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Inspiration Board : Interns!

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As a previous intern myself, I know what it feels like to walk into the crafts department for the first time. On my first day I think I was channeling Santa's workshop, Alice in Wonderland, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory all at once. Definitely sensory overload.

This summer we were lucky to have Tracy and Renee with us. Not only were they incredibly helpful with our stories, supportive on set, and instrumental in keeping us organized (or maybe it was more like controlling the chaos?), they were also a dynamic duo of craftiness. Their paperfabric, and celebration ideas were top-notch.

Since their departure, it has been nice to find their personal touches around the craft room:

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A ribbon keyring for our storage room key

1 A ribbon keyring for our storage room key

A clever use of scrap ribbon

2 A clever use of scrap ribbon

A sweet treat from Tracy

3 A sweet treat from Tracy

Felt crèmes!

4 Felt crèmes!


Thank you, Tracy and Renee, for all your hard work. We miss you already! Oh, and did I mention how organized our ribbon bins are right now?

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  • I can only imagine and dream about the magical wonderland that is the Crafts Dept. at MS. Best of luck to Tracy & Renee!

  • I'm loving the new Crafts Dept. blog--thank you so much for giving us a peek into your creative process! I just made a Seashell Wreath inspired by an old project of yours and thought I'd share: Thank you for the constant stream of wonderful ideas!

  • I love crafting! Is there any way I can be an intern?

  • Crafting is my passion. Is there anyway I could make passion my profession by joining Martha Stewarts elite team of crafters? I am very innovative, creative and I firmly beleive I can bring a lot of brilliant crafting ideas to the table.I am originally from India and at present work as a banking professional in New york city.

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