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Behind the Scenes : Stripes

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For the July 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Living  I was given the assignment to create a “Stripes” story.  I love this kind of story where one motif leads to many variations and projects. Working closely with Ayesha Patel, our Deputy Creative Director, and Jennifer Aaronson, Editorial Director of Food, we wanted to incorporate existing stripes but also push the idea of where stripes may end up or how they are rendered…..painted, coiled, drawn, collaged, frozen or baked.  For the craft projects I kept my eyes wide open for any striping possibilities.  You can see the projects in the July 2010 issue but I wanted to share one more project with you that did not run in the magazine.

striped candle holder

This project is one of my favorites.  It's subtle, but really elevates the mundane, everyday glass cylinder.  I like the vases from CB2,  but any straight edge vase will work. You will also need masking tape.  I used 1” tape, but you can use whatever width you prefer.  The stripes will be further or closer depending on the width you use.  Attach a piece of tape to the bottom of the vase just inside the bottom edge. Wrap the tape around and up the side of the vase and lay flat on the surface keeping it as straight as possible.  Let the tape run over the top edge and tear it off.  Burnish the tape down with the back of a spoon to insure a cleaner edge.  I prefer finer lines so I kept the distance about 1/8” or less.  Apply two layers of glass paint with a small paint brush over the exposed glass stripes.  Wait for the paint to dry and slowly peel the masking tape off.  Follow the directions on the glass paint packaging to cure the paint in an oven, or leave it as is and wash lightly with non abrasive cleansers.

I filled the bottom with about three inches of natural sand and placed a taper candle in the middle.  You could also use them as containers for shells or other natural objects.

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  • From the photos, I thought you used etching cream, which would probably also look nice!

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