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Contests & Prizes : Halloween Wall Cling Giveaway!

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Double, double toil and trouble

Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Thinking of ways to get your home ready for Halloween? How about these wall clings?  WE'RE GIVING AWAY TWO FREE SETS!

For a chance to win this witch and her hair-raising friends, leave us a comment about your best costume idea, along with your name and a valid e-mail address. All comments must be received by 6 PM, Wednesday, 10/6. We'll choose two commenters at random to win these witchy wall clings.

See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.

Check back for more giveaways leading up to Halloween!

Comments (61)

  • I'm not super crafty but my kids are clever. My three-year-old twins decided that one would be a spider web and one would be a spider. Super cute!

  • I thought a costume I saw once for a Road was really cleaver. They were all in black with white duct tape lines and hot wheels stuck to them.

  • Back in the 90's when the Spice Girls were popular, a group of us made "spice girl" costumes- except we were things like Thyme, Rosemary, Pepper, etc.

  • My all time fav was dressing as a picnic table. I used a disposable tablecloth and hand made sandwiches. I had food on plates, cups and napkins set for four! And on my head? A headband covered in plastic black ants! I really loved it; others had to ask, but appreciated the effort put into it.

  • They look gorgeous against that orange color. I would love to have a set on my wall.

  • once went as a magic 8-ball toy-dressed all in black, pinned a white circle w/ a large black #8 on it to my chest. i printed sayings from he toy onto strips of paper, others asked me a question then i'd and them a paper w/ their answer on it!

  • I've never been anything very clever, mainly characters like Harry Potter, Marvin the Martian, Snow White, Alice (in Wonderland) etc.

    I've always thought one of my elementary school teacher's "static cling" costume was clever. She sewed lost and found objects to her and frizzed her hair.

  • Halloween is one of our favorite holidays of the year. Every year we host an open house while the kids go trick or treating.

  • I really liked one idea I read about online, to wear a shower curtain and put red paint on it, and go as the woman from "psycho" - oh and wear a shower cap.

  • Never came up with anything original, but my favorite was a cheerleader for a local race team.

  • Before I learned to sew, I glued and stapled myself a Rainbow Brite costume complete with boots that needed its layers glued on, iron on decals, and stapled white cotton on the edge of my stapled skirt. I wasn't able to sit the entire night but I looked good!!

  • Mine was Barbie in the box

  • We're doing salt & pepper shaker costumes this year. White pants, shirt and gloves for salt with a stuck on "S" and all-black for the pepper, with a "P". The shaker tops are poofy chef hats with small black felt circles stuck to the top.

  • What an awesome vinyl! Last year we were Super Mario themed..I was Princess Peach, my sis was Yoshi, my 3 dogs were Mario, Luigi, and Bowser, and the little turtle was Toad :)

  • We like to do a family costume with a coordinating theme, as homemade as possible. This year it's Greek gods and goddesses; Persephone, Athena, Dionysus.

    But, I think our best year was the Star Wars theme: R2D2, Princess Leia, Han Solo. We all had the perfect proportions and my daughter loved her R2D2 costume so much (upside-down silver bowl with painted accents, etc.) that it's now a permanent part of her dress-up kit.

  • I made sandwich board hershey bars for my husband and I to wear to a costume party. Mine was a plain hershey bar and his was a hershey bar with nuts!

  • I think being Santa Clause for Halloween is such a fun idea!

  • One of the best ever costume I ever wore was when my son was 2 and I dressed him up like a little dalmation puppy and I was Cruella DeVille! I found a coat at the thrift store, spray painted a black wig half white and wore a black dress I already had on hand, my son wore a white sweatsuit and I glued on black felt dots!

  • I saw this idea on a blog and totally want to do it with my 7 month old: a vintage-style ventriloquit & dummy. I think if we dressed to the nines - dapper suits, bow-ties, and a funny infant wig for my son - it'll be a great mama-son costume this Halloween.

  • I have a notebook of ideas to use for upcoming Halloweens, but I think my favorite has been to have all of the kids dress as local department store/boutique shopping bags, with tissue paper around their heads, and have one of the moms dress as the "Uptown Lady" with all of her shopping bags.

  • Last year at our annual Halloween party, my husband and I dressed up as the characters from Dr.Horrible's Sing A Long Blog.

  • my all time coolest costume idea ever was one I thought up for my husband.. he went as the "Grim Rapper". Basically he wore a grim reaper robe and face paint along with a gold tooth, gold chains, and a 3 finger gold ring. I also glued sparkly "diamonds" to his grim reaper sickle. So funny!

  • One of my favorite costumes was a last minute desperation thought up by my daughter. I was "cloudy with a chance of rain". I wore a blue t-shirt with bits of polyester stuffing pinned on for clouds. On my head was a yellow ball cap to which I attached some yellow sunshine rays cut out of craft foam. In my hand was a spray bottle filled with water to squirt folks with at the appropriate time in the explanation of my costume.

  • I used to dress up as a Gumby worshipper with green baggy clothes, rubber gumbys around my neck, earrings, watch, all the Gumby stuff I had! Then I would cut a big foam piece in the shape of his point and would wear it on my head!

  • I have five kids. My oldest is "too cool" to trick or treat this year, but my 2 middle boys are going to be Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Brothers, the 3 yo daughter is going to be Princess Peach and my 2 yo son is going to be Toad.

    My hubby wants us to go as Buddy Holly and Mary Tyler Moore (reference song from Weezer). :)

  • Last year my son was a sock monkey. I made his costume myself and we won the local costume contest!

  • I'm not very clever. My daughter will be a green dragon this year.

  • My little girl always has her Curious George on hand, so why not be the Man in the Yellow Hat?

  • I have always made costumes for my two daughters. I think my favorite is the Itsy Bitsy Spider. I attached extra stuffed arms to a sweatshirt sides and connected them on each side with elastic and then connected those to my daughter's wrists. Every time she moved her arms, the extra spider arms moved too. She had so much fun wearing it.

  • One of my favorite costumes was when I dress up like the Green Man, I made my mask from pressed and preserved leaves.

  • My favorite costume was from when I was a little kid. My mom made me a Care Bear costume, complete with a giant Care Bear head that went over my head. It was pink and awesome. A friend of mine tried on the head piece during high school and almost got his head stuck.

  • One of my favorite costumes was someone covered in purple balloons wearing a green hat. It looked like a bunch of grapes.

  • Last year, baby was Tigger (VERY appropriate in personality!). This year we're leaning towards a fairy. We have the wings, tutu, headband -ready to go! She's not the traditional "colors" though... it's grape and lime green... again, perfect combonation to match this sparkling little girl's personality!

  • My mom made me an alien costume with a tinfoil-covered motorcycle helmet and a lot of green makeup that is an all-time favorite costume memory.

  • I shredded some sheets and attached them loosely to a child's swearsuit. Because I only tacked them on, they kept shredding and unraveling... a perfect mistake!!!

  • Last year I made a Medusa wig out of the small, plastic wiggle snakes. It slithered all night (and totally freaked out my brother)!

  • I like to do coordinating outfits for my two kiddos. I'm thinking that a pastry chef and a cupcake would be really cute!

  • We're going as a traffic light, the road, and a streetlamp!

  • Last year my husband and I went as a Publisher Clearing House Prize Patrol and winner! I came dressed as a hillbilly house wife winner and he wore a blue blazer with a name badge. Then I pinned balloons to the inside back of his blazer and made him a giant check to hold. It was the hit of the party and really inexpensive!!

  • I was thinking of doing this next year for my 4-year-old, but it would work for any age.

    For Halloween or Dia de los Muertos, buy a basic skeleton costume from the store then paint over the mask with a beautiful sugar-skull pattern. Stop there or go all out and add a matching sombrero and bolero jacket.

  • The Best costume idea ever was the Candy Queen, a long ball gown with cotton candy trim, licorice lace, candy bead sequins and a lollipop crown.

  • I think my favorite costume ever was the year I dressed up like a troll doll :)

  • One of my favorite costumes was one a friend of mine came up with. She was the Morton salt girl! She had a yellow raincoat, white tights, an umbrella, and a salt canister with a length of sparkly white fabric trailing out of it...I thought it was so clever!

  • My daughter and her cousin wanted to be in the Halloween parade together so I made a Headless Horseman costume for them. One was the horse head and the other was the headless person. They actually won first place! Dyed bedspread for the horse, black shoes, jeans, flannel shirt, yarn for mane and tail, and lots of sewing!

  • ok

  • We are dressing up as a cute little "elderly" couple this year. I think it's the best idea because in about 50 years I'll probably want to wear my outfit again for real. :)

  • My favorite costume was my brother-in-law's Candy Rapper. He dressed in bright colors, baggy shorts & sideways hat, and had candy wrappers stuck allover him. He even wrote rap lyrics, so that he could rap about giving candy out! It was hilarious!

  • When I was in optometry school, we had a halloween party for our entire class (122 people). A friend of mine put on dark sunglasses, put his head through the top 1/3 of a set of venetian blinds and carried a cane. He was the "Blind Man Of Venice." Love a good pun....!

  • My fav costume was being Glia the Good Witch of the Left, banishing right wing revolutionaries from my path -- for election day 2008.

  • I love dressing up for Halloween. My all time favorite costume was when I dressed up as Robert Smith, the lead singer from the band The Cure. It's a really easy costume - a black button up shirt, black jeans, a black witches wig that I cut up and hairsprayed forever until I got the right look, a small amount of white face make up, black eyeliner and bright red lipstick. I was immediately recognized everywhere I went and it was fun to bond with other Cure fans over the look.

  • Jack and Sally from the NIghtmare before Christmas. Super easy to make - I hand sewed pieces of mismatched fabric onto a tee dress I bought at goodwill.

  • When my daughter was 5, she decided to be Cleopatra. I made most of her costume & she was so proud to be such a unique character among her Disney princess friends.

  • I think maybe one of my best costumes was a pincushion tomato. I sewed a tube dress, then the parts of the tomato around it. So I could get inside the dress...and then the giant pin cushion was filled with packing peanuts to give it volume. I made the "pins" put of thick wire, and painted Styrofoam balls.
    I also created a small hat to wear with it with threads and ribbons and other various sewing goods.

  • I have three adorable nieces, and every year I try to help them with their Halloween costumes. This year, my youngest niece, 7 year old Molly, is going as a vampire butterly! She thought this up herself, so I got her a two-piece butterfly costume at a local retailer along with some fangs. She is so excited to be the only vampire butterfly in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

  • My favorite costume is the one I'm planning this year. My husband is going to be a lumberjack and I'm going to be a tree, complete with birds nest hat!

  • My granddaughters, age 4 and 20 months will be going as Ariel and Flounder. The Ariel costume was purchased but had been enhanced with sea life embellishments and Flounder is a 2 footlong stuffed toy that has had the stuffing removed from the center sectionto make it fit over her body, and shoulderstraps added to hold it up. They look absolutely adorable together, especially since the oldest gd has flowing red hair!

  • A couple years ago I made a Nacho Libre costume for my little guy. The costume included a red cape, blue tights, red underwear, and of course the red boots. It was super funny.

  • It's probably to retro for today but our best was to go as Mouseketeers. Easy too. Black pants or skirt, white short-sleeve turtleneck and your name cut from felt letters and glued to the shirt front. And, of course, the mouse ears. Always a winner!

  • I work in the Transportation Department at work, so my colleague and I decided to go as a Traffic Cone and Traffic Barrel. I was the cone, bought orange fabric; luckily I had just got married so I used my crinoline to make the affect of the cone getting bigger towards the bottom. Then I took a witch hat cut of the rim and spray painted it orange. I officially was a an orange traffic cone!

  • Thanks for doing these fun giveaways!

    I do have a request - please give a longer deadline than 6pm on the same day. Many of us have to wait until the kids fall asleep or wait until the kids are napping before we can get online.


  • Crafter Comment:

    No problem, Doris! We'll be doing three more giveaways before Halloween, and will be sure to give a longer deadline.

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