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Make It : Paper Heart Garland

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With technology the way it is these days, it seems that there are fewer and fewer reasons to send mail—anything put in a mailbox would be old news by the time it reached its recipient. My very dear friend just moved to Boston, and since we'll be communicating via phone or Internet a few times a week, I decided to send her something other than a letter.

Making a heart garland

I stacked some mini origami paper, folded it, and cut a bunch of little hearts.

Paper Heart Garland

Then I punched two holes in each heart with a micro-punch, and strung it on crochet thread to make a garland.

Heart garland in envelope

I tucked it in an envelope—now all it needs is an address and a stamp. I think this little heart garland will find a good home in Holly's new apartment, and remind her that she is missed in New York!

What other little paper surprises will fit in an envelope?

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  • Very sweet.
    My kids and I made something similar last Valentine's Day using some of their old artwork (of which we have PLENTY).

    We strung ours across the foyer, but what a great idea to send the hearts as a love note to a friend.

  • Love this idea! I have a dear friend who I always intend sending a letter too but never know what to write...this is just gorgeous!

  • What a cute idea! I think "creative letters" and envelope surprises are the best ways for snail mail to compete with technology. The receipient always has the fun of deciphering a cleverly-created message or finding a carefully-planned surprise inside!

  • This is such a cute idea. My very dear friends are getting married this weekend and I am definitely going to figure out a way to incorporate this garland into the weekend. Maybe string it up in their apartment while they're running last minute errands?

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