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Contests & Prizes : Halloween Special Issue Giveaway!

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Skies are getting darker, nights are getting longer, and there is definitely a chill is in the air. Does it feel like the witching hour is creeping up on us? Maybe it's time we turn our thoughts toward the spooky...

If you haven't noticed yet, our new Halloween Handbook has already hit newsstands. It is full of costume, decorating, and entertaining ideas like these:

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Want to win your own?  WE'RE GIVING AWAY FIVE FREE COPIES!

For a chance to win, leave us a comment about your favourite Halloween trick or treat, along with your name and a valid e-mail address. All comments must be received by 6 PM Wednesday, 9/22. We'll choose five commenters at random to win a Halloween Handbook.

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  • Favorite trick is making candy disappear!

  • Caramel apples would have to be my favorite halloween treat. Would love to win a copy of this handbook!

  • My favorite memory about Halloween is making cheese cloth ghosts with my mom, and hanging them with fishing line outside as decorations.

  • My favorite part of Halloween is creating a ghoulish meal with lots of spooky treats.

  • Mounds candy bars are my fav!

  • Favourite halloween treat is just candy.. any candy! ;)

  • I love candy corn and making donuts on Halloween!

  • the candy of course!

  • I love the treats best - my favorite is candy corn!!

  • I love Martha's Halloween issue! I have them saved from previous years :)

    As for treats, you can't go wrong with frozen peanut butter cups!

  • I would be thrilled to win a copy of this fab magazine!!! My favorite treat is candy corn and anything with dark chocolate!!

  • My favorite Halloween treat is finding just the right pumpkin at the pumpkin patch.

  • I love carving pumpkins and toasting the seeds!

  • My favorite part of halloween is everything! Piecing together a favorite costume (store bought ones are a no-no ;) ), going to the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, making glitter pumpkins, and seeing all of the little ones out and about in their fabulous costumes!

  • Pumpkins and jack-be-littles all around the house, and one big jack-o-lantern reigning over all!

  • I love the costumes and trying to think up fun ideas to make!

  • My favorite treat was getting anything chocolate!!!!

  • My favorite is carving pumpkins! I never did it when I was a kid but now that I have a child of my own, a friend showed us how to do it last year and it was so much fun! And easy! And toasting the seeds is a nice extra benefit!

  • I love the candy! My favorite is candy corn. It tastes good and looks festive.

  • Mmmm...give me some caramel corn or caramel apples. Or both! That gets me in the mood for Halloween!!! (And glitter, lots of glitter!!)

  • I love trick or treating, and receiving free candy! Kit Kats are definitely one of my favorites.

  • omg! I love halloween! it is so fun to dress up like something that you would not be like in regular life! My favorite treat of Halloween would be the special memories I spent with my boyfriend and family, the candy of course is AMAZING! But the memories way longer and it will not make you gain weight lol :)

  • My favorite Halloween treat is sweet and spicy roasted pumpkin seeds. Yum!

  • My favorite Halloween treats are, getting the October issue of Martha Stewart Living and caramel apples.

  • I really need to get my hands on one of these!!

  • The year my father greeted trick or treaters wearing an ugly orc mask and furry vest with a python curled around his shoulders will forever be one of my favorite memories, Halloween or otherwise.

  • Candy corn!

  • I LOVE candy corn and carmel apples!!

  • My favorite treat was a popcorn ball that our neighbor lady made us kids every year--they were DELICIOUS!

    Sarah M

  • All the yummy candy is my favorite treat! I love candy and Halloween!

  • Carving pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds are the best!

  • The candy is the best! It's the only time of the year an adult doesn't need to feel guilty for craving candy corn!

  • My favorite treat is seeing how much my husband enjoys this holiday!

  • Pumpkin carving, costume making and spooky baking!

  • My favorite treat is the tootsie rolls in the piles of halloween candy!

  • I love anything that I can make with my kiddos - - those are treats! I also adore black glitter. As far as tricks, I still enjoy every "fake" scarecrow, clown, etc. on front porches waiting to startle little goblins when I take the kids out for candy. BOO!

  • I would love to win this! I am generally a bit ambivalent about Halloween, but my husband and I bought our first house a month ago. A few different people have told us that our new street has a reputation for going all-out for Halloween, and we want to be good neighbors, so I think I'm going to have to make an effort. If anyone can get me inspired, Martha can!

  • I LOVE Halloween! One of my favorites is dressing up and becoming the character. I was a vampire one year and my drink was bloody mary's of course!

  • My favourite halloween tricks & treats come from Martha Stewart for a spooktacular holiday....need I say more!!!!

  • We get about 200 trick or treaters, and have a dinner party - can't wait to decorate as soon as October hits! Just saw that joanns has martha stewart halloween window clings etc - excited to get the bats.

  • I'd love to win this magazine. I would love to add some spice to our Halloween season...costumes, decor and of course the treats!!

  • I know caramel corn is more standard Halloween fare, but I love bringing kettle corn to any party, guests always gobble it up and if you make enough it makes a great goodie bag!

  • My favorite is the mini sized Snickers bars.

  • My favorite Halloween treat - orange drink with a licorice straw! Favorite Halloween trick - the year the entire neighborhood participated in a progressive Halloween party - I got to be the vampire in the coffin for the children.

  • My favorite Halloween treat is dressing up in characters that I plan all year long! One thing I really miss about college is dressing up for social themes, and Halloween gives me the chance to be creative again!

  • I adore Pumpkin Muffins!

  • Love creative decorating ideas and fun Halloween party fods!

  • Carving pumpkins is my favorite Halloween treat! I love that even though I'm an adult with no children, it's still a tradition that carries on. We even have a carving competition at work, which gets very creative and competitive.

  • spooky porches for trick or treating!!! :)

  • I get into Halloween very much with my Arts and Crafts. I get alot of inspiration for greeting cards, workshops and so on.(I am a demonstrator for a Stamping company)
    My yard starts to transform with bales of hay and Mums!
    My kitchen smells like pumpkin pie and sweet cookies.
    I begin to dig out my fall clothes in anticipation of cooler, more comfortable weather!
    All this starts with the very mention of "TRICK OR TREAT"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you........:)

  • My favorite treat on Halloween is seeing my 3 year grandson all dressed up and going house to house saying in the cutest little voice "Trick and Treat"

  • My favorite treat about halloween is the candy!

  • I LOVE carving pumpkins!

  • I love dressing up! This year our family of four is going to have a Nutcracker theme. My daughters will be Clara and the Sugar Plum Fairy, my husband is going as the Nutcracker and I'll be the Mouse King. Can't wait! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • I love decorating my house and office cube! I get so many ideas from, my husband thinks I'm crazy for wanting to go all out!

  • i love making halloween treats! we bake pumpkin cupcakes, ghost marshmallow brownies and dip apples in caramel and turn them into spiders. i can't wait!

  • I just love the decorations of Halloween. To me, the whole month of October is preparing for Halloween & the welcoming of fall.

  • My favorite Halloween treat is homemade caramel apples and popcorn balls. Many happy childhood memories with my mom are of making these treats!

  • The tastes of the season! Such as Pumpkin-Chocolate-Chip Bars, of course!

  • I love ALL things Halloween! I love planning and making my costume, decorating for our annual costume party, and making different spooky treats each year! Halloween is the BEST time of year!!!!

  • I love helping my nieces with their costumes.

  • Best Halloween treat? Seeing little kids all dressed up (that, and peanut butter cups.)

  • I have many decorations thanks to my grandmother as well as a lovely collection of her handmade costumes. It's a great treat to bring them out every year as it brings back many fond memories.

  • My favorite part all the beautiful color. I also love when the air smells like burning leaves. It says it is time to slow down and just enjoy the beautiful weather and colors.

  • My favorite Halloween trick or treat is the "trick" decorations with a spooky motif and just when the treaters thought they were just coming for some awesome treats they get a spooky surprise while approaching the scary walk way to the door bell will they make it or will they run? Join me for some more fun.

  • I absolutely love Halloween. The best part for me, for the last few years, has been taking my 5-year old niece trick or treating.

    It is a little bit of a joke in the neighborhood since she is one kid with no less than seven adults (two aunts, two uncles, Mom, Dad and Grandma) walking her around, but we all love it and wouldn't miss it for anything.

  • Last year I filled a large flower pot with sand and stuck my scarecrows (who were on sticks) in the sand. It worked quite well!

  • I Love Halloween! I'm usually making costumes down to the wire and never get a chance to carve my pumpkin!

  • decorating with painted wooden cutouts,pumpkins on the front porch and little kids asking for candy

  • Certainly the best MSL all year. I'd love one!

  • I like anything pumpkin! Lattes, pies, cheesecake, candy . . .

  • I love making costumes unique.

  • Homemade popcorn balls with gumdrops. Orange and black gumdrops. They make the best Halloween treat!

  • My absolute favorite treat is carving pumpkins. Every year, I go whole hog and buy at least 5 pumpkins to carve!

  • My favorite Halloween treat is pan-fried pumpkin and squash blossoms. Yum!

  • I love carving pumpkins. So fun and each one unique.

  • Dressing up, and mini chocolate candy bars ;)

  • My favorite halloween treats are apple cider, roasted pumpkin seeds, and caramel apples made with Braeburn apples (to me they taste just like cider and are the quintessential autumn food).

  • My favorite Halloween treats are the small Hershey bars (almond) and my fall quilts! LOVE Halloween.

  • My favorite Halloween trick is our neighbor's "gutter ghost." He hides a radio transmitter in the rain gutter and howls and talks to the parents and kids as they approach his house.

  • My fav. Halloween trick or treat moment was when a neighbor hid in the bushes and jumps out when unsuspecting kids walk up his stairs. I'm 32 and it still scares me everytime! =)

  • The candy is the best part!

  • I am a pumkin carving afficionato !

  • My favorite Halloween trick or treat moment was when I forgot where I parked the car and I dragged my two young children all over the neighborhood looking for the car. Thank goodness it was Halloween and they didn't mind because they got to ring door bells and scream trick or treat and receive candy. By the time we found the car they had a bag full of candy :)

  • Halloween is my favorite time of year and I love absolutely everything about it! Because of this I find it very hard to choose only one thing... I'm going to have to say that seeing all the children come to the door in costume is always fun and seeing the excitement and joy on their little faces is priceless!

  • The great parties are my favorite things about Halloween!

  • Halloween is my favorite time of year and I love absolutely everything about it! I'm going to have to say that seeing all the children come to the door in costume is always fun and seeing the excitement and joy on their little faces is priceless!

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love putting together goody bags full of candy and small toys to give to the neighborhood kids!
    I also love to roast pumpkin seeds with cajun seasonings!

  • Seeing candy in a bowl always makes me happy!

  • My friends call me a Martha want-a-be. I love Halloweem, it is my favorate holiday. I just love making costumes for my three grand daughters.

  • I love serving chile and homemade breadsticks to our neighbors and good friends on the way to trick or treating on Halloween night.

  • My favorite part of Halloween is making healthy scary treats for my kids class parties.

  • I looooooooooove it! and need to get ideas for my two yera old... Thanks =)

  • I love the scary atmpshere that Halloweens brings! And how everyone dresses up for the holiday!

  • I absolutely love halloween! Every year we have a pumpkin carving party the night before halloween. I always make caramel apple cider. My kids look forward to that. I love to make caramel apples with chocolate chips, nuts, sprinkles added to them to make it more festive. We also make decorated sugar cookies. I just think halloween is the most fun with all the spooky decorations!!

  • My favorite Halloween treat is warm home made pumpkin muffins straight out of the oven with cream cheese frosting accompanied by hot apple cider and a cinnamon stick. I would love to win the Halloween Handbook as I live in Charleston, WV and have not been able to find it anywhere in this area. Thanks for consideration.

  • I would be thrilled to win this!! My favorite Halloween treat in Snickers door-to-door but caramel apples in the house!
    kmassman gmail

  • My favorite Halloween treat was always Smarties...but now I think that I'm out of the trick-or-treat game, it's gotta be caramel apples! My husband and I make them every year :)

  • My fave Halloween treats are the gummie worms in chocolate pudding and chocolate eyeballs!

  • Halloween is the best holiday of the year. Between the delicious candy corns, carving pumpkins, decorating your house to look spooky there is no better holiday to bring out one's creative side.

  • My favorite Halloween memory was coming home after trick or treating and dumping out all of the candy on a towel on the floor and sorting it all out by types of candy.

  • Everything Fall is my favorite!! The glow of the pumpkins, everyone's porches decorated with mums and gourds, the leaves falling in the crisp air and the day I get my October issue of Martha Stewart Living! I want to bake and decorate!

  • Gosh, I hope you mean 6p Pacific! My favorite Halloween treat is PUMPKIN fudge! Such a delectable treat and perfect for the season!

  • My favorite trick to sewing costumes. The trick is to see if they come out!

  • I love candy corn and making donuts on Halloween!

  • milky way bars are my favorite treat

  • The best Halloweens that I remember are when my brother and sisters would go trick or treating in a small town where everyone knew us and loved to see our expressions on the candy and decorations they had for us.

  • My favorite Halloween treat is a cheescake graveyard. The top of the cheesecake is covered with crumbled Oreos to look like dirt, and Chess Piece cookies are smudged with black icing and stuck into the cake to look like tombstones!

  • It's a tie between caramel apples and popcorn balls. Hope I win!

  • I love candy corn - especially the new gourmet varieties !

  • I love Halloween. I still like to dress up, even though I usually only pass out the candy. My favorite treat might be baby ruth, or kit kat.

  • My favorite Halloween treat is anything chocolate! Yum yum!

  • Most fun on Halloween night is to gather around and read out loud by candle light the hilarious short story, "The Cremation of Sam McGee" from The Best of Robert Service.

  • Candy. Corn.

  • My favorite Halloween treat is watching family on the "Great Pumpkin" Hunt....I buy small pumpkins hide them all over the property wait for darkness to fall then hand out the flashlights...Hilarious (they are quiet competitive).

  • My favorite is hop apple cider, and popcorn balls made by my grandmother. The best.

  • My absolute favorite thing about Halloween is the costumes. I especially love to see what Martha will be wearing each year.

  • I love to make haunted houses for older kids on Halloween. They go through my "witch kitchen " and find peeled grape eyeballs, spaghetti intestines, pumpkin seeds toenails, and mini hotdogs toes among other things. For their bravery they get to bob for apples! I love the excited looks on their faces and their excited yells as they come through every year!

  • I love Halloween so much! Some of my fondest memories with my children happen on Halloween.

  • I ADORE Halloween, it's such a FUN holiday...just plain FUN! You don't have to slave over a dinner or worry about, and my favorite treat to make are some very CUTE owl cookies with cashews for beaks, I have been making these since my boys were little and I still make them!

  • spiders and bats! woowoo

  • Favorite trick: a porch on the table with a long cloth, a hole in the middle for someone to pop his/her head up with a ghastly mask to scare the older kids while trick or treating. You have to make a light-weight table decoration that can be lifted by the scary guy's head. Kids always love it!

  • I love all the costumes and how spooky everything is! Halloween is my favorite holiday, especially because of all the great ideas from Martha and her team.

  • My favorite halloween treat would have to be toasted pumpkin seeds i love those things they are just so yummy.

  • I might have missed the boat on the giveaway. My favorite Halloween Tip or Trick are curtains. Buy yards of cheese clothes and soak them in tea. Let them dry and simply tear the fabric. I attach them along the inside of my windows with orange lights. It makes your house look so very spooky.

  • I would be lucky go have this issue. Over all the years, one year I dressed as a terribly frightening witch, sitting in a rocker on my front porch, with a huge plastic pumpkin sitting in my lap (I was holding onto it. We put a backlight bulb in our front porch light. Appropriate ghoulish music was playing from speakers hidden in the bushes. I sat perfectly still (which is not easy). The comments from the kids were hilarious. "Is she real?" "Nah, it's life-sized doll" "Well, you get some candy." "No, you get some". Finally one brave child would reach for candy and I would "come to life, screech a witchy laugh and start to stand up. Kids flew in all directions. (Still laughing!) Mom's would tell kids it was ok, go get candy and I would then politely hand out candy and comment on all the cute outfits. I think I enjoyed it more than the kids.

  • My newfoundland dog (who weighs 120 pounds) barks when the doorbell rings, so on Halloween I put some sort of costume on him along with blinking lights, and we deliver Halloween treat bags to the kids in the neighborhood.

  • My favorite Halloween treat would have to be the one I got out of my Martha Stewart Cookbook. It's the toasted pumpkin seeds. You take your cleaned pumpkin seeds,mix in kosher salt, Olive oil and put them on a baking sheet. Bake until golden brown. My daughter and I started doing this as a Halloween tradition. Each year at Halloween we would watch spooky movies and snack on the roasted pumpkin seeds. Great memories that I treasure & a wonderful treat !

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