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Behind the Scenes : dipping

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Sometimes when we work on stories for Living, we end up developing—and even photographing—more ideas than there is room for in the magazine. It's difficult to edit those out, but thanks to this blog we still get to share them with you!  For the "Take a Dip" story in the August issue of Martha Stewart Living, I had dipped these inexpensive Ikea stool legs into "Plasti Dip." I like the red spark of color, but the paint is kind of rubberlike, so it acts as a scratch protector as well. It is very simple—you can dip a stool leg straight into the can. Do that slowly and evenly, in and out, not having it stay in the paint too long. Then,  ideally, "hang" it to dry. It takes about 24 hours. We got lucky enough to be able to work in our studio for this one as well.

stool legs

Stool and boxes

For the wooden boxes, I simply dipped them in RIT Dye. You need to hold them down, as the wood will float, but since unfinished wood quickly absorbs the color, a minute or two should give you these nice results. Though I spent most of last summer dipping and dyeing various materials and projects, I am still enjoying it, as it is such a simple, quick craft with such colorful impact. I hope you will have a chance to try some of the projects as well.

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  • yes!
    i love plasti-dip- those ikea stools look great dipped in it.
    nicely done. did that make it into the article and i just missed it?

  • I just read that article in Living (like 10 minutes ago) and then opened my Google Reader to this! Love the dipping! Can't wait to try some of my own!

  • what a great idea! I'd love to try this and then add an embellishment between the two - like coordinating ribbon!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  • Wow-- Plasti-dipping the ikea stool legs is a totally incredible idea; what a great way to customize a mass-produced item. They look fantastic!

  • Dipping the table legs is a very clever and stylish idea! They sort of look to me like little feet on tiptoe in red socks :)

    My only concern is with the safety of dealing with the plasti-dip; does it have a terrible smell? I have a plastic dip for coating jewelry pliers and it smells horrible because of all the toxic chemicals in it!

  • I loved the dipping story (just got my issue yesterday) it was so beautifully photographed. What I noted was the lovely cool colors - so different to the pop of red on the stools. By the way I loved that project you all did ages ago with those same stools with the stenciled animals - that was a fun one.

  • How did you get the plastic dip so even on every single leg? Did you mark them on each leg first? They look awesome!

  • Great idea! I just went on the website and see that they offer a kit for mixing up custom colors. I have some wire baskets that are going to go for a little dip.

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