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Archive for August, 2010

Summer Inspiration

Photo Galleries : Summer Inspiration

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Hello! My name is Jim Noonan and I’m the new crafter over at TV. I’ve been working on The Martha Stewart Show since Season 4, freelancing on various segments and projects, and I am so excited to be part of The Crafts Dept. team. As we head in to the final “official” days of summer, …


Inspiration Board : Interns!

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As a previous intern myself, I know what it feels like to walk into the crafts department for the first time. On my first day I think I was channeling Santa’s workshop, Alice in Wonderland, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory all at once. Definitely sensory overload. This summer we were lucky to have …

Festive Party Hats!

Make It : Festive Party Hats!

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Earlier this summer, I attended a girls getaway in honor of my dear friend’s upcoming wedding. What a great weekend! We laughed, we danced, we celebrated, and we made party hats to wear while doing it all. The most fun was had making them, but I have to say, wearing them—and taking funny photos—was pretty …

Brooch Necklace

Inspiration Board : Brooch Necklace

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Today’s post is written by Ashley Little, a web producer for My favorite projects from Martha Stewart Living are always the jewelry crafts. When I browse a new issue, I immediately put the jewelry projects on my list of things to make, and this brooch and ribbon necklace from last February’s issue has been …

Around Town : Crafternoon

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While on a neighborhood stroll over the weekend, I ran into my old friend Maura Madden, who is a crafter, author, and comedy writer, and just about the most fun gal you’d ever care to cross paths with on a Saturday afternoon. She’s always up to something fun—I recommend her blog, where you can read …

I'm Keeping an Eye on You!

Make It : I'm Keeping an Eye on You!

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There are a few craft projects that we often refer back to—projects that fellow coworkers loved and look forward to making themselves. One came from a guest crafter, Regina Lord, a few seasons back. She joined Martha on the show to make a clever, reverse-appliqué eyeball T-shirt. The spying eyes were such a hit that …

A Craft-Inspired Baby Shower

Make It : A Craft-Inspired Baby Shower

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This is Stephanie Roberts, the executive assistant to Charles Koppelman, our Chairman and Principal Executive Officer. I am always surrounded by the creativity that abounds MSO, so I jump at any chance to apply what I have learned. When my close friend Melissa announced she was expecting her first child, I wanted the baby shower …


Inspiration Board : Craftovers

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How does the saying go? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure? Working with such incredible people, I am always inspired by others’ creations, materials, and oftentimes their leftovers. Take Silke’s projects on the cover of the current issue, for example.  Some items (such as clothing and baskets) were store-bought and dipped into dye, and …