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Contests & Prizes : Halloween Wall Cling Giveaway!

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Vampire Wall Cling

Thinking of ways to get your home ready for Halloween?  How about these wall clings? WE'RE GIVING AWAY TWO FREE SETS!

For a chance to win this vampire and his hair-raising friends, leave us a comment about your best Halloween decorating idea, along with your name and a valid e-mail address. All comments must be received by 6 PM, Friday, 10/15. We'll choose two commenters at random to win these  wall clings.

See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.

Check back for more giveaways leading up to Halloween!

Comments (94)

  • The best idea we found & made was bubbling cauldrons, made from expanding foam! They turned out really neat!

  • I'm quite proud of my tissue-paper bat garland I made using Martha's How-To. I also made pumpkin garland out of orange tissue paper. They both turned out rad. So easy, so inexpensive! I'm trying my hand at the tissue pom-poms in green and purple to look like monsters.

    Love these give-aways! Thanks!

  • I love Halloween! This year I decided to craft my new decorations instead of purchase. I went to the craft store and picked up unfinished wood letters for the word BOO. I painted each separately (with spiders and spider webs), used wood glue to connect and hung with wire on my door. Everyone that comes over asks me where I bought it. I love that comment :)

  • Well, I use a lot of Martha's ideas...

    But, all of our friends did love the halloween garland I made last year.

  • My best Halloween decorating idea is to use my appliques (which I sell on my website) to decorate aprons, trick or treat bags, t-shirts, placemats and napkins for all my guests that attend my annual rip roaring Halloween party!

  • my best halloween decorations is something that you can create with your family and friends.every year my family and I have a whole halloween decorating night and we play ernest scared stupid,everyone gets to carve there own pumpkins which ever way they want.then we all take a bunch of craft supplies and figure out ways to make halloween is so fun to have all the young kids and older adults create different things and see them decorated all over the house after.It makes halloween give us a warmth loving family,like christmas does.We try and make every season the best we can no matter what situation is happening in our lives.:)

  • Lots of pumpkins...lit, not lit, latterns, real ones, silly ones, bowl of little ones, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, hanging from the chandelier, on the matle...all shapes, but all orange.

  • A few years ago we stepped up our pumpkin carvings to the more intricate templates that you find now. (even easier now that we own Martha's carving tools!)

    We get comments on our pumpkins every year and have a lot of fun choosing which designs we'll use.

  • The best decoration is a carved pumpkin, the ultimate "face" of the holiday. The design changes from year, but there's always a carved pumpkin!

  • Another awesome wall cling! I haven't done it yet but I plan to make this dirt patch in our front yard ($1500 plumbing damage) a little graveyard. So excited. Just need to make a good skull..

  • For inexpensive party decorating, we bought white fabric, stained it with tea, and ripped it into strips to wrap around our chairs to make them look like mummy chairs. It transformed our kitchen chairs into spooky seats. We also used black garbage bags and cut them up with scissors and had them draping over the windows, and used a black tablecloths to cover the walls for our Halloween party. It was a few simple ways to transform our usually bright and cheerful house. :)

  • I had a grandchild that was afraid of scary costumes and mascots so I dresssed as a good witch and stuck suckers in the stitching around my corn bristle broom.When he came to the door at Halloween I answered with "I'm a good witch..take a sucker from my broom".It was a clean NEW broom.He thought I was funny and was not afraid.

  • My best Halloween idea was taking the glittered skulls and bones craft Martha Stewart Living featured a couple years ago. I put all the skulls in an oversized wrought Ito lantern and affixed a magnetic LED light to the top. it's battery powered. The light reflects the glitter on the skulls, and it looks so creepy with all the lights off in the house, and the only light is the light from the lantern. Hapy Halloween!

  • I love Pumpkins carved,painted, glittered!

  • I cut the top off of plastic water bottles so there like a vase, wrap in gauze, use cotton balls underneath the gauze to create a nose and add google eyes! Viola Mummy Vases! Sometimes I dye the gauze in coffee to really give it a mummy effect! This weekend we're making the bat pinta so that should be fun!

  • I plan on decorating with a lot of FOOD! Spooky and cute of course.

  • My best Halloween decorating idea is using black and white pipe cleaners to turn a pumpkin into the "Bride-of-Frankenstein." Easy and looks so great!

  • I made ghosts to hang outside from our balcony out of paper lunch bags, I was quite proud....

  • I have a mound of dirt in my yard I've been trying to give away forever. For this Halloween, we've turned it into a freshly-dug gravesite, and have headstones and a skull and skeleton hands coming out of the dirt. As my 3-year-old son likes to say: "Scawy!"

  • I love and follower MS for some time now. I decorate my home for all the seasons and occassions. I would so love to win one set of these. I have MS punches and crafts......Good Luck to everyone........

  • I love decorating for Halloween with antique pharmacy bottles (the kind with creepy labels intact), and curiosities under glass cloches.

  • I love the different ideas for Halloween drinks that look so creepy. Bloody tooth cocktail made with pomegranate seeds is one of my favorites!

  • I love vintage Halloween decor and have many little vintage items, I display then all on my class cake domes (under the dome cover protects them as well, some are very fragile) They look so sweet this way!

  • I love the way you have the bats flying out of the vase!! My best idea is probably taking some branches out of the backyard and painting them black. After putting them in a vase, I hung Halloween ornaments & computer printed vintage Halloween images on it!

  • My favorite Halloween decorating idea is using a spider stamp and black ink to decorate mirrors, windows and pictures frames. It wipes right off and adds a spooky detail! :)

  • I collect vintage cake plates/domes. I fill them all with white mini pumpkins!

  • We made little spiders to decorate our table. Use black gum drops for the body and black licorice for the legs. We used royal icing as glue and made little dots for eyes, dusted with red sugar. Cute!

  • We love getting out all the old antiques and covering them in simple spider webs... keeps it clean, classy, and spooky!

  • Our family tends to go cute (versus scarey) for Halloween so I have made Scarecrow plant sticks and friendly Vampire sucker covers out of crepe paper :-) Thanks for the chance to win!

  • How about...

    Decorate your home (or put a mock-up in the front yard) as a giant faux gingerbread house. A glimpse of a big scary oven in the door or window would be a nice touch. Dress as the wicked witch to greet trick-or-treaters.

  • I like to hang "fake" cob-webs (though there might be some real ones, too lol) around with spiders. Thanks so much for a chance to win some fun decorations!

  • This Halloween I brought a big tree branch from my yard inside to create a creepy Halloween tree. First, I painted it black and spritzed it with glow-in-the-dark spray. Then I stretched fake spiderwebs over it and hung black paper bats on the branches. I used a Christmas tree stand to hold it up, and hid the stand with a black tree skirt. It looks pretty spooky!

  • The old tried-and-true Halloween cupcakes with "gummy worms" hanging out is always a favorite at our house. Martha, I enjoy your Halloween crafts and foods!

  • I usually just do pumpkins and harvest corn. Guess I need to get more innovative.....

  • My favorite trick is to treat a pumpkin like a wood cut! Getting those thinner walls on the pumpkins mixed with the total cutout makes for some really beautiful effects!

  • spray painted pumpkins. much easier than carving!

  • I have old cardboard standees from the classic Universal monster movies that I place into different windows to look out at the neighbors!

  • I like to get a giant spider, faux spiderweb, and mini spider rings from a local halloween store. I then put them on these huge trees and assorted bushes in my front yard. I then hide the spider in just the right place to give even the oldest trick or treaters a spook! Also, I just love to put the spider rings all over the "web" for even more decoration! Afterwards, it makes great jewlery!

  • This isn't a like a tip or a trick and not necessarily for Halloween, but bats are so cute I cut silhouettes of them out of black cardstock and they hang from the ceiling in my room all year-round.

  • We love to paint our porch roof with glow-in-the dark paint to give it an eerie glow.

  • Boy I love all the ideas on here, I am going to "borrow" a few for this year's party. This year we get to host the big party and we are going all out. So far, the best idea(s) we've had are the entryway is transformed into a spider's lair, so when you walk in, your eye will be drawn up to the ceiling where you see that you've walked into a spider web and there will be several very large spiders (handmade with foam balls painted black and pipe cleaner legs, sequined eyes) watching you. The other thing we are doing is making a mummy, so we took some old clothes, stuffed them with newspaper and wrapped it in toilet paper, we've sprayed the TP with brown tea water and it looks SO cool. I can't wait for the party!

  • I have a great 1970's fabric wall hanging printed with spooky orange and yellow trees. Every year for Halloween I cut out black paper bats and arrange them so they look like they're flying into the trees. I also tape witch hats on my vintage silhouette collection, decorate the coffee table with old smelting pots (they make great cauldrons) and I always carve a scary pumpkin. Thank you for offering such a fun giveaway. Happy (early) Halloween! :)

  • my kids and i make silhouettes for our front windows and screen door. but these arent just any silhouettes! we use glow in the dark paint to draw faces and scary pictures on them. the kids love going out after dark to look at our windows.

  • The best Halloween decorating I ever had was two months after we moved cross-country. We were still living in boxes, had tore up walls and plaster projects in the works. We decided to host a Halloween party. The torn wallpaper and crazy plaster really added to the spooky asthetics of the event. Everyone loved it and we made many new friends that night!

  • This year for halloween I'm using a pair of old boots and deep brown/red paint to mimic dried bloody foot prints. I'm dipping the soles of the boots into the paint (in a paint tray) and then stamping a long runner of burlap. I've made two, one for the stairs, and one for the front porch. Very spooky to behold, do you dare follow in these foot steps?

  • Create organs, bones, pumpkins, skulls, ghosts or anything spooky for Halloween out of Salt Dough. It's easy to be done and can be made by adults and kids. If you want to hang it up,don't forget to punch wholes before you bake your creation. Once they are baked,you can color them as you like! Enjoy

  • A fun Halloween project is taking a Pumpkin Stencil Templates and shrinking the pattern to fit an accordion-fold 8 ½ by 11” colored paper. Use the Martha Stewart instructions to make the Halloween Hang-Ups circles. Then take stencil and tape pattern to contrasting colored cardstock and cut out pattern using x acto knife. Hot glue cut out pattern to the completed circle.

  • When I was little my mother would make home made root beer and put dry ice in the bucket so it created an eerie fog. This was always a big hit at our Halloween parties. It's still my favorite effect.

  • Love these wall clings! And they would look really cool on a front door, too!

    Thanks for the longer deadline to enter the giveaway! :-)

  • My youngest is just getting into the idea that being a little bit scared is actually fun! This would be perfect for our home this Halloween! Loving this site!


  • A very neat decoration (especially for little ones to look at!) is taking Orange (any color really) poster board and cutting a large pumpkin face out of it, then tape it to a window and turn a dim light on behind it! Very cute!!!! Hope someone enjoys this! :)

  • I would love to be able to afford to do my whole living area of the house into a haunted house. I am sadly lacking so many awesome decorations. Mostly just spiderwebs are hung around here with lights. I need to stock up!

  • My favorite idea is using the natural pumpkins, gourds and leaves collected from around the area.

  • we go crazy during the holidays at clovis community college bookstore. we make 90% of all our crafts to decorate our front window. this halloween we are making everything black and orange. we will be making pumkins and gravestones out of paper mache. it will be a goulish wedding at the cemetary. black flowers too...... fun.

  • I don't know about best, but I make my own stuff on the cheap. I make cobwebs out of coffee filters. Super easy, Fun and looks great.

  • I used eyelash yarn and blending filament to create a huge web that we hang in the front yard every year. We put a huge spider on it and it looks almost real during the day and incredibly real at night-very spooky!

  • My best decorating idea is to collect vintage Halloween goods and use them along with some you make yourself. It's much better then going out and buying all new decorations!

  • I made a cute felt Halloween garland out of clip art of from the Martha site :)

  • My daughter loves the scary stuff that moves and makes noises

  • My favorite item I made was a small quilt used as a table cover and put little black spiders on it (decorative type).

  • My favorite idea came from you guys. It's putting a glow stick into a white balloon, then drawing a ghoulish face on it. There are always very popular!

  • We carve foam pumkins every year. The kids write their names and the year on the bottom. Now, after several years we have a darling pumpkin patch on our porch. I have told them that when the "leave the nest", that they can take their pumpkins with them and decorate their homes.

  • Faux spiders (large & small), pumpkins everywhere -- carved wood, plastic, ceramic, doesn't matter & lots of fall foliage, orange twinkle lights everywhere - very festive!

  • I love to carve out the little pumpkin gourds and put little votive candles in them. Great for decorating.

  • I decorated a small outdoor shed for my daughters b'day. It was great b/c it had a backdoor and two rooms. The front room had the usual straw and pumpkins, but the back room looked like grandma's attic. Alot of cob webs, old wood stove, curtains, and, a vanity dresser on one side. As the children entered thru the front, I was under the dresser with a fog machine. When the room filled with smoke, the entered to do the boody mary chant in front of the mirror. I grabbed their feet and Mary came thru the back door. Many of them jumped out of their shoes. lol

  • My favorite Halloween craft was making a wreath out of felt and cardboard. The wreath contained alternating faces of ghosts, black cats, and pumpkins. Only 4 colors of felt were needed black, orange, ivory, and brown. The wreath was cut out of cardboard and covered with the brown felt. The faces were made using felt, stuffed with some batting, stitched closed with embroidery thread.

  • Awesome blog and thanks for the giveaway!
    Would love, love, LOVE to win this!

  • My family makes a oversized spiderweb every year out of rope. We tie the ends to the trees and then put a very large spider on it.

  • My mom's birthday is on halloween so we always come up with something funky sharing the 2 holidays like banner signs implying how spooky it is she was born during the witching hour.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  • I love using those cobwebs....a package goes a really really long way and for very inexpensive

  • My best halloween decorating idea is use dry ice in vases, pumpkins, any sort of hidden spot to create a "spooky" feel in any location. Thank you so much!

    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  • We usually decorate with a lot of spider webs (the stringy stuff that comes in a bag) and a bunch of different sized spiders! We also hang a couple of shrunken heads in the front window with spooky lights!

  • My best decorating idea is turn your treats and snacks into decorations themselves!
    Lovefool827 (at) yahoo (Dotcom)

  • I have a long shelf along the side of my living room that I put Halloween candle holders on

  • We always use home made Halloween decorations made by the kids

  • lots of black glitter flowers

  • One year we had to have some work done on our sprinkler system--they destroyed my lawn and left me a huge mess --so I went down to the dollar store and bought a bunch of Styrofoam headstones and made myself a graveyard --it looked great. Sadly now every year people are disappointed that I didn't make another graveyard.

  • Last year, we rigged up our front door so that when it opened, it pulled a tea service tray with a pitcher of inky black drink with fake eyeballs floating in it, labeled TRICK! & a bowl of candy labeled TREAT! into the center of the door way.

    A spooky voice, recorded by my husband, then said "Trrrrrrrrick? Or Treeeeeat?" It looked like a friendly ghost hostess hostess was offering up their treats :)

    It didn't get me out of answering the door though, sadly lol I couldn't figure out a way for the door to close & tea service to pull back out of the way. It was fun, we'll have to try it again this year.

  • we always go for a dark colored porch light and the classic cobwebs. we have also lined string along the roof overhang (and in the house) to make people think they have walked through a web or have spiders on them. they cant see it so they freak!

  • We like rigging up moving bats, rats, etc that move when a door is opened.

  • making your own mummys,they are cheap to make and turn out great in coffins!

  • putting pumpkins lit through the house

  • One year I had a very real looking witch to greet everyone who came to the door for Trick or Treat. I use a lot of Martha's ideas for all the holdidays.

  • We love Halloween. We decorate the house and yard completely. Instead of just going with are regular scarecrow this year we made a freaky scary clown.

  • This year I am really loving natural decorations- pumpkins and gourds, spooky looking branches that you put spider webs on, and Martha's Eyeballs were so cool from last years special (I saw it last year not sure if that was the first time it aired.)

  • My best halloween decorating idea is to make sure you think outside the box. Instead of having say a rat sitting on a table, have 5 rats surrounding a bowl of what looks like blood.

  • I bought some cruets at a thrift store and filled them with colored water and labeled them "Bat's Blood", etc.


  • The BEST idea for decorating this to use what nature gives you. I have an large assortment of tumble weeds that I gather from the side of the road. They make GREAT SPOOKY accents for a HAUNTED HOUSE.

  • I love to put ghosts that glow in the trees!

  • I am here for decorating ideas, as I lack that part of my brain:)

    trippyjanet at hotmail dot com

  • to turn a plain pumpkin into a festive pumpkin. get a marker draw on some scroll designs, trace the designs with clear glue, and then sprinkle black glitter, (red and green for xmas)and let dry. and there you go, something simple yet still festive.

  • Wow, what an awesome wall cling! Not very imaginative but I love to make tissue ghosts for the front porch along with a fog machine.

  • I would love this! My best decorating idea so far has been to consult this blog to inspire my Halloween craftiness.

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