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Behind the Scenes : Our First Digital Issue: Sculpey Jewelry

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Martha Stewart Living Digital Issue

For the first digital issue of Martha Stewart Living, titled “Boundless Beauty,” we wanted to include a handmade-jewelry story. I brought up Sculpey polymer clay, with a vision to make it modern and give a nod to the Bakelite jewelry that was popular during the first half of the 20th century.

I have a secret obsession with Sculpey. It has an artificial yet organic quality all at once. There is also something really satisfying about baking it in your home oven. Sculpey comes up every once in a while here in the crafts department, but we have never embraced it completely until now.

Sculpey now makes many useful tools that make it much easier to accomplish clean and professional-looking results. Especially the Clay Conditioning Machine, which makes perfectly flat sheets of clay to cut and work into graphic shapes using shaped cutters or a pastry cutter wheel. Check out the Sculpey tool page on its website for many other useful tools.

The issue launches today for users of the iPad.  I hope you will enjoy it!

Sculpey Cameos

Sculpey cameos

Sculpey Necklace

The beads on this necklace were created by pressing two colors of Sculpey into small tart tin molds. They were then attached to a piece of gray ultrasuede and sewn together with black embroidery ribbon.

Jewelry Photo Shoot

This is photographer Ditte Isager standing on an apple box in order to capture the previous image.

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  • I'm so glad you wrote about Sculpey. I have a supply of it here that I meant to use to immortalize my pets (paw prints etc) in jewelry. Of course, I never got around to it and now I wonder if it can be reconditioned sufficiently to make it pliable again. I also have another material that isn't Sculpey brand but is a sort of plasticine clay too. Any thoughts?

  • I wasn't familiar with the digital issue. I have an iPad-- How do I get it?

  • Crafter Comment:

    That's great, Jennifer- we're very excited about this new release! There is a link to the app store in the post- but here's the site too-

    Hope you enjoy!

  • I think it is so amusing that the photographer is standing on an apple box. LOL....

  • Wow.
    Wish I had an iPad.
    No chance you'll release a PDF?

  • Yes, what about those of us who don't own iPads? A PDF would be very helpful.

  • I adore this app. I want to eat everything off my iPad because the pictures are beautiful! I even did a review of it on my blog- I love it so much! Please do more! I would love to have these special editions- ie one for crafts, collections and pets - every month/quarter!

    WELL DONE!!! Nan

  • Crafter Comment:

    Thanks Nan - can you send us a link to your blog we would love to see it.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen,
    My kids grew up adoring Sculpey clay and it got us through many a winter weekend. It is inexpensive, inspires creativity and togetherness and yields some cool results. My kids are now older, but still enjoy Sculpey.

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