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Inspiration Board : Craftovers

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How does the saying go? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure?

Working with such incredible people, I am always inspired by others’ creations, materials, and oftentimes their leftovers. Take Silke’s projects on the cover of the current issue, for example.  Some items (such as clothing and baskets) were store-bought and dipped into dye, and others like the pillow covers were created by dipping and sewing plain yardage.

While cleaning up in the craft room I found a pile of dipped scraps that had been cut from pillow covers. They were so great that I didn’t have the heart to throw them away. I sewed them together and this is what happened.

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I like how the strips came together to form a single wave; it reminds me of the ocean.  What do you think I should do with it now? A wall hanging? A placemat? Another pillow cover?

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  • That looks great! It also reminds me a bit of an enlarged segment of ikat fabric! I think it would make a lovely pillow cover. Well done!!!

  • Love this even more than the origininal pillow! I think it would go quite nicely as a little tube pillow or smaller rectangular one.

  • Great saves! I think you should frame it, definitely :)

  • Stephanie! Wow! That looks soooo pretty!
    I would keep going with the dip dyed scraps and make a summer quilt. It will be gorgeous.

  • I love repurposed goodies! I'd say wall hanging :)

    In the spirit of "craftovers" thought I'd share this...I'm currently hooked on using Martha's flower craft punches, recycled soda cans and spray paint to create faux vintage enamel flowers. I'm wearing some as earrings today!

  • I believe it could be a pretty wall hanger or put in a frame to hang on the wall....

  • I think this would make a great pillow... or summer tote!

  • That's beautiful! I think it would make a great pillow!

    I'd like to know more about that wooden thing standing up next to the couch. What is it? Is it functional, or purely decorative?

    @Taryn - I didn't realize that the punches work with metal! That's cool!

  • This is beautiful. Another pillow would be fun, but a placemat would be unexpected!

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