its not working as good something is wrong with the heating part and I need to iron my husband shirts and pants so he doesnt go to work in wrinkled clothes, (I wouldnt let him out of the house in wrinkles anyway) We cant afford to take them to the cleaners any more because recently I have joined the rest of the unemployed people and dry cleaning service is not in our budget, so far I have been using the old one but it doesnt heat up the way its supposed to and eventually it will completely die. Thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway

  • This iron would be perfect to use while making some of my new sewing projects. My old iron does not seem to steam quite enough to get the seams flat.

  • Wow!I hope i can be the lucky one. I have been thinking to change my iron for a long time. I am a textile designer. I love to sew and craft. That would be a great tool for me to accomplish my creation.

  • I'd love to win the iron. I'd use it to iron my shirts for work!

  • Would love this iron!

  • I would so appreciate a new iron to replace my old hand me down! I'm an active quilter and often make garments for my grand children. A new iron would be such a welcome addition to enhance my sewing area. Loved the show today. Ingenious craft of the personalized monogrammed tea towels. Can't wait to create my own for two up coming house warming gifts! Thanks for sharing such a lovely personalized craft.

  • Sadly, ironing, like cooking, seems to be almost a dying art. I have long wanted one of these fine to teach grandchildren to iron with and pass along.

  • Every time I watch Martha's show and see that you give away Good Things, I wish they give the same opportunity to the TV viewers. I am super excited!

    I visited Rowenta's website and the feature I like the most from the iron is the Smart Auto-Off because it turns it off in 8 minutes if vertical, and 30 seconds if horizontal. The next time I find myself in the craft room ironing pretty fabrics, I will feel safer. :)

  • I would love to use this iron for all my crafting! Not only would it be wonderful for all my household ironing, but it would be my best crafting buddy!

    BJ Mancil
    121 River Bend Drive #1110
    Georgetown, Texas 78628
    (512) 240-5042

  • I am a Co-Leader for Brownies in Girl Scouts and this will really help us because we don't use a iron to put the patches on. We use scott tape to hold them down, and we could really use this iron.This would be a really big help to us.

  • would love an iron for all my clothes to save on dry cleaning!

  • What would I do with the Rowenta iron? Iron. I quilt, therefore I iron--lots and lots of fabric. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • need it formy work shirts

  • More crafts!! For sure!

  • I would iron my dress shirts with this iron.

  • I would love to win a Rowenta! I would go crazy creating personalized totes and towels. Who knows -- maybe even try pillows and other home decorations as well :-)

  • my mom would love to have this iron to use for her quilting



  • if i won this iron, maybe it would make me like ironing more!

  • I've watched your show since the first Martha Show. I am constantly inspired by your projects. It would be fantastic if I could replace my rusty old iron, that stains my clothes, with that beautiful iron. Thanks so much for the show Martha.

  • I would love this! I'd use it for iron-on transfers, sewing, and pressing! I could really use a new iron, as mine is super old and doesn't like to turn on much anymore!

  • I'd use it to iron my uniform.

  • I would love this new iron. I would be able to jump start my new dog collar business !!

  • I would crispen my man's dress work shirts with the Rowena iron.

  • This would be g=r=e=a=t!

  • Maybe I could keep up with my ironimg...! Probably not but it would be a lot easier!


  • Since I iron every day I would love to have a new Rowenta Iron to ease my stress. I just commented to my husband that I need a new iron and ironing board cover, wouldn't it be great if I won the iron from Martha?

  • Wow wouldn't it be a fantastic prize. I wish I were able to be in the audience. I wish it would air in Mississippi before the close of the contest. :-( Oh well maybe one day we will catch up with the rest of the US. Your great show doesn't air here until after midnight. Best wishes to everyone who entered.

  • I will use it to make nice creases in my raw jeans.

  • I would love to get a new iron as mine just died. I love the craft sessions on the tv show.

    Cyn in HI

  • I love to sew costumes for community theater and this iron would be a great help.

  • Oooooh... I will smooth and flatten clothes and curtains and then I will make cool t-shirts for my children.

  • If I had a new iron, I wouldn't have to worry about staining my clothes with the unfortunate residue that has built up on my current one! It keeps me from wearing clothes because I'm so afraid that my iron will leave a mark. Also, it would inspire me to get back to my belt designing business.

  • I am watching the show and see how wonderful this iron is! I love to do various crafts and like the monogramming and print projects. This iron would be a great item to aide me in my crafting projects. My iron? very acient and leaves black spots!

  • I love ironing and this iron would make ironing so much easier. I may even get my husband to learn to iron.

  • Rowenta make the best iron's ever. I would be happy to recieve their new model. Having a great iron makes sewing and ironing and doing crafts so much more fun. I sure hope my name is drawn. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • i only have our old iron from college! would love an upgrade!

  • I watched the show today, July 26, and Rowenta contest expired May 4th?

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