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It all started when I made a vest and sweater for my sons and our friend Julie was full of praise. It inspired me to make a grown up vest, which Julie and Nick ended up buying from me at the Craft fair. I was curious how they would share this one vest, and it turned out that Julie was the one who got to keep it.

nick and julie

via sightunseen

So Nick asked me if I would make another one, if he made something for me in exchange. I had long been complaining about not being able to find clothes I like, so we decided I would knit him a vest and he'd sew a skirt for me. Nick wanted an 'all knit' vest, vs incorporating sheep skin as I had done in the other pieces. We went to our beloved Purl, picked out a nice soft alpaca yarn, and Nick brought in a vest he liked the fit of, so I would have a 'pattern' to copy. It was sort of refreshing to be able to just make something without worrying about a 'how to' for someone else to be able to follow ... to just create this one of a kind piece of clothing. Last week I finally finished it (a bit late in the season, but the next winter is just around the corner). Nick looks great in it, no !?

1 of 8
Nick in his new vest

1 Nick in his new vest

from the side

2 from the side

from the back

3 from the back

the yarn used for Nick's vest

4 the yarn used for Nick's vest

the vest I used as a 'pattern'

5 the vest I used as a 'pattern'

the very first vest I made for my son

6 the very first vest I made for my son

the sweater Julie so admired

7 the sweater Julie so admired

Julie and Nick

8 Julie and Nick

I'm really excited to get a new skirt soon ... first I have to decide on a fabric though. I'll show you when it's finished. Have you ever thought of sharing your expertise with a friend !? It is a very satisfying experience .... I highly recommend it !

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  • Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

  • What beautiful pieces! Is there any information on how to make the "furry" vest or sweater with the fuzzy front?

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