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Inspiration Board : 1 Fabric, 3 Ways

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In my inaugural post, I mentioned that pillows were on my to-do list of soft home improvements.  While fabric hunting I found these curtains and really liked the simplicity of the blue cotton with subtle vertical lines.

Stuffed with 26" inserts and closed with zippers (so they can be removed easily for washing) they make good floor cushions and extra seating in a pinch.

There was so much extra material leftover that I managed to make a few other projects as well:

1.  A pair of window shades (okay, I cheated.  I actually just sewed curtains to fit the windows and then attached them to the blinds behind them with velcro strips.  Now when you draw the blinds, the curtains are pulled up with them).

2.  A cupboard cover to hide glasses and mugs.


Oh, and I managed to tackle that wraparound shower rod by sewing two long pieces of yardage together.  To avoid the seam being in the middle of the curtain and in full view when you walk into the bathroom, I cut the second piece of fabric in half and sewed it to either side of the first piece, as when a bedspread is sewn.  Thanks for the advice, Nick!

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  • would love to win the circut for my dauther inlaw she just loves cake decorating I saw it on HSN just loved all the things you can decorate I loved the cookies. I myself love the paints you have the greatest colors I just bought the azurite and one of the grays can't wait to see the colors on the wall.

  • Although the application is neat and colorful, I have to wonder if it's wise to hang any fabric over a stove with an open flame.

  • I love your "cheat" with the window shades- what a great short-cut. Cute fabric too- I always prefer the classics!

  • great idea!

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