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Inspiration Board : Embroidery Designs

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I've been working on an embroidery project recently, and thinking about it has led me to find some interesting embroidery-related things online. Below is an assortment of things I've fancied lately.

Elsie Svennas published several books (in both Swedish and English) on embroidery, lettering, and quilting in the 1960s. Sadly they're now out of print and hard to find, but look at how perfect and beautiful the designs are. (Images above from fine little day.) A page of nice A's...


Searching for her books led me to this Japanese bookseller, which has a great collection of vintage Scandinavian books on needle crafts. I also came across some really interesting embroidery on Peter Nencini's blog, which I love looking at...from the looks of things I'm guessing he likes Elsie too!

Renilde Depeuter also has a blog, where she reports on the progress of many different projects, all very beautiful. You can also see them here in her flickr set.

And finally, just today I came across Evelin Kasikov's 'handmade CMYK,' which is quite amazing. She stitches a cross stitch 'halftone' in colored threads to approximate the effect of 4-color process inks. Cool!


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