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Around Town : Camper Store - Madison Ave.

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During a recent shopping (window shopping that is) trip on Madison Avenue, I stumbled upon the new Camper store. I was fascinated by the wicker installation I could see through the window. But inside it became even more amazing, as the wicker was molded all around the store, going beyond corners, shaped into seats and incorporating  plastic chairs -- an interesting juxtaposition of materials and color. I learned that this store design was a collaboration between Campaer and the Brazilian design team Campana. Design, craft, art, commerce ... all molded -- literally -- together into a colorful, happy experience.


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a happy couple

1 a happy couple

perfect juxtaposition

2 perfect juxtaposition

the ceiling lighting fixture

3 the ceiling lighting fixture

tells it all

4 tells it all


When researching this further I found out that Camper has collaborated with many designers from all over the world to design their products and stores, perfectly naming this campaign 'Together'. Seems like many more companies have opened their minds to these kind of collaborations recently. No more of the rigid separations between design, craft and art. Do you know of any interesting collaborations ?!

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  • This is such an interesting presentation, and I'm thrilled to know that Camper has opened a store uptown, as I've enjoyed the Soho one for years.

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