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Contests & Prizes : Summer Punch Around the Page Set

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Summer is finally here!!  If you're planning any trips, you'll probably accumulate plenty of photos and mementos.   Wondering how to store or display your new collection?  Take a look at some of our vacation memory keeping ideas.

vacation shadow box

If you like paper crafting, these beachy punches are perfect tools for summertime card making and scrapbooking.

sandollar punch

To kick off the season, we're giving away this Beach Shells Edge Punch and Sand Dollar Corner Punch.

Leave us a comment in 50 words or less about your favorite summer craft, along with your name and valid email address. All comments must be received by 6 PM Tuesday, 6/15. We’ll choose one commenter at random to win this summer punch set.  See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.

Good luck!!

Comments (91)

  • My grandchildren and I love to go to the beach and collect shells and do projects with them.

  • This summer I am looking forward to introducing my toddler to painting OUTSIDE.

  • I love to tie-dye! We always used to do it when I went to day camp, and I still love to do it!

  • I love to decorate my home with summer items. I fill vases with sand and add shells or rocks collected from the shores of Lakes Erie and Huron. I made a few shell encrusted balls last summer and I plan to put them out again this year.

  • My favorite summer craft is making sidewalk chalk drawings with my 4 nephews.

  • Great time for sun printing, those nice long summer days.

  • Making sand candles. Then lighing them at a backyard BBQ. Perfect!

  • I enjoy outdoor crafts and adventures with my son in the warm sunshine :)

  • I'm trying to do more sewing. Not really a summer-craft per se, but the long days make it easier to see!

  • This summer I'm super excited to go garage saleing for old 1960's print pillowcases, so I can make a picnic blanket I've been dreaming up. Simple squares of fun and cheery prints that I can take on adventures.

  • My fave summer project is making a summer scrapbook in which I note down all my summer activities and fun!.. in of course a crafty way! :D

  • This summer, my favorite craft is quilting! My sister-in-law and I are attempting our first quilt (from the Encyclopedia of Fabric & Sewing Crafts) as a joint effort. Of course, my bookbinding and collaging aren’t taking a backseat, but quilting has won my heart for 2010.

  • I like hitting the tag/yard/rummage sales for old houseware and furniture items that can be turned into something new and interesting.

  • I will spray paint anything and turn it into a planter or decorative piece for my garden.

  • What a fab punch set!

    My favorite summer craftin' project is party invites ... and this punch set would be perfect for that!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I love card making. Summer is great time to break out the glitter and stickers!

  • My favorite summer crafting project is designing birthday party invitations for my son's Aug birthday. I also create decorations for his party since he tends to choose themes that I can't easily shop for. Thanks for a chance to win!

  • I love to sew in the summer and make toys. In the winter I'm all about knitting, but I can't do it when it's so hot out!
    Sarah M

  • My favorite summer craft is painting terra cotta pots for my patio. I love to stamp them as well. I hope I win this set!

  • What a fresh design! I'm looking forward to making some cards and gift packaging this summer.

  • My favorite summer craft is making greeting cards and enclosing seed packets so others can enjoy what they have planted.

  • I love to make cards. This summer, I'm going to try to stockpile a few instead of waiting until the last minute!

  • I love to knit socks during the summer!

  • I love making jewelry for my friends and family. I either buy beads and come up with my own designs, or take apart old jewelry and restring/rewire to make it new.

  • I love going to yard sales to find things to fix up and paint. I'm on the hunt for a chair I can paint a funky color and cover a beat up seat with fun material. I actually saw it in an old Living issue.

  • My favorite summer craft is definitely chalking the sidewalk! :)

  • It just feels easier to paint during the summer time, especially with kids. You can do a lot of plein air painting.

    Wouldn't these punches be a fun touch to a painting craft? ;)

  • I am an avid scrapbooker and paper crafter!! Sometimes I can hardly wait to get home from summer activities to print photos and scrap them!

    I also love altering small candy tins and turning them into little memory boxes - holding things like shells and ticket stubs.


  • My kids and I have been having fun with tie dying clothing.

  • I love to make paper bag luminaries in the summer time, to add some lighted decoration to my family's deck while we enjoy dinner outside. These summer punches would be adorable for the top of the paper bags!

  • I am looking forward to collecting sea shells and sea glass on the beach. I just bought my first digital camera, so I will be taking beach pictures and putting them in an album. I would like the punches to decorate my photo album.

  • these would be great as a addition to the craft supplies for my 10 year old SUPER crafty daughter. she can use these for all sorts of projects this summer

  • These would be fantastic, because my favorite summer craft is scrapbooking!

  • My favorite summer craft is making cards and crafts for summer parties, as well as summer trip scrapbooking. These punches would be so cool to use for this!

  • My favorite summer craft is scrapbooking all my summer trips and outings. We will be heading to the beach soon, so these punches would be great!

  • My favorite summer craft when I was younger was making candles outside using old crayons as the coloring. Nowadays I just do lots of cards and any Martha Stewart craft I can try!!

  • On the Fourth of July I make a flag. I have a huge roll of white paper, about 4 feet across and I cut a piece about 3' x 4'. Then I sketch out the stars and stripes. I paint my two oldest daughter's hands red and fill in the red stripes with their handprints. I paint the blue background for the stars and paint the littlest girl's hands white, to make the stars. Then I take a photo of the girls next to the flag.

  • Celebrating the 4th of July with fireworks is a big deal to all of us. Children can make a placemat or wall decoration with black or white paper and create the fireworks.......Directions....Water down glue and place a small puddle in a few spots on the paper. Use a straw to blow the glue into plumes so as to look like the fireworks in the sky. While the glue is still wet sprinkle gold glitter, let dry and repeat the process with silver, red, blue, etc........These resemble the fireworks we have all come to enjoy and love.

  • I scrap year round and I take it outdoors in the othr favortie summer craft is going to yard sales and thrift shops and looking for really inexpensive furniture pieces or frames I can refinish or alter in some way. You GOTTA do that ouside or the fumes will kill

  • When I was kid crayons came in plastic boxes...I remember leaving them outside and the sun had melted them. I broke it having an array of mixed colors, what fun. Now I plan on purposely melting them in the sun with my 3 year old.

  • Right now, I'm knitting a summer hat for my friend's baby. Something summery and light.
    Hope I can get away somewhere and make some of those cools vacation crafts!

  • What a great offer. I can't believe I finally got on in time to participate. I love doing anything with my grandbabies. I started crafting with them last July and then we did a craft a month. Now they not only expect it but look forward to it. One of the first things they ask is "Are we going to do a craft?"

    I love spending this quality time with them. Forth of July is next so we'll be doing something for that. Everyone just loved the tissue paper cards we made for Mother's day. It was easy for them and quite elegant. We decided to make them for fall 2. Thank you for offering inspiration and instructions.

  • Painting is my favourite summer time craft! There's so much beauty to try and capture!

  • popsicles, cupcakes, etc.. prefer edible crafts!

  • I love tie-dying! It's a great craft to do outdoors, so your floors don't get stained.

  • I love going to the beach, collecting seashells, and making necklaces for my nieces!

  • Summertime is sewing. I don't sew that well, but in summer, things always seem more possible. I think it must be the optimistic weather. This year, I'm attempting a flag bunting with cute calico fabrics. I've only had to rip out about half of the seams- so far, so good.

  • It sounds crazy, but my favorite summertime craft is working on handmade Christmas cards and gifts. I find that it makes the holidays much less hectic if everything is already done and ready to go by November. Then I can just enjoy time spent with friends and family!

  • My favorite summer craft is making 4th of july decorations for a party we go to every year!

  • My favorite summer craft is recycling cool flea market items into usable art.

  • I love all medians but am always drawn back to paper. I will be moving to the southwest coast of Florida in 2 weeks and have designed a dry embossed sand dollar change of address card. This set would be perfect!

  • Preserves, jellies, and pickles! What ever the whim strikes- nature collecting, postcards, painting old furniture, and pressing flowers. But the best is finding ways to use my herbs- lavender wands, etc. for gifts.

  • Hand sewing projects that I can pick up and take with are good summer crafts. A bag with pre-cut squares of fabric, thread, small scissors, and the plastic yo-yo disks are great. This year I am accumulating my sock creatures that have reached the hand sewing stage. Often there are sections of these little beasts that just look better with hand sewing.

  • These are great paper punches!

    I love taking well known works of art and redoing them on scratchboard. It's fun to make them funky, and you can match them to your decor!

  • My favorite summer craft is making a flag cake on the 4th. I've taken a picture of them every year and it is fun to see how they have changed.

  • my favorite summer craft is making paper pinwheels with my little cousins for the 4th of july

  • My favorite summertime craft? Tough call, but I'm going with sewing. But I also enjoy making little decor items for around the house. And these punches would be perfect for that!

  • I live in Newport, RI where nautical is THE theme to have! I am constantly making paper cafts for my clients papers and using craft punches for them is perfect! Confetti, Invites, drink stirrer toppers, straw toppers you name it I use the craft punches for EVERYTHING!

  • Collecting seaglass!!!!

  • Decorating terracotta pots to put on my terrace and in the garden!

  • The beach is our favorite place to spend the summer! I'll be looking for these punches for sure!

  • My favorite summer craft is making a Father's Day gift for my husband. He truly is the best Dad! This year I'm embroidering a drawing that my 3 year old daughter drew of him and turning it in to a snuggly. ;-)

  • I am home bound after a recent cancer operation, so I am having fun using ink stamps and hole-punches to customize my thank-you cards for the many flowers and meals I've received!

  • My favorite summer craft is scrapbooking... I can hide out in the basement (where it's cool) and scrap all the photos from the pool, parades, and cookouts!

  • This would be so much fun for summer cards and scrap pages. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • My favorite summer craft is "candle making on the beach". I grew up in a small town in, BC Canada. You can only get there my ferry boat or by airplane. We lived in a home directly across from the beach. I have fond memories of digging holes in the sand and making candles. The best part was collecting small shells and things to put in the candles. I found these great directions for making sand candles at home or at the beach and would like to share with other Martha Stewart crafters....
    Happy Summer!

  • My favorite summer craft is scrapping the pictures I take of my two little ones in all their summer activities. I tend to take more pictures in the summer than any other time. These punches would make a great addition to our summer scrapping. What a great give-away.

  • For some reason right now, I'm really into wreaths! My favorite summer craft (at the moment!) is a muslin and burlap wreath with shell accents-just so gorgeous and summery! Making a lot as gifts too!

  • I like to go outdoors with my watercolors and paint all the beautiful gardens. Then I like to to sit on the porch and read.

  • Crafts from natural items found during this season, like dried flowers & sea shells, help capture memories.

  • My favorite summer craft is knitting a pair of lacy socks while relaxing on my sailboat.

  • My favorite summer craft is decorating t-shirts with my kids for our family to wear on the 4th of July.

  • Summertime means camping for us!! We load up the camper, bicycles and our adorable boxer Bella and head for all the great "mom and pop" campgrounds within a comfortable day's drive. The boys fish and swim and I craft. Paper crafts and beading are 2 of my favorites because they travel easily. This punch would be the perfect addition to my collection. Thank you!

  • Summertime means tye dying and friendship bracelets just like the summer camp days!! But I also like to scrapbook summer vaca pictures. Love the punches!

  • I love all sorts of crafts. I like working on smaller, portable knit projects during the summer. I'd use this punch to make invitations to a summer-themed party!

  • I like making cards during the summer months. My family has lots of summer birthdays that I like to stock pile my cards for!

  • My favorite summer time craft is making things with popsicle sticks. Picture frames, little people, god's eyes, houses and other buildings, the list goes on and on. Plus it gives us a chance to use up all those popsicle sticks we accumulate during the summer!

  • My favorite summer craft is making homemade cards for all the special people in my life. :)

  • I love to dry flowers and use them in arrangements and in photo frames. I also like to use seashells and glue them to frames or vases.

  • The little guy and I have been working on making a scrapbook of all of his papers, drawings, crafts, etc from the school year!! It's a fun way to keep them all nice and organized in a book rather than stuffed in a box. We also planted some herbs together and he is enjoying helping me keep them alive :) and take care of them as well as watching them grow.

  • 100 degree + afternoons here in the Mojave Desert of Joshua Tree are spent on my studio floor sifting through endless old photos of family and friends then creating photo collages, cards, and books. Evenings punching seasonal items to save and share. Punching paper and rolling paper is like meditation. I adore it.

  • My summer craft this year is going to be quilling our intial in creams, aqua and brown swirls. The matting will be in soft aqua with small pics of days by the beach. Then I'll finish it by placing it in a sand/glittered frame with a small shell accent in the corner. It's hard to describe but I can see it in my head! Thanks for the chance to win the punches!

  • My favorite summer craft is enjoying the summer events in 9hicago. Our summers can be short and very hot. It gives me time to take photos of all the happenings around town. This is all part of the master plan to Scrapbook everything I did. Fall is the unofficial start of the scrapbooking season. So enjoy your summer.

  • We don't have summer here in this country; it's hot and humid all year round. Still, it's nice to relax and enjoy drawing and beading when I can :)

  • I love any crafts associated with summer entertaining: Invitations, party decor, menus, the works! Love these punches!

  • Summer scrapbooking...always fun!

  • I love going to the beach with my son and getting new pictures and collecting items to put in our scrapbook when we get home

  • For some reason, shells and seaglass call to me in the summer. I was raised near a beach and miss it. I incorporate both on picture frames, wire-wrapped jewelry, needlework. Luckily, I have family and friends who keep me supplied with both shells and seaglass (I was never successful at finding seaglass; don't know why!).

    Thanks, Martha, for this opportunity!

  • I love to collect shells...small, big, white,'s like finding a hidden treasure. I mkae frames or decorate vases for Christmas presents to share my finds with family and friends.

  • I love all of your paper punches. They are so creative and user friendly. I would love to win the punches to decorate a table and buffet for a summer get-to-gether.

  • I have a craft studio that I spend most of my day in every day. I make cards and do scrapbooking (my very first love!!). I would love to try out your punches.

    Sandi Dailey

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