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Behind the Scenes : Thanksgiving Story in November Issue of Martha Stewart Living

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People ask me all the time  how we come up with new ideas for stories month after month. Well, often one project inspires the next.velvet flowers

I had tried to dye pom-poms for my dipping story in our August issue. The pom-poms didn't take the dye in an even way, which didn't quite work with the look we were trying to achieve for that. But I really liked how they looked like berries, so I remembered them when developing this Thanksgiving story in May, as no seasonal botanicals were around  and we knew we had to come up with something 'fake.' For last year's Thanksgiving story, I had spray-painted branches and loved that all I had to do was pick some off the ground in my yard. So I walked around my yard again, glued the pom-poms on, and that's how these berry branches were created. The wreath became a natural evolution.


Other inspiration is more subconscious—when I just recently came across this painting, which used to hang in my grandparents' living room, I realized how much the velvet flowers look like it, don't you think?!  Was that where the inspiration had come from and I wasn't even aware of it?!

There are many more ideas in this issue, triggered from many different conscious and subconscious places. I hope you get inspired to have your own little pilgrims sitting around the table, to decorate the house with 'fake' branches and flowers, display a glittery harvest basket and present yummy food on velvet trivets. Have a happy, inspired (-ing) Thanksgiving !

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