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Make It : Beeswax Sheets

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Today on the show, Martha demonstrated rolling your own taper candles from beeswax sheets—an easy craft for those of you who love the idea of candle making, but may be intimidated by melting and pouring wax. And once you get the hang of the process for tapers (explained here), you can make candles of any length or size for any occasion.

The most obvious and easiest modification is to keep rolling! If you get to the end of a beeswax sheet, add another right where the last left off and create pillar candles as thick as you would like. Below, some beautiful examples from Beeswax Candle Company:


And remember that votives are just tiny pillars—a version in a pretty color from beesandme on Etsy:


If you're short on sheets, wrap a pre-existing pillar candle or glass hurricane with the beeswax to get a custom color or effect:


My favorite money-saving idea is to make your own Hanukkah or birthday candles—you can even make these from scraps left over from your larger candles, as you need only about 1 1/2 to 2 inches of wax to roll them:


Don't stop with the everyday shapes and forms. Try something like these adorable sushi candles (Toadily Handmade sells kits):


Beeswax sheets come smooth and flat, as well as with the embossed honeycomb pattern; our favorite source for 8-by-16-inch sheets is Candlewic. The best wick to use for most rolled candles is a size #3/0 wick (also available from Candlewic). Sheets can also be punched, stamped, and printed—the possibilities are endless. Let us know your favorite ideas for this easy-to-use craft item!

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  • I rolled 10 froma kit I purchased. I love them, but they do break apart easily. How do you mold them so they don't.

  • Oh my, this is the earliest craft memory I have. When I visited my great Aunt Mary she would always take me to her craft room to make crafts and the first thing we made was a candle from beeswax sheets. Thanks for bringing back good memories.

  • that's a pretty sweet box those candles are sitting on

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