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Make It : Tote Bag Tutorial and Giveaway!

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We all have something—that one thing we can't get enough of, no matter how many we already have. Around here I might say it's tote bags. How could you not love a tote?  It's function and beauty in a neat little package, like this one created by Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S:

(Click here for the pattern!)

The tote is made with City Weekend, a new fabric collection Liesl designed with Moda. In fact, she has been kind enough to offer up 4 FREE FABRIC KITS! Want a chance to win one? Leave a comment and tell us what you'll carry in your new tote, along with a valid e-mail address. All comments must be received by 6 PM, Monday, 11/8. We'll choose four commenters at random to win these prizes.

(See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.)

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Are you inspired to sew more? Visit Liesl's shop for the sweetest children's clothing patterns.

(Do you feel like you've seen her work before? Good eye: Liesl was the brains behind this beautiful bag—among other—back in the day when she taught classes at Purl Soho.)

Comments (226)

  • yum! art supplies.

  • I love tote bags. I carry everything in them. But the main thing I use them for is to put my projects in them. One per bag so when I go to my quilt store's open sew days, I can just grab a bag (or two) and be ready to sew.

  • ohmygoodness! I love the bag, I can see quick trips to the market, or using it to hold toys to bring to the park! Thanks for the pattern!

  • I would use this tot bag to carry things home from the store when I go shopping. I do not like the plastic bags that so many places want to put your merchandise in. This material is so cute!

  • I love the bag. I would use it for everything. Crafts,groceries,books,the beach, etc. Nice fabric collection.

  • I would definitely be carrying all of my favorite magazines and sketchbooks! Love Oliver & S!

  • I would use my tote as a craft bag. I stay with my granddaughter 3 nights a week while her mommy is in school and I always take crafts with me for us to do. Right now we are making the button ornaments from the website, so my tote would have buttons, pipe cleaners, felt, markers, and scissors in it. It will be ever changing as to what I would carry in it, but it would be put to good use.

  • I love this bag and fabric! I am a huge fan of Oliver + S! I will use it as my all purpose bag/purse and it will likely carry any combination of the following items:

    wallet, keys, phone, ipod
    current knitting project
    book(s) and/or magazine(s)
    make up bag
    extra pair of shoes maybe (this is a necessity in NYC)
    bottle of water
    pens and mints

    Thanks for the giveaway and free pattern!

  • First, thanks for the free pattern--too cute!

    Several of my co-workers and I are learning to sew; they're all in their 20s and early 30s--I'm 53!

    I cannot wait to share this pattern with everyone.

    I guess I'd have to say I'd carry my sewing class project in this tote each week.

  • I LOVE anything and everything Oliver + S! This bag is perfect!

  • i love oliver + s! i'd use it for library books. thanks for the giveaway!

  • My knitting and probably some snacks! Such a cute bag and I love the fabric.

  • Wow! Love the bag and the fabric. Her designs are really gorgeous. That looks like the perfect tote for carrying book/patterns and fabric to my weekly sewing class.

  • I am planning for a long flight with my 3-year-old. I would fill the bag with goodies to make the trip go smoothly.

  • All my stuff to and from work. It seems like I always have junk that is going back and forth. A lovely bag makes it easier to deal with.

  • I am a huge fan of Oliver + S, and would love to win some fabric! We just got new library cards for my children, and now they need bags. This bag would be perfect.

  • I'd carry my planner & wallet which I take everywhere with me. Plus, keys, make-up, etc. Thanks for hosting...I love fabric & making things!

  • I love anything and everything Liesl designs! I would make one for my two-year-old to carry her necks (necklaces) and gagas (sunglasses).

  • I think the tote would be a perfect gift for my friend who is an amazing knitter! Looks like a perfect small project bag!

  • I'd use mine to tote my projects (knitting, crocheting, embroidery, etc)... or it'd be co-opted by the kiddos to hold their toys...

  • Craft projects on the go! :)

  • I think this bag would quickly be filled with my daughter's favorites: bunny, a book, play money and a snack. Everything a little girl needs on the go!

  • love everything from liesl! so glad you featured this. as for the tote, what wouldn't i put in it? i could use it to store my sewing projects (working on a granny hex quilt), library books, knitting projects, etc. just about anything.

  • Cute bag! I need a new library bag for my daughter. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sewing and knitting projects! What an adorable bag pattern!

  • I would use this bag for library books or knitting projects or a quick change of clothes for the gym.

  • Cute pattern!

    I want to update my diaper bag and would use this tote instead.

  • I'd use this cute tote as my everyday bag-- snacks for my toddler, water bottle and my sketchbook.

  • I would carry a book, pack of gum, sunglasses and my phone.
    Thanks for the pattern!

  • I would love this! I have a tendency to fit as much as possible in the bags and purses I carry. I could guarantee that there would be chapstick in there. Plus my wallet. As well as 20 other items that would "have to be" included.

  • Love the pattern & hoping to wing the fabrics! I've got a new baby & it would make a splendid diaper bag.

  • i'd carry my library books!

  • cute bags...already love and use the Oliver and S patterns. I'll be carrying a sewing project, usually a smocking project or handwork on a garment, all for my 1 yr old grandaughter. Also always have a book, my cellphone and wallet!

  • Oh, I'd carry my small quilt projects, books, papers. A water bottle. This City Weekend fabric is really lovely, would be great fun to get to make something with it!

  • Carry on tote for upcoming vacations/get-aways!

  • I love the bag! It looks perfect for transporting library books! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • it's perfect for toting the kiddos library books to and from. also great for a church bag...

  • I love tote bags and I adore Oliver + S and City Weekend fabrics. I would use this tote as a shopping bag and I'd love to make one for my 4 year old to carry toys and supplies.

  • I love totes, especially form Oliver + S! This tote is perfect for carrying my knitting, Nook, and any other little project I'm working on.

  • I would this tote to carry/store an in-progress craft project. I love the City Weekend fabrics!

  • I would carry around the iPad I've been thinking about getting. Winning this just might seal the deal!!

  • I love this tote! I would use it to carry around diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, toys, blankets, extra clothes all for my sweet baby girl!

    Can never have enough bags for a 4-month-old!!!

  • I just recently decided that totes of different shapes and sizes would be part of my Christmas gifts, so perfect timing for your giveaway. I love how you feature small businesses that are up and coming.
    Thanks, Martha.

  • This bag pattern is rad and those fabric designs are beautiful. I use tote bags to carry everything, baby stuff, my stuff, toys, books, etc. Thank you for the chance to enter such a cool giveaway :)

  • i love liesel's patterns! i'd use it for library books or quick trips to the market.

  • I'd carry my lunch for work, my to-do notepad and lotsa coupons.

  • I love that tote bag. I think I would carry it everywhere. I would definitely use it for carrying my book and assorted stuff to work. I might use it for carrying my current knitting project. I would use it definitely.

  • Thanks for having the giveaway! What wouldn't I put in the tote bag?! Knitting supplies, a sketchbook with pen and ink, lunch at the office, a copy of Martha Stewart Living and a snack, the possibilities are endless!

  • I would use this totebag for my knitting-- yarns, books, patterns. Thanks for the chance to win this!

  • Library books? Toys and goodies? I love this fabric!

  • In a cute tote like this, I would carry the family zippered snack bag, the keys I am forever misplacing, 1 magnadoodle for the youngest, and gum.. because nothing keeps kids quiet like gum.

  • It looks like the perfect size for a library bag! Or a toddler bag, for when they're too old for a diaper bag, but still have stuff that needs toting! Or a knitting bag!

    I guess I'd put lots in it!

  • Sewing supplies of course!

  • I LOVE Oliver + S patterns and was looking forward to the fabric collection, can't find it here in Oklahoma City, will have to order online. With this tote, I would keep it with me at all times (hanging off my stroller, for everyone to see and ask where I got such a bag) filled with things to do for my 18 month old twins.

  • I have a bonafide tote addiction. :-) Mine are usually found to be filled with goodies from the farmer's market or my latest (portable) craft project. This bag would be no exception!

  • Library books! Or maybe I would give it to my daughter and she would carry her keys that double as a phone (she is 3 years old), some play food cookies, diapers for her baby doll, and one of her brother's hexbugs.

  • I love totes! I would use it as my tote for books and planner to take to work or maybe my carrier for quilt projects on the go! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  • Love the pattern! I think I will carry a book and my ipod.

  • Very cute! I think some delicious goodies need to go in there!

  • For me, a new tote would carry 1 mommy wallet, at least 1 girl's cloth diaper, wipes, crayons and a notebook. Yep, that's it.

  • Liesl is amazing - love all her work. I'd use it for sewing projects on the go!

  • My seven-year-old daughter will use this bag to collect rocks, leaves, shells, sticks and other treasures on her naturalist adventures.

  • Love Liesl's fabulous fabric! And thank you, Martha, for the chance to win the kit for the tote. I would like to make it for my family's "dirty Santa" Christmas exchange and fill it with goodies: a book, warm slippers, packets of hot cocoa mix etc. Won't the ladies be fighting over this gift! LOL!

  • Current travel knitting project, along with my daughters cloth diapers, water cup, and snacks.

  • I'd use it to carry library books- would be much cuter than the grocery store reusable bag I carry now!

  • Water! Books! Diapers! Wallet! Snacks! (I'm pregnant and have a toddler.)

  • I would use this as my new work bag. Perfect for brown bag lunch, magazine & maybe a pair of flats.

  • I would fill my newly sewn tote with the "next great sewing project"!

  • I love tote bags. I can never have enough. And I've finally said good-bye to all those plastic bags!

  • I use totes all the time when I shop. I also use them for all my crafts. My twin granddaughters use them for all their toys and I would make them each one so they could carry all their favorite things.

  • Cute tote bag!!! I think it would be perfect to use as a shopping bag.
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  • Amazing fabric and adorable tote! Mine would carry all the mommy essentials... In our house that's books, stickers, water bottle, yarn & hooks!

  • I would carry my book, my wallet, my ipod and my phone... I would just love to win!

  • Ooo... That bag would be the perfect companion for a autumn picnic in the park. I'd use it to carry some sharp cheddar, crusty bread, crisp apple, and a thermos of hot apple cider. Then I'd use it to collect fall leaves to press!

  • I'm going to carry around my current embroidery project!

  • I would love for my daughter to use a tote to take to day care for all of her lovies and craft projects. Love the City Weekend line of fabric!

  • I would use it to put my knitting in it

  • I'll carry my many winter knitting projects!

  • I would put my knitting and crochet in it, as I like to bring it whereever I go!

  • I and my two kids love to go to library. It will make a nice library bag.

  • In my bag I would probably carry...EVERYTHING! I have two small children who are very attached to their sippy cups, so they would definitely be in there. My daughter's tag blankie and "pie" as she calls her pascifier. Diapers and wipes, of course, though I'm hoping to be done with those soon! My son likes to have his hands full of action figures, so there would be a few of those. And, if I'm lucky enough, I would remember to bring alond a few items for myself, as well! It's never good when you forget your wallet or phone at home!

  • I would carry all the essentials ... a book, raisins, almonds, chocolate, water, knitting! What wonderful fabric in this collection!

  • wow, i love this! i would use it for toddler stuff to keep my kiddo occupied while we're on the go: snacks, matchbox cars, maybe a notebook with a can of markers, a juicebox, a couple board books, and a couple tootsie pops. Those things work miracles with my son!

  • I'd love to have a patchwork tote to carry quilting supplies in.

  • Thanks for the pattern! Too Cute! Perfect for carrying scrap-booking supplies to a crop!

  • I would use the tote bag every day for carrying my projects around, to hold magazines I want to read, and also my makeup bag, etc... I am getting ready to download the tutorial now. Thanks so much!!!

  • I would like to sew this tote bag so I can take it to the shopping mall to carry all my purchases. (Go green!)

  • I have always loved Oliver + S patterns and I totally LOVE City Weekend! The bag would make the perfect shopping tote. Thanks for the chance!

  • Oh, the bag is perfect for my DD to carry picture books from/to the local library. Some books are big, but this bag will be big enough!

  • Now that is one cute bag! I can see myself walking around town carrying my latest knitting project. Thanks for the chance on a giveaway!!!

  • I LOVE Oliver + S and Martha Stewart Crafts Dept.! This is the perfect bag to carry projects that I can work on while watching my kids at swimming, dance class, etc. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  • I would love to sew this bag for my daughter. She is always carrying bags around.
    The fabrics are beautiful.
    Thanks for the giveaway offer!

  • I love tote bags and am always looking for a great one to buy or make. I'd love to carry my handwork and quilting in this bag. It looks roomy and just the right size to carry along most anything. I'm trying to get into hand quilting and this would be just right!

  • I would carry the extra clothes for after swimming or gymnastics class...snacks for empty tummies and books for me.

  • I have been looking for a tote to carry my phone, wallet, keys, and a bottle of water, and the baby's change mat, wipes and a spare diaper. Please pick me:-)

  • Everything! To & from gymnastics & football, the store, coupons, everything!

  • I plan to make a teacher's tote for my sister this Christmas and these fabrics and this pattern would be perfect.

  • Knitting projects and my e-book ...

  • it looks like a perfect bag to tote my knitting around the house and in the car.

  • I'd carry my cell phone, keys, a book or magazine, random snacks, probably an extra pair of undies for my youngest, wallet (of course), and anything other random item I might need at hand while at sports practices for my 2 oldest children.

  • I have a minor tote bag addiction too. This one is very cute. I would carry scrapbook stuff in mine.

  • I would carry my daughter's stuffed handsewn mouse and my son's books. That is unless my daughter confiscates it to hold her mouse and his accesories and turn it into his moveable house!

  • My "new" tote will carry my "latest" project :)

  • thanks for the FREE pattern :)

  • I would carry my wallet and nothing else - I would need my bag empty to take with me to shop for more fabric!! Love Oliver+S. I think I have almost every pattern. Would love to win this fabric to go with them. Thanks for the free pattern Martha.

  • I love this tote bag and I love all kinds of bags. I would keep it in my car for those quick trips to the store.

  • I think with a bag like that I could definitely remember to pack diapers AND wipes rather than just one or the other!

  • wow the fabrics are stunning! this looks like the perfect bag...for everything!

  • I would carry my knitting!

  • I'd carry my kids' sheet music to and from lessons. . .

  • These are darling. I'd carry a planner, books, a sketchbook, and colored pencils in mine.

  • The fabric is beautiful. I will carry all my toddler's necessities that go everywhere with me, of course.

  • I would use it for my 'quick trip diaper bag." I have three kids three and under - I need something big enough for a couple diapers but small enough to grab and not be in my way at the store. Love it!

  • Diapers! Toys! Books! What *wouldn't* I carry it?

  • Ooh! With summer coming, I'd take it with me on a picnic so I'd have sunscreen, some water and my sunglasses. My husband could carry all the rest!

  • Just darlin'! I would use this to carry books to and from the library.

  • I will carry yarns and knitting needles to make lovely and warm scarfs for the winter. :)

  • I would take this beautiful bag everywhere and carry all the stuff I need for work and play!

  • I love this pattern and for sure I will try it soon. I am going away for a few months to latinamerica and I have been making cute little gifts for friends and family, this one would be one option. Although I want one for myself since I don't have a purse or anything to put my stuff in, it would be handy...I usually grab one of those grocerie bags and throw things there...not pretty!
    I would love to win this kit and show everybody that my skills have reached a higher level!


  • I would make a City Weekend Tote to carry all my necessities to my tennis matches.

  • I would carry my current crocheting project and my quilt magazines and some teabags and sugar and any other 'stuff' I might need for the day.

  • a knitting project would be toted around most likely

  • dreamy and pretty! I would carry my printmaking supplies in one of these. Adorable!

  • I would use it to tote diapers and snacks when I take my daughter to the playground.

  • Love the bag & the fabrics! I like to use totes when I'm working on a sewing project. Keeps everything together for easy transport! Thanks for the give away!

  • What wouldn't I carry in it? Diapers, library books, wallet, cellphone, and snacks for the little ones. My daughter would love it if I made her a matching one, too! We are huge fans of Oliver + S fabric and patterns!

  • I commute from "Upstate Manhattan" everyday on the subway to my job in midtown and having a totebag full of things to sustain and entertain me on the train is a necessity: ipod, magazine, novel, bottle of water, usually a banana in the morning and cookie in the evening, and a portable craft project (typically knitting or embroidery).

  • Love those fabrics! I would definitely carry some embroidery and my book of the week. :)

  • Baby stuff! And probably 5-year-old stuff too... I'm having a baby in February and I learned when my older daughter was born that you really can't have too many bags (for organizing and for actually carrying stuff).

  • What a beautiful tote bag! I would carry my sewing projects and books in it.

  • I would carry the kids toys and books to the football games.

  • Super fun totes! I would carry my lunch instead of stuffing it in my purse :)

  • These totes are sooo adorable...what would I carry in one? I can only say the current project that I am working on and want to Show and Tell at work and anywhere else... Thanks for the chance!! Love these totes - so cool, so fresh, so me!

  • A tote bag like this would be perfect to tote around my latest craft project or my daughter's things back and forth to nursery school. Thanks for a great project and the chance to win the fabric for it.

  • If I had a bag like that, it would likely carry snacks for my kids, my water bottle, keys, wallet, and cash for spontaneous garage sale stops. You know, the bare necessities.

  • Great tote - I would use it to take my lunch and knitting to work/

  • You can never have too many tote bags, no matter what my husband tells you. This one looks perfect for a book, small knitting project, daughter's baby doll, some snacks. :)

  • I use totes everyday for my magazines, crochet projects, my knitting projects, now I need one for my sewing projects. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful tote bag. :)

  • All of my sewing supplies, of course!

  • As a mom to a toddler the easier question for me would be "what WON'T you carry in your tote"!

  • We would tote some toys, diapers, extra clothing, books, wipes, a snack or two, water bottles, keys, wallet, a cell phone, and, and, and. Love Liesl's work!

  • I think I would use it to carry my daughters dancing kit.

  • I'm looking for a new knitting project bag - this is great!

  • Gorgepus bag! I'd love to take it shopping, it would make all the mundane groceries seem so much more glamorous.

  • I would carry an extra diaper, wipes, sweater, not to mention lots of snacks to feed a hungry toddler! Oh, and a book in case she decides to nap while we're out...

  • I'd carry all my everday 'stuff' - phone, purse, camera, tissues, lip salve, snacks, wipes....the list is endless! Julie

  • Love, love, LOVE Oliver + S!!! This tote would be used for many things in this home. To carry my things and knitting while I tote my kids around to various activities, for my two daughters' dance shoes, snacks, books for the little ones, really depends on the day and what we are headed out to do!

  • i would put magazines and my camera in the tote. perfect for a stroll outside!

  • Having my first baby in March! It would be great for baby's stuff.

  • What a great giveaway! No doubt any bag I carry must have Cheerios on hand for my little girl. I love City Weekend - what a great project!

  • I'd love to make this this tote for my "let's go to" adventures. Like, "Let's to the park, the museum, the pond, the soccer field..." Love all the Oliver and S patterns, I've been teaching myself how to sew with them.

  • What would I carry? Hmmm, anti-bacterial wipes, tissues, juice boxes, kiddie snacks, books, small toys -- the usual stuff that gets toted around as I taxi my three young children to their weekly swim, violin and assorted after-school classes or activities.

  • Love these bags! I'd carry knitting and work supplies!

  • i always need another tote bag because my toddler loves to steal them and carry them around as her "purse."

  • Love this bag! I would use it for trips to the library & trips to the park. Maybe I'll even make two, so I can have one for all those papers the school sends to sign and return!

  • A knitting project would be in the tote.

  • Craft books and magazines as I investigate what in the world I will be sewing for Christmas gifts!

  • I would carry my crocheting crafts and a magazine to read.

  • One can never have enough tote bags! I would use this new tote bag for my lunch and water bottle that I carry to work each day! These City Weekend fabrics are darling! Thanks for the give-away!

  • Hard to say what I would carry. I would love to save it for pristine things like crafts and clean things, but it would probably end up carrying diapers, snacks, water bottles, and various treasures we find in our day to day life! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I love tote bags! I would carry my knitting project in this bag :)

  • Love the Oliver and S patterns and I use them to sew projects for my girls. This tote would become our "Martha" project bag. My girls 6 and 7 are huge huge fans of the show so this may become the bag Martha gifted us so it will be loved!

  • The tote would make a great bag for new moms, it would hold everything from diapers to baby bottles.

  • I already have a sewing projects take along bag -- I refuse to sit at a doctor;s office or in the exam room without my sewing. This would be for my post office trips. I like to take my packing tape dispenser, sharpie, items to mail, etc in a large bag. Now I have to empty one of my project bags to use for the post office. I tend to dedicate my bags to uses. This way I know which one to pick up for the trip purpose.

  • Oliver & S patterns & Liesl's fabric rock my world! We need library book totes. No question about that, I'd make one for each child; 4 in my case.

  • I learned to sew with Oliver & S, and would love to make this tote!

  • This would be a beautiful accessory for me to carry my supplies as an Interior Design student.

  • Well, I'd carry my latest craft projects, of course! Right now, that would be my tomato pincushions, a hat I'm knitting, and some felt mini wreaths I'm putting together... Thanks for providing such a swell giveaway!

  • I would carry my projects in the making--cross stitch, crochet, or card making items. Great giveaway!

  • I would carry library books or coloring books and crayons for outings with my children. Thanks!

  • A novel, a small knitting project, my ipod and a snack. Have to be prepared, you know!

  • I'd love to make this bag for myself. I am always making things for my kids, but rarely for myself. I don't really carry leather purses, not for any reason other than I love canvas and fabric bags more. I switch around a lot and love the patterns & colors. Thanks!

  • Lovely bag with lovely fabric!

  • Hmm - I would us the tote as my diaper bag, when baby #2 comes this February! It should hold everything for the 3 year old and the new one.

  • Cute bag! I love to do mending when I'm in carpool line or waiting while my kids are in after school activities. This would be a perfect bag!

  • I would use it for trips to the library. I like to have a tote to carry books to and from the library. I'd also use it to carry snacks and drinks to the park or and outing for the kids.

  • What a fantastic pattern. I would use this tote for my on the go knitting projects that I have on the needles at the moment (second of a pair of socks and a striped toque). Thanks so much.

  • I would make a few for my daughter's teachers to help them carry all their supplies to and from school.

  • I would carry the usually stuff - phone, keys, wallet. Plus my must-have lip balm and lotion in addition to extras my 3 year old required that day (snack and/or toys).
    great give away!!! Thanks.

  • This bag is super cute! I would use this for all my sewing scraps! I am new to sewing and went into a fabric buying frenzy! This would help beautify the clutter :)

  • I have loved Oliver and S patterns for a few years now. Would probably use this to carry around all the hand sewing projects I have in progress.

  • Definitely have to have a tote. I'd like to use it to carry my books and magazines to my appointments.

  • a well-organized tote? genius! in one pocket, you might find "the girl with the dragon tattoo" for easy-access reading on the train. in another, you would find the odds and ends of practical life - pens, keys, and of course chocolate!

  • I need to get a craft/book bag...preferably that one! :) thanks for the opportunity!

  • On the off chance this tote isn't co-opted by my daughter, I would carry a knitting project, Star Wars action figures, books, and all other treasures my children ask me to hold for them.

  • A lovely bag that can go anywhere! I'd carry it to work and on weekends full of knitting projects, snacks and Metro ticket stubs.

  • Love these fabrics! I'd carry my usual purse items :)

  • What I'd like to carry is sunglasses, a book and some knitting. What I will carry is diapers, wipes, teething toys and my older daughter's baby doll :-)

  • This bag and the fabric are really cute.

  • I'd carry my library books

  • What a cute bag. My little granddaughter needs a new bag to carry her special treasures when she comes to my house. We have been admiring this new line of fabrics and they would be perfect and so cheerful. London could carry her little books, drinks, clothes changes and dolls.

  • I'd make it my new diaper bag. I just had my 4th baby and am looking to make a new bag.

  • such a sweet bag! i will use it to carry gifts when we visit family over the holiday. thank you!

  • I would definitely give the bag to my daughter, Rachel, a New York City high school senior. She is extremely creative and fashionable, and loves tote bags--made out of everything from recycled vintage French scarf ads, cute Japanese cartoons, silk screen prints that she made herself, rubber bags and seat belt bags. She uses the bags to take her books to school and to carry her belongings during the weekend. She also loves to buy vintage bags with interesting designs and material at flea markets and used clothing stores.

    Your tote bags are absolutely beautiful and I know Rachel would love one. It would be a nice present with which to send her off to college!

  • I love this bag. It would be perfect for my daughter's "treasures" and a matching one for me would be perfect for my wallet and cell phone.

  • I just love this bag!! I am totally addicted to totes.
    I will carry my current crochet project in it. Thanks for the free pattern. I think I will embellish it with same fabric yo-yo's to add to the charm.

  • I would make it and give it to my girlfriend. She love tote bags. She'll probably carry her books in there.

  • It would be a great bag for my gym clothes!

  • What a great bag! It's perfect to transports my kid's toys around =)

  • I work as an editor of children's books in Sweden, and I always carry manuscripts and children's books around. This tote bag seems like the perfect bag for the whimsical and beautiful stories I take home to read!

  • LOVE this! I'm a "big bag lady", not just because I have a kid, but that's certainly a contributing factor! I am on the road alot for work and my volunteer activities, often which requires at least a large pad of paper, and often my laptop as well. While I do not mind bringing a black bag for my laptop, I would LOVE one of these totes!

  • I love everything by Liesl! Thank you for the tutorial! I'd carry my latest craft project...knitting, embroidery, or hand sewing.

  • Very cool! I would probably carry stuff to and from church in the tote bag. Bible, study book, youth supplies for our evening services...

  • I would probably carry a mix of kid stuff (I have 3 girls) and projects that need to be finished. :)

  • Hmm, my bag would have a shopping list, my latest baby knitting project, and my blackberry, and my daughter would undoubtedly have stones, leaves, jewelry and a doll.

  • I would carry all my beautiful Oliver & S patterns in this tote bag!

  • [...] case you weren’t lucky enough to win one of the City Weekend fabric kits that the Martha Stewart Craft Blog gave away yesterday, here’s a second [...]

  • What an adorable bag! Thanks for the free pattern.
    Super cute fabric!

  • Wow! I could use it for a lot of different shopping, using it for Bible Study, using it as a quick diaper bag etc...

  • I really love a good tote bag! And I love the fabric line, also! I would use my bag at church, most likely, because it looks big enough to handle all of the things I must bring every week to keep my youngest children entertained during the more "boring parts" (as they would say). :)

  • I would use them as craft totes, groceries (dry goods), and daily use.

  • I would carry my craft projects to classes. Also my lunch, wallet, junk that normally goes into a bag, lol, Just lots and lots of great stuff. Thanks for hosting this website and a chance to win something very special.

  • I love tote bags. I would carry my quilt books/magazines with me everyday as I babysit my grandkids.

  • I am so glad to see you highlighting Liesl's work! I love tote bags. I am mostly a quiltmaker, but bags provide a nice interlude. I think I will keep the one I make at work so i can use it when I go to the Farmer's Market at my lunch hour. Thanks!

  • I love all tote bags! I love to carry papers, books maybe food from the farmers market. The ideas are endless.

  • Just love the tote bag.
    I would carry some of my portable quilting, knitting ect projects.

  • I work at an elementary school so I would always have something to fill this lovely tote

  • love tote bags. Will keep one of many many projects in it.

  • I'd carry notions to sewing class!

  • [...] help celebrate the release of City Weekend, the Martha Stewart Crafts Blog is featuring a free project we designed. And they are giving away the fabric to make [...]

  • I would use the bag to carry items to my hubby who has been in the hospital for 4 months and will be there for a few more. It will add cheerfulness, color, and beauty to a drab environment. It makes me smile. Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  • I love "tote bags". Unfortunately, I have the time I get them made, I find someone
    that needs it more so than myself. This looks like a easy one to do and who knows.........maybe I can sneek one in for me. My daughter and especially my little granddaughters would love one also. My youngest granddaughter carries a tote bag to daycare just for her paci's.

  • I love these bags. I love making tote bags but love the different fabrics for this one. I use tote bags for so many things - art projects and craft projects, especially knitting.

  • Mother and daughter or grandmother and granddaughter all will enjoy this project. Trips to the beach, library, picnic or even the Dentist Office. Simple things done with beauty and respect. Please and thank-you for a chance to make the pattern up in these joyful fabrics.

  • i am part way through an open university degree and so always have a text book or two with me! the tote bag would be perfect to carry text books and a note pad to scribble those notes in!

  • [...] This tote bag designed by Oliver & S is a perfect way to show off some of your favorite fabrics. [...]

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