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Tools & Materials : Rit Dye

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When in doubt, dip it in Rit Dye. That's been a 'philosophy' of mine for many many years. I remember as a teenager taking my dad's shirts and overdyeing the pinstripes, re-dyeing washed out black denim (I might just be dating myself now), and updating my room by giving sheets and pillows a new color more often than my mom approved of. But even for work projects, I find myself grabbing the Rit Dye bottles often. My necklaces have gone way beyond just being a story in Martha Stewart Living. The 'Take a Dip' story in this current August issue occupied most of last summer. And if you wait around for a bit, you'll find more dyeing projects in our upcoming November issue. In the meantime, take a look at many more beautiful dye projects here.

What makes it even more fun now, though, is the new color guide on Rit Dye's website. When dyeing the fabrics for our August Living cover, matching Vanessa's pantone chips was a breeze after consulting the color guide. It really works so well. Give it a try! You may just get hooked....

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  • I've been dying plastic eyeglass frames for years! For most glasses, when you buy new frames you need at least two weeks for the frames to sit in a tepid concentrated dye/salt solution before you have the lenses put in. Of course, since I wear glass transition lenses (the glass doesn't absorb the dye), I just plop my new glasses into a container with salt, dye and a little cool water and let it sit for a week or two. Scarlet is my favorite color!

  • Loving all the dye projects lately! Your whole dip-dye issue is amazing.

  • YAY! I love this link! I am a dyer for theatre and i constantly use RIT dye. Usually I do lots of swatching and experimenting- but the discovery of this may have just changed the way I dye!

  • actually, I have a question. At a art Gallary I saw denim jackets that looked like leather. They had been dyed with something, and the acrylic paint designs were added. I don't know if it was a winecolor over the blue, or if brown was used. Anyone tried this already?

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