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Make It : A Craft-Inspired Baby Shower

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This is Stephanie Roberts, the executive assistant to Charles Koppelman, our Chairman and Principal Executive Officer. I am always surrounded by the creativity that abounds MSO, so I jump at any chance to apply what I have learned. When my close friend Melissa announced she was expecting her first child, I wanted the baby shower to be fun and creative. My inspiration came from old-fashioned lemonade and gingham prints, which I just adore! For the favors I purchased 2.5 oz canning jars, filled them with lemon drop candies, and then topped them with parchment paper and raffia. The tags for both the favors and the decanters were custom printed by Jennifer Cassara on white paper and then trimmed using a creative-edge crafting scissor you can find at any local Michaels. I then used spray adhesive to glue them to card stock, which I also trimmed with the edged scissors.

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Prepared baby clothes ready to decorate

1 Prepared baby clothes ready to decorate

Guests’ busy applying paint

2 Guests’ busy applying paint

Showing off their work!

3 Showing off their work!

Lots of colors on this one

4 Lots of colors on this one

Personalizing with a fabric marker

5 Personalizing with a fabric marker


6 Adorable!

Drying time…

7 Drying time…

One of mine!

8 One of mine!

The finished product

9 The finished product

The happy mom and grandmother to be!

10 The happy mom and grandmother to be!

Then it was time to let everyone get creative and decorate baby clothes. I prepared the outfits the night before by pre-punching the stencils from freezer paper using our line of punches. Look here for the full instructions. The stencils were then ironed onto the various sized outfits, making note at what age the baby would celebrate holidays such as Halloween and Saint Patrick’s Day. Cardboard was placed inside each bodysuit to keep the paint from bleeding through to the other side. Providing a nontoxic fabric paint and spouncers, I let the guests get busy. A special thanks to my summer intern Hannah for her help. This baby will certainly score fashion points!

Comments (25)

  • Everything looks great and I love the colors!

  • What lovely ideas!! Simply beautiful!

  • I absolutely love this! What a great idea.

  • great ideas for my sisters baby shower!!

  • homemade baby clothes! what a fun and practical idea for both the shower and the baby!

  • How creative and so sweet and adorable!! Great job Steph!!

  • Stephanie, there is one major con to showing off your creative talents on Martha's blog! You are going to be appointed coordinator of EVERY baby shower in our office moving forward! Beautiful work!

  • Brilliant idea, Stephanie! I will have to use this idea next time I host a baby shower or at least suggest it to a friend. I love creative ways for guests to intermingle and have fun at the same time! Thank you so much for sharing!! :)

  • Fantastic combination! Great pick of colors it can apply for both gender.

  • ADORABLE idea!! I'm going to keep this post bookmarked for my next baby shower..thanks :)

  • Bright and cheerful! The candles look good enough to eat.

  • Great! I love this idea!!

  • Lovely! Where did you get those divine punch dispensers?

  • What a wonderful idea! This is definitely my kind of baby shower! :o )

  • Love it! Great job as always =0)

  • Oh wow, what an amazing, crative idea....looks like something cute and fun for everyone!!!

  • I love how everything came together!! It looked like a great time, Melissa must have been soooo happy!!!

  • What wonderful ideas. I will have to remember them or hire you as my shower coordinator. I'm am so sorry I had to miss this shower. Fantastic job, Stephanie!

  • What a cute idea for a baby shower!!! I'm using these ideas!!! Love!

  • I love, love, love the idea of decorating baby clothes! I'll be throwing a shower for a dear friend of mine in January? and this is the perfect craft.

  • So pretty and festive - lemonade has never looked so delicious!

  • The onies were so much fun to make. It was a great ideas one that I'm sure Melissa will treasure.

  • wow! i can't wait until i have the opportunity to copy everything you did.

  • Hello Hannah and Stephanie, thank you so much for linking to us in the story, we really appreciate this.

    It was a real pleasure to work with you all and we hope to have the opportunity to do so again soon.

    And again we'd like to share our gratitude for allowing us to be a part of this beautiful story.

  • That truly is a great idea to do homemade baby clothes. I love it! That I would say is an Inspired Craft if I do say so myself. I would hire you on as my shower coordninator too. :)

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