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Celebrate : end of school year

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How is it the last day of the school year already ?! Each year this day seems to come faster and faster. Normally I give an ice cream kit to the teachers as an end of year present, but this time we've already had this wonderful teacher once before and I didn't want to give a repeat gift. When brainstorming with my son what else might spell 'summer', we came up with a s'mores kit. We thought that would be a nice gift for a teacher who does a lot of camping with her family. My son however was very concerned about the daughter, who has Celiac's disease, being left out of the fun. He himself having food allergies insisted that it wasn't fair to not have everyone in the family be able to eat the same yummy treats, and asked me to make gluten free crackers instead. I found this recipe for the crackers, made sure that the chocolate didn't include any barley,  researched that gelatin is indeed gluten free and used this recipe for the marshmallows.

s'mores kit

My son's concern and consideration makes this gift all the more personal and special. Have a great summer Mrs. S plus family ... and everyone else !

(these crackers are really delicious, but if you'd rather make 'regular' crackers with ingredients you may already have in your pantry, try this recipe)

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  • Your son sounds great - I love how FA kids stick together and are compassionate for others :) ! And that kit is a super idea!

  • Thank you for sharing and thank your son for being so caring!!!

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