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Inspiration Board : Back to School

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For a while now I’ve been seeing fun products in grid or memo pad patterns. Must be that "back to school" is in the air?!


How sweet is this T-shirt by E for Effort to wear on the first day back!?

pencil bag

I wish my kids weren’t required to use those ugly plastic boxes for their pens, but could use this cute pouch by Studio Fludd. I may just have to get one  for myself.


I may hide a little gift in the ugly plastic box though, wrapped with this fun tape I found at Uguisu.


I ordered this fabric, from Nothing Elegant, so I can make a lunch bag using this pattern.

Picture 11

I thought instead of a clothespin, I’d use a large, red binder clip to close it. And to fill the bag I’ll take a look at these recipes.


This bottle, for which you can design your own label through Siggskins (so if you prefer a grid, or a chalkboard, or anything else for that matter, go right ahead), will go nicely with the lunch bag.

mugAnd then, when my kids are actually off on the yellow bus, I’ll make a cup of tea in this mug from Fishs Eddyreflect on a fun summer, and look forward to another year of learning and growing...for all of us!

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