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Celebrate : La Fete des Peres (aka Father's Day!)

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Take note:  Father’s Day is THIS SUNDAY.

Do you already have plans, or are you a last-minute scrambler?  (No judgment here; you already know my track record with remembering dates.)  If you are stumped for ideas, think about what your dad likes to do.  What are his hobbies, passions, and fascinations?

Is he the explorer type?  If so, how about assembling a kit for his next road trip?

roadster travel kit
Does he like photography?  You could make a flipbook of his recent memorable moments:

Or maybe he’s an avid reader:


For more ideas on how to celebrate Father’s Day, click here.  And if all else fails, I have 3 letters for you:  BBQ .  My dad can never resist a good fire and grilled food, nor any other man I know.  It’s genetically predetermined.

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