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Inspiration Board : Craftovers #2

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By now you know my love for leftover materials...

This year Shane worked on Martha’s Halloween costume and after developing several concepts, she was transformed into a sorceress. One of the preliminary ideas that didn’t make the cut was Bride of Frankenstein. The dyed bandages that Shane made caught my eye so as soon as the costume was nixed I asked to “borrow” them.

We have also been in desperate need of some organization in the knitting department. So what to do with some felt, a tensor bandage, and loads of needles (courtesy of our friends at Crystal Palace and Clover)?  How about a needle holder?

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Felt roll-up

1 Felt roll-up

Tensor bandage switch-up

2 Tensor bandage switch-up

Sewn at 1

3 Sewn at 1" intervals, the bandage is able to accomodate any needle size.

After finishing, I thought that since I was on a roll—pun intended—how about two more for double-pointed and circular needles?

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A case for DPN's, crochet hooks, and other knitting notions

1 A case for DPN's, crochet hooks, and other knitting notions

Each pocket holds its own sets of circular needles

2 Each pocket holds its own sets of circular needles



Don't you love those felt buttons? They kill me every time I look at them.

Comments (6)

  • Oh those knitting things are FANTASTIC! Such clean lines and so neatly done. Love the felt buttons too. You should try selling these on etsy. :)

  • I LOVE it and I am also obsessed with craftovers. Way to go!

  • i wish you would do a tutorial, i badly need a case for my circs, they are out of control.

  • Yes, please, a tutorial. Especially for the circular needles holder...what a pain to store!

    Many thanks,

  • SO awesome! I love the elastic; an easy way to keep the straight needles in place.

    I'm with jen h.; please give us a tutorial! My circular needles are getting a bit unruly too :)

  • [...] As for more tool holders, take a look at Steph’s brilliant needle organizers. [...]

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