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Inspiration Board : Circle Cutter Giveaway

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Circle Cutter

We've just launched a new circle cutter.  It cuts up to 12" circles and doesn't leave a hole in the center.  We've been using it a lot recently here in the Crafts Dept., and it's certainly a time-saver. Take a look at these simple projects below. They add serious color and impact to any setting, and are quick to put together with a little paper, string, tape, and, of course, a circle cutter.



Want your own? Leave us a comment in 50 words or less explaining how you'll use your circle cutter, along with your name and a valid e-mail address. All comments must be received by 6 P.M. Friday, 7/30. We’ll choose one commenter at random to win a Large Circle Cutter.

See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.

Comments (293)

  • Oh, golly, I would love one of these! We just went into contract on a house and there's an attic loft that I want to model after Martha's work attic. I would use the circle cutter for all kinds of projects to decorate our new home!

  • I will use it to make cards, decorations, and anything else I can think of!

  • I love how you made the banner! I'd do that for my daughter's bday in October. Love it!

  • I'd love to use this circle cutter in my scrapbooking and to make paper crafts. I use a template right now and I can never seem to get things perfectly round. I love the idea of a simple cutter that will help me make simple, precise cuts.

  • I would use the circle cutter to put together my baby's scrapbook :)

  • I would use the circle cutter for our DIY wedding that we are planning. We love the idea of circles because of the never ending love and bonds. We want that to be our theme and this circle cutter would be perfect! It would help make a great statement for our casual fun wedding!

  • I collect vintage holiday cards and I see some wonderful ornaments being made with this circle cutter! My tree is going to be amazing!!

  • I would absolutely love this! I would make garlands, ornaments, and picture backing!

  • I´ll do brooch flowers and dolls for kids!

  • I would make garlands with pretty paper stitched together on my sewing machine.

  • So many times, I have avoided a craft because it required a symmetrically cut circle and I did not want to hunt down the perfectly sized plate, bowl or cup to get the job done. I could do anything with this circle cutter!

  • I'm a new reader, but I'm positively salivating over the chance to win this! I'd cut circles for making rosettes to pin to wreaths and pillows, to make garlands for various holidays and coasters of concentric circles of felt. Seems like the possibilities are endless.

  • I would make decorations for my son's World Cup birthday party.

  • Love this! I'd use it for scrapbooking, making garlands, kids' projects - if it will cut fabric quilts!

  • How would I not use my circle cutter!? The possibilities are endless in my mind—I see mobiles and handmade cards and shadow box decorations and so much more!

  • oh, was the timing of these last two posts on purpose? this tool would be great to use on a quilting project like Kirsten's baby quilt. I love how her quilt turned out, and it definitely inspired me to try one myself. I would use this in place of bowls and cups for templates. It would be such a time saver and save me from pulling everything out of my cabinets in search of the perfect sized circle.

  • I'd make banners, scrapbook pages and cute Christmas cards if I won!

  • I will use them to make basketballs for my daughter's lockers in the gym.

  • So excited for this, I have a birthday party coming up and will use the small circle cutters to create confetti for the tables, the larger one for the banner, and use to customize each party hat, FUN!

  • The question is, what would I NOT use it for? With two kids we have lots of parties and craft projects. I love circles and have always wanted a fun cutter like this!

  • I would use it to make cards! I'm wondering if it cuts fabric, because if it did, that would be the most useful thing ever! Quilts, little drawstring bags, trivets... the possibilities would be endless!

  • My brain is hooked on circles as a design motif lately. I have been using them on everything! I recently made a few party garlands of twine and scrapbook circles for a summer party and this tool would have made my life so much easier!

  • Lots of party decor, cupcake toppers, paper garland, and pretty packaging.

  • A circle cutter would be so versatile! I'm a quilter, so cutting freezer paper, etc. with a cutter would be great. I scrap book and a circle cutter is a must to do that. Make cards. . . Oh, think of the security envelope note cards and stationary. . . So many ideas.

  • My husband and I own a small cafe that we like to decorate seasonally. This would be very handy for that!

  • How cool! I'd use the circle cutter on invitations and announcements. I'm newly pregnant and pretty crafty, so I'm sure I would make good use out of it!

  • I've had a picture in my head for a while that the circle cutter would be able to help me with. I'd love to make a nice, clean grid of circles and frame them. It looks pretty in my brain!

  • Quilts, definately quilts!

  • I'd love to use the circle cutter to make some homemade cards.

  • Oooh, would love to have the circle cutter! I'd love to use it on my recycled paper projects! :)

  • I'm a quilter. yoyos, drunkards path, possibilities are endless especially if it takes me into other crafts.

  • WOW! This is fantastic! I would use the circle cutter to make banners for my upcoming wedding and for scrapbooking, parties, and maybe even quilting post-wedding.

  • i would use this to make banners!

  • With the second half of the year being filled with holidays, birthdays and a whole slew of baby showers, it'd be banner central at my place! I think this would also be perfect for cupcake toppers!

  • I would love to make a banner for my September wedding, hang behind the head table. It would match the miles of garland I've been crafting for our big day!

  • I think I'd use it for holidays or in my mom's classroom to make a welcome banner and other decorations.

  • How timely - - I was just complaining the other day about how I despise my current circle cutter. ;) I'd use a circle cutter to make a polka dot mobile that will dress up the corner of my workspace.

  • I would use it for birthday party decorations as well. I love banners right now, so I think that would be my first project.

  • I love making the balls made from circles folded triangularly. Use a decorative punch in the middle of each circle.. such as the a water lily punch. Leave off a couple from the bottom, and slip it over a flameless tealight...
    The circle cutter would be a terrific time saver for me.

  • i would use the circle cutter for quilting! :)
    perfect circular circles would be nice.

  • I will go around the world with this AMAZING circle cutter!

  • How won't I use it? I am pretty sure I have to buy one of these (if I don't win of course :)

  • Does it cut fabric? If so, I would try my first applique circle quilt--it's the cuttint that really intimidates me there!

  • Ooooh....well, first off, I have a baby shower coming up for a friend. That would make a really easy garland!!

  • So many times I have needed and wanted a circle cutter and have not had one. There is always a need for a circle cutter... I mean... what project is complete without one?

  • I have 3-4 DIY wedding projects to do where this tool would help me out a TON. Hope I win!!!

  • I make inchies art (collages with inch square image cut outs). It would be really neat to do it with various sized circles.

  • Oooh! This looks like the *perfect* circle cutter! There are so many out there but none of them seem as good as this one! I would be using this all the time in scrapbooking, cardmaking, for party hats, placemats, stencils, rings, giant paper flowers! The list is endless!

  • I've been looking for a circle cutter. I'd love to make paper garlands for Christmas this year.

  • Oh my goodness! I want one of these to make stationery and invitations with!

  • I would use it to make banners & decorations for my upcoming wedding.

  • wow!!.. I am soo gonna go crazy on cards and layouts with this cute circle cutter.. life will be sooo much easier.. no more finding ways to hide the hole in the centre.. just a perfect circle! :)

  • I wouold make lots of party decorations - from banners to cupcake toppers. That is a great tool!

  • I would be the decorator for all the holiday parties. The holiday banners would be so cute! It would be easy to make ornaments too!

  • Would love to own this! Helping with a baby shower in August that this would be perfect for. I could see cupcake toppers, banners, place cards and lots of the other fun round items!

  • I was going to go purchase one but I could not find it! Guess I am going to have to submit to win one.

    I have 2 craft ideas,

    1) I want to make these large paper ornament-style balls (similar to the one shown in the third photo but a different variation) with some of my fave 12 X 12 scrapbook papers to hang in my younger daugher's room in lieu of the currently popular tissue pom poms. But my die-cut machine only cuts up to 8 inches in diameter. 12 inches is what I really want for scale!

    2) A paper circle garland for my older daughter's room. I think I could do this way faster than running paper through my die-cut machine.

  • i have wanted one of these for as long as i can remember. being able to cut a circle without finding a round object in the house to trace (plate, roll of tape, vinyl record, etc.) would be AMAZING!!!

  • This would definitely come in handy when making decorations for my housewarming party in August!

  • My head is swarming with idea for this beauty! Banners, name place cards, a polka dot themed party?! The possibilities are endless.

  • I do not, at the present time, have a circle cutter. I make a lot of greeting cards and special event cards. It would be wonderful to cut out a round "window", make a circular shaker card...too many ideas to mention. And the many sizes it cuts is also a wonderful feature. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • What an excellent invention. If only I had thought of it!

    I would use this tool to cut circular pieces for quilt blocks. Not to mention, it would be great for cutting pieces for game boards to use in my classroom. Many possibilities.

  • I would love to create circles of all sizes without owning a million circle punches!

  • I want to make a baby quilt for my friend and some onesies. Once those are done, I want to use it to make embellishments for skirts and for paper mini books. Having and using this tool would be so much fun!

  • There are a lot of great comments about this circle cutter - so many great ideas. You could even do placemats for parties, lots of scrapbooking themes, even some outdoor game ideas come to mind (follow the dots and more!).
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I would love to use this for my baby's scrapbook, possibly decorations for his first birthday and for general paper crafting. How fun!

  • I would use the circle cutter for card making!

  • Fun! I'm helping a friend plan her wedding and would use the circle cutter to make all sorts of things!

  • I've been a scrapbook consultant for 10 years, and use my CURRENT circle cutters for EVERYTHING! This new one definately has an edge over the one I've used endlessly...look forward to trying it out!

  • I would use it to decorate for the holidays this year in our new house.

  • oh my gosh! i was just looking for something like this because i always seem to be cutting circles!

  • I would use the circle cutter to my invitations for my best friend's birthday party in August!

  • A cute banner to welcome home my brother's new adopted baby :)

  • This would be great for party decorations or making yo-yo's to decorate clothes. Fun!

  • I would love to use this in my scrapbooking and for making cards. Circles are so hard to make!

  • I think I would have to work on a first quilt!

  • I would make beautyful mobiles, greating cards, and at christmas time beautyful ornaments and small cards for presents. If it can cut halfway around I would make a funny shaped tablecloth for my coffee table. I would love to experiment with the cutter.

  • Beautiful mobile! I would love to make one.

  • I love to do things with the yoyo, just like Martha did on the sheet set. One of my lastest project is my daughter's apron (flower yoyos) for her waitress job. I had several projects in the past and I used a string and a marker. This would be a great improvement from my caveman technique.

  • I would use it to make the map coaster project found in your holiday suggestions as Christmas gifts. It would be helpful for scrapbooking, party decorations, craft fair projects, etc.

  • The Circle Cutter looks great! I would use it to make cards and holiday decorations! It'd be nice to finally have a perfect circle, mine never come out great!

  • I'd love a circle cutter. I'd love to make some greeting cards, and maybe some funky business cards with these too... oooh... the possibilities!!

  • I would use it for cardmaking and decorating!

  • As one who is increasingly dedicating more of her crafting time to paper projects, a circle cutter would be an amazing addition to my growing collection of tools! And of course having one from the Martha Stewart collection would be the best!

  • I'd love to use a circle cutter for gift tags and note cards. Very cool!

  • I would use the circle cutter to make snowmen decorations for my annual Gingerbread house decorating party. I have not found a circe cutter that I really liked and am so glad you have made one, I love all of your products.

  • What a great tool. It would be great for dinner party crafts. A lovely circle menu on pretty colored paper on each plate would be gorgeous. Or smaller circles could be placed under each glass as a coaster/placecard. A pretty colored paper could be cut to line a cake stand. Or maybe rather than a charger, a circle of paper could mark each place at a buffet.

  • OMG Thanks for the chance to win! I would love this tool! Good luck all

  • Awesome!! I have been looking for the PERFECT large circle cutter for large circles on my scrapbook pages. They would also be fabulous for altered items and wall decor.

  • I'd use it to make cake toppers!

  • What a wonderful idea! A circle cutter that cuts more than one size circle. Scrapbooking and cardmaking are my two favorite hobbies. I am now making Christmas cards with cut-out letters to spell NOEL and SNOW. I would be able to make the O in both of those without hand cutting them out which we all know is not an exact science. Are these in the retail stores yet? I would love to have this tool. I just recently bought Martha's edge punch that makes the doily lace pattern and a snowflake punch. I love them both because they are so easy to use. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next!

  • I would love this cutter to make baby shower and nursery decorations!

  • I would use it to make decorations for any and every occasion!

  • Party favors, quilts, decorative sewing, etc, etc. There are an infinite number of possibilities when you pair a crafter/sewer with a circle cutter. I have a circle window quilt that I've been working on for a year. I am positive that a new Martha Stewart Circle Cutter would allow me to finally complete my project with ease.

  • Ooh, how exciting!! Symmetrical circles are the bane of my existence, I would love a way to get them perfect each and every time. I would primarily use it for making cards, but there are some clever little tags I could make for gifting my handmade jewelry.

  • Wow, my daughter and I could have so much fun crafting together with this. Thank you for the chance!

  • I would use it to make packaging for my products, making cards, photo collages, decorations. In truth, the possibilities for me, are endless!

  • I would use this to make cupcake toppers, gift tags, so many cute and fun possibilities!!

  • I would love to make paper circles to put between my baked goods and my cake plates! Or even between cheeses and apps and a platter.

  • my daughter loves all things polka dots. i think i would use it to cut vinyl circles to put on her bedroom walls in all shapes and sizes. or it would be fun to just do the ceiling. :)


  • I would love to win the circle cutter. I sell items in bazaars in the fall and this would be perfect to cut out items for the purses, totebags, aprons and the other items I make. So many possibilities that come to mind too numberous to mention.

  • My dad celebrates his 60th birthday this year and I would use the circle cutter for doing an elegant, but witty decoration of the restaurant we are renting. Lots of circles and flowers out of paper. Yours, Theresa

  • We two young boys in my house, there are a ton of crafts that this circle cutter will be a great help with. From birthday banners to snowman projects!

  • Every holiday season I think, "I really need a circle cutter." But I never find one that is just right and end up passing it up. This one looks just right.

  • I lead craft activities for large groups of young children and would LOVE to have a circle cutter to "cut down" on prep time- ha! I love crafting with kids but it takes a long time to cut out 400 circles by hand!

  • Oh my! My heart skipped a beat when I saw this! I would love to use this product for card making and paper crafts! What fun!

  • I would love this to make ornaments and gift tags with!

  • I would love to use the circle cutter for a friend's baby shower invites & decor that I am going to help with in the next few months. It would be fun to do a polka-dot themed party!

  • I would use the circle cutter for decorations, invitations and for a simple yet cute mobile for our daughter's room (we're expecting her next month!).

  • I'd use this tool to help me make art for my daughter's nursery (she's arriving in December). I want to do an owl and bird theme and I could use this to cut out eyes, faces, and flower centers.

  • I'd use it to make banners. My current banner on my fireplace was made by tracing plates, then cutting with scissors. A cutter that can make large circles would be so much easier! I'll be wanting holiday banners come fall...

  • i would use these cutter to put the letters of my husband's name on them one by one. his birthday is coming up and i would love to use the circle cutter to decorate with. i'm tired of using a cup or bottle to make circles! thanks so much for the giveaway :)

  • we would be using this cutter for creative projects which we do with kids (they wouldn't be directly using the cutter though!) for a non-profit i run which allows children to be creative change agents, making the world a better place for all kids around the world.

  • I would use this cutter to matte photos in a unique way, scrapbook, and decorate my whole apartment with garlands and polka dots!

  • I am the children's birthday party decorator for all my friends by default and this circle cutter would be PERFECT! I love the HOORAY sign in the picture above - these are the sorts of things I am creating all year long. Pretty please? :)

  • That looks really easy and nice. I'd love to have some of those hanging ornaments around here in a few spots, just to cheer things up.

  • I would love this! I would totally use it to do all kinds of crafts with my little toddler. We are always looking for new exciting things to do crafts with!

  • How great is this? Of course I would want it. I love MS craft tools!

  • As a teacher, I would love to have a 12" circle cutter for quilting, making cards, envelopes, decorations, huge paper or fabric flowers, mobiles, and all types of geometry based projects.

  • I would use it in my scrapbooking and card making projects. What a great item to have! Hope I win!

  • My daughters birthday party is going to be featuring circles. I might have to get my hands on one of those.

  • Wow! What a fabulous circle cutting tool. I would use it to make a garland and cupcake toppers. I would love to have a 12" circle cutter. Love it!

  • Would love to be able to cut circles without a hole in the middle. Goodbye compass with knife attachment!

  • What a versatile tool for crafting!!! No holes in the middle! You have a very creative team of designers.

  • lovely ,thats such a thoughtful invention..
    necessity is definetly mother of invention..

  • Wow! Circles without holey middles! Imagine the Christmas ornaments... the perfectly round holly berries. I would love to win!

  • Party decorations! Seems like such a wallet saver.

  • I would love to use the circle cutter to make cards--and I'm sure I would find a ton of other uses for it too!

  • I would make some pretty paper flowers for my wedding and decorations for Halloween. I'm thinking a kitschy but spooky banner!

  • I would use this to make scrapbook pages highlighting my summer vacation and new house!

  • These would be GREAT for my daughter's birthday that I am working on!!!

  • What would I not do? Should be the question! Endless possibilities. Place mats, banners, mobiles, cards, holiday decorations, etc.

  • I would use this for a million things. I LOVE circles, but hating tracing and cutting them. I didn't know this existed, but it's perfect. I wonder if it would work on fabric...

  • i'd use this for pretty much all of my papercrafting! cards, banners, scrapbooking...oh, the possibilities!!!

  • This would be great for me since I'm totally incapable of cutting (or drawing) a perfect circle.

  • We have a Sesame Street twins birthday party we are planning for and I would use this to make banners and decorations as well as cupcake toppers and who knows what else? This is a great idea!

  • I love the banners and crafts you made. We are soccer lovers in our house, so I think a circle cutter could go a long way here.

  • I love using circles in my scrapbooking and could use the circle cutter to make decorations for parties on the deck and hang lovely spinning balls in the trees. I also custom cut tablecloths from the plain plastic party type, this tool would make it possible to do some circles.

  • Thanks for another great giveaway. I will definitely make a nice stash of gift tags. I will also make banners, cupcake toppers...the possibilities are endless when making the circles is made so easy.

  • I have used my circle cutter SO much--if you've improved upon it, I must have it. I'd use it for a circle-patterned quilt design and the banners for all parties and holidays. A fall party is on the calendar and hanging balls on the trees surrounding the deck would be wonderful.

  • I'd use it for scrapbooking and gift wrapping.

  • i would use this for everything! but the first thing that comes to mind is a new fun banner for my booth at craft fairs!

  • I LOVE DOTS & CIRCLES! I would use one of these to make labels to organize, banners to celebrate and scrapbooks to remember.

  • As a high school math teacher, there are SO many ways that I could use this circle cutter. It could make an interesting deck of cards for math games, or a place for students to post their goals. It would definitely come in handy for our unit on finding the equations of circles for my Algebra 2 students, while my lower level students could use them for pie graphs while learning about percents. (Right now I'm still struggling with cutting out uneven, jagged circles for both of those units!)

    Not to mention, there are about a million possibilities for my own adventures in decorating and planning my sister's wedding next summer! This looks like such a great product!

  • EDIT:

    As a HS math teacher, I’d create decks of cards for games, and places for students to post their goals. I’d use it for finding equations of circles for Algebra 2, while lower level students could use them for pie graphs. Not to mention, decorating and planning my sister's wedding!

  • oooh! I'd use this to make photo ornaments, cutting out the circles individually with scissors is a pain!

  • I would love to make circle banners for around the house & various celebrations!
    Sarah M

  • Okay! I'd use it first for aquilt I've been wanting to do with the positive/negative circles. I cannot think of the right name for it at the moment. Then, for a ton of different things relating to my plushy creatures. How nice it would be to make a really nice even circle! Mine are always off a bit. Thanks!!!

  • Happiness is........ polka dots! I'll use the circle to cut wall vinyl----- what a great way to liven up an upstairs bathroom! Thank you~~~~ :)

  • The circle cutter is so cool! If it cuts fabric, it would save me a bunch of time. I would love to use it to make appliques for purses.

  • Wow! That's pretty nifty! I'm hoping this can cut fabric! Cause I've got some cool quilt ideas with polka dots!

  • What wouldn't I do with this? Wedding decor, thank you cards, gift wrapping. Fun fun fun!

  • I would use this for favors tags, cupcake toppers, cards, banners-you name it!

  • Let's see, how about using it for as necklace template, making decorations for birthdays and weddings, quilting, bulletins boards at school, paper cones, cards, felt penny rugs...

  • I absolutely love this!! I would used it for so many things.... my scrapbooking deffinately banners and decorating, cards the list goes on.

  • I would use the circle cutter for all craft projects where I need to cut a circle. Circles are nearly impossible without some sort of devise for accurateness. Lots of times the item I am making ends up being much smaller than I intended. This would be perfect...AND, a very good thing!

  • wow! I'm going to make millions of zillions of crafts!

  • I can't cut a pretty circle to save my life! This circle cutter would be great for soooo many things (& a time saver!): magnets, crafts, sewing projects, cooking.....

  • I have been glued to your site the past few days getting ideas for Christmas. I know it is early, but every year the holiday comes and I wonder why I didn't do more homemade gifts and decorations. This year I am really trying to start early. Two of my favorite projects use circles so this would be perfect :) Happy Holidays ;-)

  • I would use this to make Christmas ornaments out of used Christmas cards, like I did when I was little. We used to glitter the edges, and make them look 3D. I would love to do this with my kids. I would also like to use it to create a scrapbook type cookbook! I have been collecting papers and embellishments to do this for some time. Having my sons help me create such a thing would be wonderful. I can think of tons of uses...

  • I would use this to make Christmas ornaments out of used Christmas cards, like I did when I was little. We used to glitter the edges, and make them look 3D. I would love to do this with my kids. I would also like to use it to create a scrapbook type cookbook! I have been collecting papers and embellishments to do this for some time. Having my sons help me create such a thing would be wonderful.

  • My sister is disabled and lost her husband recently in an accident. She lives alone and has very limited income. Crafting keeps her busy. She especially enjoys creating greeting cards. I would give it to her and know that it will bring her lots of enjoyment.

  • I would LOVE a circle cutter as My son is getting married in OCT. and I am helping decorate for the ceremony, making the invitations and doing the rehearsal dinner. I could make these cute decorations you've shown and let my imagination run wild, and save money!

  • I am starting my own craft market stall very soon and I need a quick and easy way to make price tags for my wares. I would LOVE this circle cutter to make some pretty and interesting tags to compliment my products. Thanks for the awesome website :)

  • I would use the circle cutter to make a pretend store for the kidlets to play with. I think it would work great to make signs and super cute decor!

  • F-O-R E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G-!

  • Great idea! I would use this to make birthday banners- I cut circles all the time!

  • Ooooh...I'd love to use it to make garlands! :)


  • What wouldn't I use this cutter for? I can't tell you how many hours of my life have gone to cutting circles. Cards, Paper cutting art, designs, little cupcake photo-toppers, wedding planning, party planning, the list goes on and on... oh and i forgot.... i can use it at school (I am an art teacher) also, lip balm labels, home made gift labels and anything else i can think of. Please Please Please give it to me. I need it bad!!!!

  • I would make garlands and roses. =D

    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  • I make homemade cards from my son(he's only 1 1/2) to family members for their birthday and just because. This would be a great addition to our card craft box!

  • I would use the circle cutter to make labels for my homemade blood orange marmalade:-)

  • Oh my! I need this so bad! I have made so many 'happy birthday' and 'congratulations' with circle for each letter and for every one I end up tracing a bowl, a glass, or a plate. Please, for the sake of my poor hands and my poor dishes, please please pick me!!!!! PLEASE!

  • I would love one of the circle cutters. I am currently unemployed and trying to work on craft items I can make for upcoming craft fairs. Especially for the holidays.
    I do alot of sewing and all crafts, and I have some great ideas that would sell well, either as an income or to help pay off bills being neglected while on unemployment.

  • That's an awesome product! I would love to make homemade banners like the one pictured. I love surprising my nephews with handmade gifts and this cutter would probably be a big help with my craft projects.

    Would it also cut felt? If it does it might be the best thing ever. Trying to cut two perfectly same sized felt eyes for knitted toys with scissors is impossible.

  • i would use the circle cutter for scrapbooking, crafts, and parties. i've always wanted one.

  • I want to cut Large circles for my scrapbook page layouts and some smaller ones for some Christmas ornaments.

  • This would sure compliment the other Martha Stewart circle cutter I have and just in time to decorate for my niece and nephews birthdays !

  • I have oodles of chipboard coasters, and I would use the Circle Cutter to designer paper to cover them all with, to make albums. I would make an album for everyone I know...that's a whole lotta circles. :)

  • I would use this circle cutter for cards, and scrapbooks. I would also use it to make paper beads and paper bead necklaces. THere are so many things this could be used for, the ideas are endless.

  • i would love to make all kinds of cute banners for anything and everything i could think of!!

  • The ease of cutting circles with the Circle Cutter! As a teacher, I'd use the amazing circle cutter for my classroom. Of course I'd want to use it at home, to find and make a tote that would carry one circle cutter and mat to and from school.

  • The circle cutter would be such an asset! I do scrapbook & make cards, but also would use it for decorating for ladies' fellowships and school activities. Too cool to have a chance to win it!

  • I would love to win this for my card making and scrapbooks so I could make all my circles without having to get out and set up my die cutting machine. This would be so much easier and faster!

  • I've been looking for a good circle cutter that is easy to use. I'd use it to create banners, garlands, animal faces, and anything else I could think of. The possibilities are endless!

  • My daughter's 1st birthday is in a couple of months and I would use the circle cutter to make a banner and all kinds of decorations!

  • PERFECT for banners!!

  • I'd love to have a circle cutter to make paper flowers ...and probably those hanging paper ornaments in the last picture. So cute!

  • I live in SA and have tried so many circle cutters before, as the perfect circle is still a problem. I have an Arts and Crafts store and would use the circle cutter on all paper crafts - love your circle projects.

  • What is not to love about circles. They make everything happier. I would use this is scrapbooking, quilt making and I just love using circles for home decorating in the kitchen, dining room or even the bathroom. They invite happy bright colors to perk up any room or project.

  • If i have this, i want to use if to make a craft as a door gift in my wedding on December. but, i'm not a LEGAL RESIDENTS OF ONE OF THE FIFTY UNITED STATES OR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ;(

  • Oh! I would use it to make circle bunting!

    swagnerm [at] hotmail [dot] com

  • This is a clever idea! I love it! It would be really useful not only for scrapbooking, but also for some decor-making.

  • I would use the circle cutter to make templates for a quilt. Also I would use circles to cut out snowflakes when winter comes.

  • Definitely for crafts...birthday parties, scrapbooking, home decor, gifts! I LOVE this!

  • Wow. This would be great for when I am making ornaments. I have such a hard time cutting out a perfect circle. I can needlepoint a circle onto canvas, but cutting it all out later just eludes me.

    Thank you for the opportunity for the giveaway!

  • Placemats, centerpieces, vinyl polka dots on the wall, Christmas cards, appetizer decor, coaster decor - your imagination sets the boundaries. This is a staple piece to have in any craft room and it would be wonderful to at it to my own. As the resident crafter, my friends and family would love all of the cute projects we could do to add our personal touch to any and every function.

  • I would like to have a poke-a-dot party. Circles and dots decorations. Fun!

  • I would use the circle cutter to make decorations for my friend's wedding shower and also fun projects at home! FUN STUFF!

  • I teach special needs children, and we do an art project daily. I would enjoy having this cutter so that I don't have to cut out circles imperfectly by hand. I love all of your products-thanks so much!!!

  • I would use it to make decorations for my nephew's first birthday coming up! Red and blue polka dots everywhere.. :)

  • I am in love with this circle cutter! The one thing I can't stand is crooked circles. I will definitely use this for circle banners and garlands. This cutter will make it easy-peasy! :)

  • How cool! I'd use this for tons of art projects with my son. He'll love it too!

  • I would love this to add to my crafting tools! I'm starting to gather tools for card making and am LOVING all of the punches etc. on Martha Stewart. I could make garlands, add to my card making, all the papers I have. OH, it's ENDLESS possibilities!

  • I would use the circle cutter for my scrapbooking projects. I love the fact that it doesn't leave a hole in the center because I wouldn't want a hole in the center of my pictures.

  • Wouldn't circles cut from cardstock make a fun and interesting scrapbook? That would be my first project.

  • I am an avid scrapbooker and lover of all things crafty (except sewing, haven't learned how to turn on the machine yet). I have two young daughters who i am hoping to successfully "mold" into my crafting companions. My oldest, who is 4, frequently asks to "do a scrapbook project" with me already so i think maybe my brainwashing is working. We would LOVE a circle cutter that is easy to use, as many of the others i have tried don't live up to their claims.If it is as good as Marth's punches, then i have a feeling it will be the last one i need!

  • We're helping a friend plan a wedding!

  • I host regular craft nights with my friends and this would be perfect to use when we're making cards or other crafts.

  • I am trying to put together our nursery and don't want to go with a "theme"...I found some great fabrics, but need something colorful to spruce up the room. With the circle cutter, I think I could make a beautiful room-size mobile that baby would love!!

  • I'd love to have a circle cutter that would work this well, especially without the hole in the center. For 50 years I've had circles with a patched hole in the center. Please pick me for the free one!

  • I'm a collage artist - I would use it in my artwork - I'm often cutting circles that just aren't as perfect as I want them to be. This would be great!

  • Oh boy would this been fun to play with. thanks

  • What an amazing tool! I do alot of scrapbooking, and this would come in very handy. My daughter is also very crafty, and I know she would find all kinds of uses for this! I can definately say that this tool is going to be one of my must haves for crafting. Thanks for the awesome website.

  • This would be great for all of my last minute projects I try to throw together. I'd love to try it for party decorations, banners, cards, and a mobile for the nursery

  • I have long claimed the Creative Memories circle cutting system as the best on the market, but this looks like it could be a viable competitor. I would love to have one to test this theory!

  • I would love the new circle cutter. It would be great to use for crafts and decorations with my Sunday School kids. I can already picture Christmas ornaments made out of various sized circles.

  • I’m a Girl Scout leader, cutting out circles is a never ending job. I believe sharing new tools is a great way to introduce girls to lifelong skills. As a bonus my son starts kindergarten this fall and I'm sure his teacher will love some help getting her circles cut too!

  • As a high school teacher, I would use the cutter in my Apparel 1 & 2, and my Early Childhood Education 1 & 2 classes. Many of our sewing projects use various sizes of circles. In ECE classes the circles would be used for games, bulletin boards, etc.

  • I would make cute sucker cards for a birhtday party my sister is planning!

  • Three different sized circles could make cute snowmen decorations this winter, and also, I would use a larger circle to place under cakes for some extra color!

  • Using the Circle cutter for crafts would be a breeze.
    Winning one would eliminate the scissors I squeeze.
    My hand would be happy.
    Creative card making snappy.
    It’s a must tool for circle making.
    The final step is picture taking.

  • What a lovely gift to give away. Since I have nine grand children and sixteen
    great grand children, there are all sorts of projects to use the circle cutter on.
    Birthday banners and decorations, wedding decorations, school projects,
    holiday decorations and garage sales. Also I think all of the planets be great.

  • I'd use it for everything from scrapbooking, card making, poster making, all kinds of crafts. I think for my first project I'd try making some cute garland.

  • I would use it to make cards and for scrapbooking.

  • I like decorating the room of those in Nursing Centers. Recently my grandaughter and I decorated for our 97-year-old friend who is in a nearby Rehabilitation Center. Using this CIRCLE cutter would definitely take decorating her room to a new level and make it quicker too. Oh yeh, let's get started with the ideas!

  • First I'd use it for cutting fabric for a quilt project I've got on my "to do" list. It uses a lot of yo-yos and the new circle cutter would make cutting them a very simple task. Then in scrapbooking I could use it to create all sorts of "dots"...I just love polka dots. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • I paint old world santas on wood, and I would use this for cutting round circles out of Luan (compressed wood) The circle would be used to cut plates for display or serving appetizers

  • I love circles in scrapbooking, but have had several cutters that don't work well. This looks like a great product!

  • If I had the Circle Cutter I would use it to make labels in my community garden plot; stationary to send "miss you" notes to my best friend (and love letters to my husband); garland for the Hunnukah/Christmas tree; and maybe pictures for silly gifts. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  • How many times have I had to search for just the right size glass or plate or any thing round for a project??? Now you have made it easy! Should have known that Martha would answer my wishes!! Can't wait to get one! As a teacher, I know I will probably use it A LOT!! The ornaments in the picture above will be the first thing I make--with all the beautiful scrapbooking paper, oh, my, won't I have a good time!!

    Thanks Martha!
    Monica Brown

  • We had very little when I was growing up, but we always had a beautiful Christmas tree. The best part of it was a garland of coloured circles my mother sewed together on her sewing machine. I'd like to recreate it, using the circle cutter to cut circles from shiny paper. It'd be great!

  • I would use it to decorate my cube at work! I just started and right now its so boring.

  • We're expecting our first baby, so this circle cutter would be great for making awesome handmade thank you cards for all the gifts we've been receiving!

  • I love making cards for my friends and family. I live on a limited income so alot of the tools for card making are out of my budget. So 3/4 of my cards are improvised by what I have around the house. This circle cutting tool would be a God send.

  • I'd use it to do all kinds of crafts with my kids, they love making cards,mobiles and just about anything decorative. This would be a nice addition to our craft tool box.

  • My kiddo's nursery is a circles theme and we are in the process of converting it into a "big boy" room-- a fun new circle banner would be a great addition.

  • I'm a scrapbooker, so I would use them for making scrapbook pages and cards. I have 2 kids that could use it for lots of projects. I think the possiblities could be endless.

  • I love making circular invitations and cards… this would make it a lot easier!

  • How exciting!!! Lets see where do I start?! Banners, greeting cards for christmas & a happy birthday mini books are just a few projects I've got on my list.

  • Wow, what a cool tool...I didn't know there was such a thing! I could have circles that don't look like stop signs!!

  • i would love this circle cutter! i do all sorts of crafts... sewing , scrapbooking, jewelry making, cardmaking, etc. and could never seem to find a nice circle punch for the correct size i need. if i do, i dont seem to have the budget for purchasing them. single punches run from 10-20 dollars each. It would really help my craft hobby business alot with a quick way of making circles of any size, and I love the fact that it doesnt put a hold in the center like if you were to use a compass to draw it out! Best of luck to myself and everyone on here!


  • i would use it for making cards because i always try to make my own cards for people and i love making gifts for Christmas so i'm sure i will find a way to incorporate the circle cutter into a Christmas project. :)

  • The circle cutter I could use for Christmas projects and all year long.


  • after i copy your great ideas for banners and decor, i would use it to cut custom tags for my sewn gifts. (disgruntled with my current circle cutter- would love this one!)

  • I would use it to make a banner and cupcake toppers for my daughter's first birthday. It is six whole months away, but I am already so excited and planning away!

  • A circle cutter would be great for cutting circular cards. I also like to decorate cards and pages with multiple circles in different sizes and colors. Sparkly paper cut into circles and glued together make great homemade Christmas tree ornaments.

  • I'd love to have the circle cutter to use for crafting for all holidays. It would be great at Christmas to make wreaths and xmas ornaments.

  • Cute! I'd probably use mine most to cut circles out of scrapbook paper and then turn those circles into kusudama balls!

  • I'd use it to recycle clothes, sheets, etc., into to circle quilts and pillows.

  • I'm planning a series of themed parties for each decade starting with the 60's and that would be perfect for some of the decorations I'm making.

  • Besides paper, I would cut with it thin daugh and thin slices of cheese.

  • I would love to have a circle cutter. I would use it to make signs for my wedding!!

  • I would use this to make wall art - graphic designs that would brighten up the walls

  • I would love to use this cutter!! I'm always looking for ways to make my own decorations and gifts. I am expecting my first baby and would love to decorate the party by using this cutter. I also do a lot of stamping and it would be great to use for scrapbooking!!!

  • So much could be done with this! Mixed media art pieces, garlands, party decor, gift tags.... what fun!

  • I would use the circle cutter for my various card making projects!

  • I was thinking of making some yo yo pillows for our upcoming church picnic, but the thought of cutting all those circles kept me from starting. This circle cutter would be just what I need to get creative and even make pillows of varying sized yo yo's with no problem.

  • I would make flowers, and a family tree ala

  • This is a great tool! I would use it for cards and gift wrapping details!

  • What a help in making yo-yo pillows for our church bizarre!

  • Cards, decorations, to make a template for cutting fabrics, scallops, etc. I can see a million uses for a large circle cutter. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  • Iwork at a nursing home and we try to make everyday fun for our residents this would make it easier to help them with crafts.

  • I love to quilt nad cutting circles has alsways been a deterrent to making several quilts with circular designs. I could easily cut fabric backed with stablilzer or fusibles!

    I also do heirloom sewing and cuting the scallops for madeira appliwue would be so much easier!

  • up to 12" ! That's very nice.
    I wanted to make fans. a big circle with a hole for the thumb close to the edge.
    this would be perfect!

  • I can't imagine how you can improve on the circle cutter, but I would love to see how. My first project be for making flowers for my daughters Halloween costume

  • I will cut circlular photos of the future bride and groom at different ages and glue them to larger background circles (wedding colors). These will then be hung throughout the room for the bridal shower

  • Since I have two young kids, I would use it for birthdays, cards, decorations and just about anything I can think of! I just saw a circular mouse pad I would love to replicate with the circle cutter. =)

  • Oh my goodness, that looks awesome! The things one can do with that...where to start? Probably decorations for a party I am hosting!

  • Wow a chance to win a cutter. The endless things that I could, make holiday cards, ornaments, quilting, projects for my grandkids for school. With the holidays coming up, it would realy be helpfull. Making projects with martha when I'm watchiong her show.

  • What a fabulous giveaway! I would use the cutter for quilt blocks, scrap-booking, to make wedding cones out of vintage sheet music. . . the possibilities are endless!

  • Would love one of these to use for all my crafting projects. I love all my MS products. What an awesome giveaway!

  • I would use the circle cutter for so many things! I have a 1" button maker, but have been cutting out my button images by hand for almost a decade. Plus I've been making a lot of paper garlands this past year, and the circle cutter would be wonderful for making those. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I'm just starting in on paper crafting & would love to use the circle cutter for card making & scrapbooking.

  • It would help me a lot in drywalling my basement,for making access holes.

  • I would love to have these to scrapbook with and make cards. I am also am making all homemade gifts for Christmas this year, and I'm positively certain this will help with that and I LOVE the garland idea!

  • Love that this cutter seems much simpler to use! I can just see the little paper ornaments that'll happen from the benefit of this one tool.

  • My passion is sewing and crafting with recycled cloth and paper. I would love to use the circle cutter to craft lots of things, from a throw with appliquéd boiled wool circles to collage circle cards for friends. I find great tools inspire me to take everyday, discarded items and turn them into one of kind arts and crafts.

  • I would put all of my pretty paper scraps to good use cutting endless amounts of circles, but I have no idea what I would make yet. I guess I'll just let those circles inspire me :)

  • I love the idea of using this for quilts, but I think it would be equally good for making place mats or other home decorations.

  • I would use this amazing circle cutter for making quilts for sure. I would also use it for pillows. I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to own this amazing product!

  • I would make lovely circle stationary, I love snail mail!

  • I would make tons of stationery and ornaments and cut out boxes with windows.
    Hope I make it in time!

  • I can't even begin to count the projects I'd use this for! But probably for banners most of all.

  • Oh man! I'll make banners for every occasion!

  • Sorry, I'm french and my english isn't so good
    I have a question : can I use this circle cutter for cut pictures on thick photo paper.
    Thanks for your answers

  • Crafter Comment:

    Yes you can use the circle cutter on photos and thicker paper. You may need to replace your blades more frequently than with thinner papers.

  • I would love this tool. I want to do my baby's 1st birthday decor and i think this circle cutter would be a great help, to make the decor perfect.I'm also a big fan of scrapbooking projects.

  • I am an avid greeting card maker and in a Stampin Up club. I saw Martha demo the circle cutter on an Opra show recently and was really excited about her design. I could use it for so many projects. The ease of use of hers compared to others I have seen is amazing.

  • I have a 12 year old niece who has become very interested in baking and I would like to give this to her for Christmas, along with many other tools.

  • I can see perfectly cut Christmas gift tags!

  • I am a scrapbook fanatic. The circle cutter would be a great tool for my pages.

  • I would love to add the circle cutter to my small collection of crafting tools, there is no limit to what can be created with this tool.

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