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Make It : Braided Scarf

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Ever since developing and shooting the braiding story 'A new twist' for our August issue of Martha Stewart Living, I've been braiding non stop. On the train, at the pool, at the soccer field. I really love portable crafts, plus the necklaces and bracelets make perfect summer gifts!  Hopefully, now that you have the issue, you will enjoy this easy craft as well.

There is one more great summer braiding project I haven't shown you yet. Though not as portable as the skinny necklaces, it makes for a beautiful accessory to wear this summer.

braided scarf

I used Indian Cotton from B & J , but a light weight muslin would also work well.  Depending on the length, you'll need about 8 yards. Wash your fabric first, let it dry and iron lightly. Cut (or tear) off two 1/2" wide strips about 15" in length each. Divide the rest of the fabric in 3 equal parts ( I simply tore the fabric, as I liked the frayed edges, but you may choose to hem them first).

braiding scarf how to

Lining up the edges, lay all 3 parts on top of each other.
About 7" away from the edges, cinch the 3 layers together and hold in place with a rubber band. Now start braiding loosely until you get to about 7" away from the opposite edge. Secure with another rubber band.
Take the 1/2" strips and tie around the rubber bands to hide them. Clip the ends to line up with the edge of the scarf.

Wear and look fabulous at a summer party (or wedding ?!) .

I was thinking of trying this with a lightweight wool or cashmere for winter, as that could look quite elegant .... but luckily the cold season is far away still.

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