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Ask the Crafts Dept. : Our Top 10 NYC Destinations

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Last week on the Bloggers Night Out, we posted the editors' NYC passports, stamped with our top NYC destinations. In her comment on the post, Shirley asked:

Any way you could share the top NYC craft destinations with us? I wasn't able to make out all of them from the photo. Thanks!

MSL Passport

We'd love to, Shirley!  Here are 10 of our favorites, though the list goes on! Some of them you may recognize from past blog posts.

If you would like to "Ask the Crafts Dept.", please email your questions to

Tender Buttons
Tojo Shoji
M&J Trimming
Tinsel Trading
Paper Presentation
New York Central

And here are some more!

Museum of Arts and Design
Sil Thread
Habu Textiles
Pearl River
Lee's Art Shop
Cooper Hewitt Shop
Economy Candy
Yarn Tree (Brooklyn)
Spacecraft (Brooklyn)

Comments (6)

  • Great list! I'm glad to see that I've been to so many of your destinations; I agree that they are can't-miss.

  • Thanks for posting this! The city is so big when you're a transplant, and it seems like after 5 years, I'm finally starting to learn my favorites with crafts and such. This list will definitely help!

  • No Kate's Paperie? Love the store and all the papers. I always get a grab bag.

  • These are great! And the Metalliferous site has a coupon for a free admission to the Philadelphia Beadfest!

  • I am new at the City and this list is gold for me.


  • I totally agree with this list!! For beading needs, I would also add Fun2Bead (just up the block from M & J between 38th and 39th). The owners are super nice, and they give great discounts for regulars.....they don't have everything, but an enjoyable stop if you're in the area, and it has become my favorite in general, and is especially great for strands of natural stone...

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