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Around Town : Crafternoon

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While on a neighborhood stroll over the weekend, I ran into my old friend Maura Madden, who is a crafter, author, and comedy writer, and just about the most fun gal you'd ever care to cross paths with on a Saturday afternoon. She's always up to something fun—I recommend her blog, where you can read about the many different events she organizes around the city.

Maura recently published the book Crafternoon: A Guide to Getting Artsy and Craftsy With Your Friends All Year Long, a project that grew out of her tradition of throwing monthly craft parties with her friends. Her book extols the pleasures of making things with friends old and new: getting together, sharing materials, making a mess, probably learning something new, and generally having a good time. An inspiring philosophy to be sure, and one familiar to us since that's what we're up to every day around here. Its also a very entertaining read, full of cool projects and party ideas, so have a look.

We're wondering if any of you get together with your friends for craft-related activities? Do tell! We'd love to hear about it!

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  • Love her book! Thanks for sharing! I just started following the blog and wish I had more time to dive into the archives. What a great gift idea for our Craft Club, Tuesday Nights on Grandin (Cincinnati, Ohio). We're moms, avid online and boutique shoppers, who love to craft. If we see something, we're often creating our own versions, which indeed end up costing us more than should we have bought it. Our togetherness, food and fun at the end of the night is what is most important.

  • Also absolutely love her partnership with NYPL for their Crafternoons in the library. So much fun!

  • I loved the interview with her on Craftypod a few years ago.

  • This is my current project: a peace bird!
    My daughter and I are working on a felt/crochet bird, it will have lots of beads from all over the world.
    It will be posted on the website`s world map!


  • Some of the Etsy sellers in the Portland, OR area do a weekly Tea Time where we meet up for snacks and craftly goodness! It's a great time to catch up, discuss business, share ideas and supplies, and (of course) snack! :D

  • My friends and I go to breakfast twice a week at a local restaurant. Since waitresses are some of the most under-appreciated people in the service industry we try to say thank you at Christmas time. We got together for a pot luck dinner one night and made the gift bags that we would put our gifts (each of us brings something different) for each of 10 waitresses and hostesses. The night was great fun for us and produced some cute, re-useable gift bags!

  • OMG crafting with friends is one of my favorite things! My friends and I get together to collaborate on making handmade cards and all sorts of craft-tastic items. Thanks for sharing this blogger's site!

  • My crafty friends and I have a weekly Wednesday night craft night (also in Portland!). We work in film, so everyone is pretty creative. It's a pot luck dinner, which makes things easy, and it rotates around different people's houses. It really helps us get through the mid-week slump!

  • My friend Ashley and I get together on Fridays, while the kids are at school, for Freaky Fridays. We've worked on things for our homes, the kids, etc. The best part is that I get to spend hours of quality time with one of my best friends and get creative projects done!

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