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Photo Galleries : Blog header poll!

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Since starting this blog, our objective has always been to bring as much new and inspiring content to the table.  One way to keep things fresh has been to update our header on a regular basis.

By putting different techniques to work our header has gone through many transformations:

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stencilled (the original blog header)

1 stencilled (the original blog header)


2 dipped


3 egg-dyed


4 glittered

jack-o-lantern leaves

5 jack-o-lantern leaves

paper pumpkins

6 paper pumpkins


7 Americana


8 beach-inspired

embroidered (running stitch)

9 embroidered (running stitch)


10 tassels

summer prints

11 summer prints

embroidered (backstitch)

12 embroidered (backstitch)

So now it has become a point of conversation.  After discussing our favourites, we narrowed it down to a top 5.  Which one do you like best?

Which colorway do you prefer?

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More importantly, do you have any suggestions for future headers?

Comments (19)

  • I suggest just mixing them up! A different one for each holiday or season.

  • I also really like "glittered", "embroidered (running stitch)" and "egg-dyed". I have no idea why "summer prints" ended up in the top 5. It's the worse design out of all of them. The words are hard to read, the edge is cluttered... it really should be removed from the top 5.

  • Finally! I've been waiting for this retrospective, are the how to's far behind? :) beachy is my all time favorite. Now I'm drawing a blank on banner ideas, but it is a fav feature of mine to see what y'all have come up with next!

  • I would like to see something made from polymer clay (beads or shapes) for the banner. Or something floral.

  • It might be a good idea for a contest/giveaway. Have your readers submit "the crafts dept" headers and you select the best one to feature on your blog.

  • I liked the glitter one :(

  • I like the stitched ones as well. How about stamped or wood carved? Or maybe appliqued and quilted? Or, for Christmas, a sequined or beaded design? What a fun job you have!

  • Sooooo difficult to pick one - they were all so beautiful and creative.

    For other ideas, maybe banners made showcasing paper twilling, letterpressing(hard to show it I know but neat if done!), scrapbooking(similar to the glitter one but with all sorts of MS goodies), and leather-cut letters?

  • Why not rotate them on a seasonal basis?

    And I agree with Lindsay that "summer prints" is extrememly hard on the eyes.

    I really liked the "Glittered" and "embroidered (running stitch)" designs...

  • paper pumpkins has always been my that cute little floating face!

  • Crafter Comment:

    We had a blog header contest for our readers last year - check out the winners!

  • I love "tassels"!

  • I liked the tasseled one and the embroidered running stitch, but they weren't in the top 5!

    I'd love to see one done in applique!

  • They are all great and oh look, there are 12, great for one each month. After the year is over I'll bet there will be more clever choices for the future. One each month please.

  • I'm also a big fan of the embroidered (running stitch) banner! I love how creative and unique each banner is. How fun would it be to design one with spools of thread incorporated?

  • I loved the glittered one:)
    I think handmade yarn pom poms would be fab..Maybe a fabric bunting design. And def one that features tons of ribbon in the design.

  • My suggestion is to do a banner in paper cut-out and use some of Martha's punch outs to accent.

  • I'm curious about why you didn't use the headers from your header contest last year. (I was a winner :) )

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Lydia - we used the winning headers for a week or two last year. we're sorry you missed seeing yours up on the blog!

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