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Tools & Materials : Moleskin Accordion File Folder

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Between work and home projects, I constantly have many fabric and paper swatches for color reference and inspiration all around me.
Often when I'd be at a fabric store shopping for one story, I'd wished I had all my other swatches with me too.
I've had this little moleskin folder to organize my receipts for a while and love it.


I realized it would be perfect for carrying all my swatches with me also.


Now that I always have everything I may need with me, my only problem isĀ  getting too distracted with all the many projects I'm working on at once, and spending too much time at the fabric stores...but I'll gladly deal with that 'problem'.

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  • I love it! There's always something inviting about swatches and samples ... including paint chips, of which I possess an inordinately large number in all different shades (including several bright corals which I envision as a future living room wall).

  • I will be putting this fantastic idea to use!! I have been searching for way to keep my samples with me while I am redecorating my bedroom!!
    Thank you!!!!

  • That is agreat idea for storing swatches and iformation

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