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On The Web : Upon a Fold

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I recently came a across this online shop, Upon a Fold and was so taken with it I had to share it... Based in Sydney, Australia, this business is the vision of Justine Fahd, a graphic designer and lifelong lover of paper crafts. The shop sells a beautifully curated collection of things; books, stationery and "amazing objects." Totally thrilling to my own paper-crazed self... Its inspiring in terms of her own vision for such a unique business, and because each item she features is itself so compelling.

In Justine's words:

I've been collecting and making things with paper for as long as I can remember. When I’m not working as a graphic designer, I’m still busy cutting, folding and finding inspiration from other paper shapers, artists and engineers. Whenever I come across a beautiful object made of paper I wish I had a place to put it on show for all to see and enjoy. So, ta-da, here it is… Upon a Fold.

So have a look! The images above are of a Japanese book, A Cloud, by Katsumi Komagata. Such a a beautiful idea. Below is an image of a spread from Popville, "a pop-up book where each page corresponds to a moment of urban development."


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