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Make It : Linen Napkins

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As I mentioned recently, I just attended the bridal shower of a dear friend.  For her gift, I wanted to give something practical from the registry, but also a handmade element.  My solution- steak knives paired with handmade linen dinner napkins!  Since I wanted Jenn to choose the linen, I made one dummy napkin to serve as a promissory note.  Steph walked me through the how-to of a linen napkin with mitered corners (if you don't happen to have an experienced sewer on-hand, refer to page 314 of the Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts).  After proudly finishing my stand-in napkin, I printed out an iron-on transfer of the note I'd written.

Iron-on Transfer Napkin

I trimmed the paper around my text, turned the paper face-down, and ironed it on.

Iron-on Transfer Napkin

Next time hopefully I'll remember to...

Iron-on Transfer Reverse text napkin

Flip the text so it doesn't iron on BACKWARDS!  oops.

Has this ever happened to you before?!

Linen Napkin Gift

When reversed and held to the light, Jenn could read the note (I guess a mirror would have worked too!)  She loved her gift, AND got a good laugh.

What are your favorite ways to personalize a practical gift?

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  • I have actually done the backwards thing. Once. Fortunately, it was with a Citra-Solv transfer and it soaked through the thin fabric, so I just used the fabric backwards and it worked. It looked gray instead of black, but it solved the problem.

    That's a great gift idea.

  • What a great idea! I love that you are giving her the choice of color. Usually buy pre-made napkins and monogram them, but now I am inspired to make them.

  • This is such a great idea! I have several friends getting married in the coming months and I was trying to think of a handmade gift since a few of them are not registered. And especially for the wedding when I will be a bridesmaid, only bringing something off the registry seems so impersonal.

  • Such a great idea - this will make an ideal wedding gift. Perfecto!!

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