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On The Web : Summer Crafts

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So, it's officially Summer!  I just came across a great center on the web- 60 Days of Summer.  There are plenty of great entertaining ideas, handmade gifts, and fun activities to do outside, or in an air conditioned room.  Start crafting now, and you can have 60+ projects done before labor day!  Below are a few of my favorite projects pulled from the center- what are yours?  We'd love to know- please post a link to your favorites in our comments section!

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Comments (2)

  • I really love the photo centerpiece idea- what a classic and clever way to recognize the guest of honor at a summer party! I may have to try this out for a party I have coming up soon!

    I just made a necklace from the "handmade jewelry and accessories" slide show and posted pictures on my blog, It looks beautiful! Thanks!

  • I have a little DIY... recycle/ repurpose idea for a herb hanger/dryer. Now that I think about it, I should have taken better pics :)

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