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Behind the Scenes : August Living

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Our August issue of Martha Stewart Living is out on the news stands! It's all about easy living ideas.  Hopefully you will get some inspiration and will have an easy, relaxing summer full of fun craft projects.


The dipping and dyeing story I worked on for this issue was developed and shot last year during the summer (we often need to shoot a year in advance, if we want to photograph in the same season the story will be published ) . But the cover for the issue only came about recently. Vanessa Holden, our editor in chief, wanted to show some of the projects inside the issue on the cover, but in different colors. So she handed me these pantone chips...


...and asked me to recreate some of the projects in the new color way.

cover clothesline

As you can see we dipped many more fabrics than we ended up using. But it was kind of fun to have access to one of our photo studios to do all of this work.  Next week I'll show you some more projects from the actual story.

Oh, and one of the projects from the 'Braiding' story I worked on in this issue is hidden on the cover ... can you find it ?!

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  • Can't wait to get this issue. I am always inspired when I get my MSL magazines.

  • love those magenta dipped pieces.
    what do you guys do with all this stuff after the shoot's over?

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Christine,

    We save projects in an archive after they're photographed. If there's something leftover that we can't reuse but didn't use in the magazine, we donate it to Materials for the Arts, an organization that collects extra materials from businesses and individuals, and distributes them to artists and educators.

  • it is one of my absolute favorite things to visit this blog and see some more behind the scenes! the 'inside clothesline' gives a really lovely feeling.
    i too was going to ask about what happens to your leftover goodies. are they stored away to be repurposed? perhaps sold to some hardcore MSLO fans? : ) these would be exceptional supplies for someone who may not have time to dye or prepare the materials, but who might me able to buy them from you guys as fabric material for another project.

    all morning i've been watching the HSN premieres of the crafting supplies and you all did an amazing job with all of the preparations. the set is overflowing with examples and ideas! i can only imagine how hectic it was to get everything just right. it has been a lot of fun to watch..especially at midnight. congrats everyone!

  • oh wow, the the donation is a wonderful thing. didn't know about such a thing before. (p.s. i must have been writing my comment as you answered -didnt want to sound like i was asking again!)

  • thanks morgan!
    i've read about materials for the arts... sounds terrific- i'd guess that kind of thing could thrive in baltimore just like nyc.

  • This is my favorite project of this issue. Beautiful!

  • Glad to hear you like Rit dye. The Color Formula Guide is awesome!

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