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Contests & Prizes : Holiday Giveaway #1!

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Today is December 1. Do you know where your ornaments are right now?

We are in the thick of holiday season, which can mean only one thing: It's time for glitter! In this month's issue of Living, our creative director, Eric, shows you how to make his snowflake ornaments.

(Click here for other glittered-ornament ideas.)

Great news: Eric will be demonstrating how to make his ornaments at our craft sale this Saturday! (Click here for more details.)

He won't be the only one glittering, though: There will also be a station at the sale where you can make your own ornaments. Why not add some sparkle to your shopping experience?

In other news: Our first Holiday giveaway of is a set of tinsel glitter for 3 lucky winners! For a chance to win, leave a comment and tell us what you're planning to glitter, along with a valid e-mail address. All comments must be received by 6 p.m., Friday, December 3. We'll choose three commenters at random to win these prizes.

(See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.)

Comments (222)

  • snowflake ornaments!

  • I just put garland with lights around the archway in my home that separates the living room from dining room (this is my first Christmas at this house, so I'm very excited!). I wanted to hang glittery snowflakes from the garland to reflect the lights. This set of glitter would be perfect!

  • I want to glitter about everything right now. Ornaments, tags, maybe even a ham!

  • I haven't used glitter in so long but I've been wanted to update some of my holiday decorations, this might be the trick!

  • I actually clipped that article from my magazine, so if I win, I'll do some glittered ornaments too!

  • I'd love to try making these glitter ornaments for my tree!

  • I made embroidered snowflake ornaments for a swap. They are just waiting for the final glittery step!

  • Oh, I'm planning on doing the glittered snowball ornaments on this site. I even bought small water balloons so I could keep the ornaments small but still fairly round. I'm going to try and make them in the next few days, fingers crossed!

  • Silhouette art!

  • I would love to have the glitter to make some awesome holiday buntings for my family member to display during the holidays.

  • I'm planning to glitter some tags for gifts!

  • Snowbird ornaments for my tree! How pretty they'd look in all different colors :)

  • I plan on glittering everything this year. I have a budget of $25 for my Christmas decorating this year, and do to keep it, I'm decorating entirely with paper. But if paper by itself can be pretty, paper with glitter is stunning! My husband and I are college students and everyone keeps telling that Christmas has to be simpler than what I'm used too. My hope is that even though it is simpler, our first Christmas will be just as magical.

  • I was just glittering pine cones for a wreath last night. And the dog, but that was more his doing. With all of those fantastic colors, I think snowflake ornaments would be in order.

  • Found my ornaments but I need more since we have a bigger tree! Always wanted to try those glass glitter ball ornaments :)

  • *sparkle* EVERYTHING! *sparkle*

    Okay, my husband might not go along with I would probably glitter some frames to put holiday pictures in. :)

  • I'll be glittering twigs and mini mushroom birds as part of a gift for a special someone. Shhh! :o )

  • I plan on glittering all the pine cones I collected this fall with my girls. Perfect craft for them & to add to my fresh greens on my mantle & banister!

  • I have a two-year-old. What don't we glitter? Seriously, though, I love MS Glitter for scrapbooking projects.

  • Christmas ornaments and decorations.

  • i'm planning on glittering a big #25 for my mantle.. & the littles & i are going to make some snowglobes!

  • I have some old 70's Christmas kitch ornaments that are downright -- what's the word? Oh yea, u.g.l.y. I'm thinking a bunch of glue and glitter will hide what irritates me about them and give them a new lease on life.

  • I want to use glitter to decorate a skeleton key to use as our Santa key since we don't have a fireplace, Santa needs a special way to get in!

  • I love the glitter photos they made last year on Martha Stewart's show. I would love to be able to create some cute holiday photos using the glitter set!

  • I will make Christmas cards and maybe engagement announcements, because I just got engaged!

  • I hadn't planned on glittering anything because I don't have glitter on hand (shock, I know). If I did, I really want to make paper poinsetta flowers for my holidays cards and glitter the centers and the petal tips.

  • I'd love to win the glitter! I am all about handmade presents this year, so this would help with being creative!

  • I plan to put glitter on some handmade holiday cards.

  • I am planning on making some glittery snowflakes for my post christmas mantle.

  • Glitter just right for this time of year! I will be glittering cards tags and even some packages! Would put it on my cookies but they have not came out with a good tasting one yet lol Thanks for the chance to win Never can have enough glitter!

  • I want to make my own borax ornaments and then glitter them! They'd be 100% handmade that way.

  • I'm starting my holiday crafting this week and actually already used the Florentine Gold Glitter for some plastic partridges I had. Glitter makes just about everything better for Christmas!

  • Ball Ornaments and candles!

  • Coasters or felt ornaments.

  • Glittery goodness on Xmas Cards & some New Years decorations!

  • I'm actually glittering a big DREAM sign for my girls' bedroom. I may not have quite enough glitter though - hint, hint. :)

  • my handmade christmas cards could use a bit of sparkle this holiday :)

  • what can't you glitter!? But cards and gift tags come to mind this season

  • i want to string my tree with mini sparkly bunting flags this year! this set would be perfect!!

  • I've been meaning to buy glitter for a while to make a little village that was featured a LONG time ago in a Martha mag. Thanks for the chance!

  • I want to glitter some ornaments!

  • I've already glittered some cards using snowflake stamps and Martha's glue stamp pad!

  • I am planning to glitter the edges of some vintage book page ornaments that I'm making today!

  • I saw an idea to glitter some vintage tin cookie cutters. Hung from a ribbon, I think they'd make darling (and most importantly for me this year with a 1-year-old--unbreakable!) ornaments for our Christmas tree! Plus they should be easy that my 5-year-old can help!

  • I'm going to add glitter to my nativity scene to jazz it up. I'll also glitter some old used lightbulbs to turn into ornaments. It's always fun to find new uses for old things.

  • GOURDS! I will be glittering snowmen and santa gourds that I sculpt with air dry clay.

  • I recently got engaged and I will be glittering our first batch of Christmas cards together!

  • Would love some glittery ornaments to hang on the tree!

  • I would glitter some ornaments, candles or candlesticks and some bows!

  • I would use the glitter on the canvas I am making for my front door since my favorite wreath is too fat!!

  • What wouldn't I use it for! :) Cards, scrapbook pages, branch trees and ornaments, just to name a few.

  • I would definitely glitter the garland I am planning to make, gift tags and anything else my creative mind dreams up! Thanks for the chance, this would be awesome to win!!

  • I would love to glitter my hand-made cards with this glitter - they are gorgeous!! Thank you for the chance.

  • I will be glittering homemade holiday cards and gift tags!

  • With two daughters, there's no end to what we glitter!

  • We are going to glitter snowflakes and hang them from the ceiling in the sunroom where the tree will be. At night it will look like its snowing :) Thanks!

  • I will use the glitter to to make ornaments and to decorate gift bags

  • I've been drooling over Martha's glitter. If I won I would make some glittery Christmas trees with foam cones and glass candle holders. Sounds weird but they look GREAT!! Hope I win.

  • I'm glittering Christmas ornaments for our centerpiece bowl. It's time to toss the glittered gourds for something a bit more festive!

  • I hope to make Christmas cards and use lots of glitter :)

  • My friends and I will be glittering up some ornaments (snowflakes, shells and plastic flowers/toys) this weekend! We're throwing a party to trim the tree and setting up an ornament station for our guests. :-) It's the most fun time of the year!

  • I was planning on glittering some snowflakes for my garland, a craft I saw on your website. ;) Alsom every year I glitter a cardinal on my Christmas card. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Can't ever get enough glitter! I have a glittered votive holder project that I'm been putting off due to lack of pretty glitter... Winning some just might be the motivation I need!

  • I have a TON of stuff in mind to glitter - honestly, what couldn't use a little sparkle?!

    But mainly I want to frame some vintage holiday cards I picked up at an antique store, in red and silver glitter.

  • I would like to glitter some ornaments. And anything that will hold still long enough to glitter ;-) (that may or may not accidently include pets)

  • This year it won't be feasible for me to make our holiday cards but that doesn't mean I can't "joosh" the ones we've already bought with this glitter!

  • I want to glitter pinecones to use as a centerpiece for my dining room table.

  • Um, the better question would be, what would I NOT glitter! I think I would start at glittering some little ornaments for a sparkly new wreath for me door—then glittering some holiday cards—then onto crafting some glittery prize ribbons for the ornament/dessert contests at the office party!

  • Everything that is not moving

  • Oh my goodness, I would glitter just about everything in my house (to my boyfriend's dismay)! I am working on some 3x5 cross stitch pieces that are going to go in to picture frames. Glittery picture frames would be even better! Here's to hoping :)

  • I love to glitter pine cones for the holidays!!

  • It's my first christmas on my own, so I'm going to glitter all my ornaments!

  • I'm making ornaments for my family. I'm using rub-on transfers to put their names on the Christmas bulbs, and then I'll be giving each on a good dusting of glitter!

  • I'm going to make some glittery cards and gift bags with the kids.

  • Two projects I'm working on for gifts, both of the "gingerbread" variety: the gingerbread wreath (wouldn't it be lovely to give them all bowties?!) and the bird ornameents made with gingerbread. Wouldn't the "feathers" of the birds look even better with tinsel glitter versus the "normal"? So excited about this possibility!

  • I plan on finding unusual things - that are not normally glittered - like um, forks or shoestrings or pencils, or whatever I happen to see as I look around. Then I am going to hang them on my new one-of-a-kind tree. Thanks!

  • I am glittering in my scrapbook, ornaments and just about everything else I can think of! Martha's glitter is the best.

  • I will be coating the inside of clear glass balls with a glue wash..pour in glitter and shake around. Pour out the excess glitter! The glitter on the inside keeps the ornaments from 'shedding' glitter all over!

  • I'm planning to glitter some pinecones and snowflakes to brighten our den!

  • I'll be glittering some ornaments and maybe a hint of glitter on a few cards.

  • I'd make gingerbread men ornaments and use the glitter on the glue 'icing'!

  • I love to glitter pretty much everything from my toes to candle holders!

  • I'm in the throes of making holiday gift baskets so I would glitter gift tags to make them extra special!

  • I think I'd be glittering some leaves and branches for a little extra sparkle.

  • I thought your gift tag ideas in the last MSL mag were so cute! Of course, love the colors of Martha glitter!
    Sarah M

  • I'd decorate ornaments and stockings with this glitter!

  • I'm glittering fake trees-- a little cheer on our shelves!

  • I'd use them for ornaments and stockings!

  • I'm planning to make the ornaments featured in the latest issue, so the glitter would be perfect!

  • Some fun craft for my daughter's classroom!

  • That glitter will come in handy for holiday crafts ( think paper candy canes and gingerbread houses) with the children !

  • I'm handmaking some wilderness style stockings for my husband and I this Christmas. I'm using some white glitter to had some snow to the evergreen trees and yellow glitter for stars to add just enough sparkle. I also want to make some homemade Christmas ornaments for everyone in my family.

  • I have a beautiful big tree branch that fell from my apple tree this past spring and I have secured it in a pot with plaster paris. I have used this tree as a center piece in my foyer for each season/holiday . At easter it became an easter tree with little glitter eggs and flowers, in the summer I hot glued beautiful flowers in bloom and some cute summer pictures of my kids. I also turned it into a graduation tree and made mini diplomas and mini graduation caps with my son's picture it. Of course I decorated it for halloween and thanksgiving too. Soooo now its christmas/Winter and I would love to be able to make this a beautiful glitter tree, with lots of pretty little glitter ornaments, birds and etc...!

  • I would glitter my handmade cards!

  • I plan on glittering some monogrammed tags for gifts as well as glass ornaments. Glitter trees will look so pretty on glass balls, don't you think?

  • I love, LOVE Martha Stewart glitter!! I use it on my sweet paper clay snowmen and would love to use it to make more new ornaments for our tree ~

  • I am a glitter bug. I have a very glitter Christmas style so I will glitter almost anything. Pine cones for sure. This would look great!

  • I am definitely going to glitter some of these ornaments. I may also try glittering up my gift tags.

  • planning on glittering up some homemade christmas cards this weekend!

  • I was watching Martha's videos on glittering branches, nests, birds and shells yesterday. I am definitely inspired to try some glittering for Christmas!

  • I found a great piece of dried manzanita I thought would look amazing with glitter.

  • I plan on using the tinsel glitter for holiday cards! I am making a whole set of holiday cards to send and also sell and would love to use this tinsel glitter toward that purpose. It would be beautiful!

  • acorns with the snow glitter!!!

  • The Christmas cards that I am working on need a little something and I think glitter would be perfect!

  • Im planning on glittering up my old high heels! They are starting to look worn out and need some bedazzling!

  • I would glitter snowflake ornaments!

  • I want to glitter some pinecones and make pinecone elves.

  • I am going to glitter all of my holiday cards!

  • I love bling made with glitter. I would love to win some from Martha. I need to put glitter on the paper quilled snowflakes to make them sparkle on my Christmas Tree. :)

  • The tags and ribbon I'm using to wrap my presents. I love when the wrapping is just as special as the gift inside!

  • i made a dozen twig stars from braches that i found in my back yard and covering them with glitter! im going to string them along the window.

  • I would use the glitter to finally make one of those glitter pictures that you guys had available on the website last year. The one where you upload your picture and then glitterize it. I have the perfect one for Christmas!

  • Over the Thanksgiving holidays I have been making the glittered seashell ornaments (with your ultra fine glitter)from your article in last year's Dec. Martha Stewart Living. They are gorgeous! I would love to win the tinsel glitter to make your snowflake ornaments.

    Thank you!

    Linda Greiss

  • i would glitter ornaments and cards and wreaths!

  • I like to glitter snowflake ornaments. They are so pretty and remind me of the real thing. Christmas ornaments are also fun to glitter.

  • I will glitter some German paper stars that I made from a Martha Stewart kit years ago--they are still beautiful without glitter, but I have made many variations of them with different papers, so adding glitter will be another beautiful variation!

  • oh i really like the have joy fine art print, the i love you dear, you spook me, i love my brother prints. thank you!

  • I am going to use glitter for my Dallas Cowboys ornaments! Glitter just makes things look more beautiful.

  • I am going to make Christmas cards with my Martha Stewart large snowflake punch.I am glittering the snowflakes and attaching them to my card paper with the raised glue dots.

  • My daughter and I are going to make that cinnamon ornaments and decorate them with glitter. I am so excited!

  • The theme for my Christmas table this year will be silver, gold and Martha blue. Since I have moved to the beach I will be incorporating the ideas shown in 1991 good things (sea lights) with the shells I have collected. They are going to look fantastic with glitter!

  • Everything?

    A tiny glitter tree for my tiny apartment

  • I have some craft paper stars waiting for glitter :)

  • I plan on glittering ornaments with my two year old son!

  • Since I realistically won't have time to glitter anything before Christmas, I aim to glitter Easter eggs!

  • I plan to glitter some little plastic reindeers that I got at a thrift store. They will be perfect for the table!

  • I want to go green and fancy and glitter up some lightbulbs, boxes, jars, etc.

  • planning to make my own christmas cards this year - going to need a LOT of glitter!

  • I love Glitter !! i would love to glitter some paper mache reindeers for my centerpieces this year.

  • I plan on glittering cut tree branches from outside. They are great for indoor decorating. Put into a vase and enjoy.

  • Ooh! I plan to glitterize some cinnamon ornaments. Fun. Fun!

  • I am going to put giltter on pine cones with my boys. They love glue and glitter!

  • My son. Not my original intention, but knowing his tendencies as a 5-year-old who loves all things gluing, cutting, painting, and glittering, that is where it will end up!

  • I bought a Swedish looking balsa wood tree that fits together to make a 3-D tree. I've painted it red, but it needs some sparkle! Tinsel glitter would hit the spot!

  • I want to glitter cards, tags, bows and me.

  • Glittering my magazine trees!

  • Home made Christmas, Hanukah and "Holiday" cards (that covers everyone, I think!) Every year I dream about making wonderful handmade gifts and treats, but all I can usually manage are handmade cards, and I have Martha to thank for that! Years ago I bought her card making kit and it has served me well all these years. I replenish supplies as they run out, but her basic ideas and templates are always a great jumping off point. (And I'm not just saying that, I really mean it!)

  • I have some small cannon ball gourds that I plan to drill designs in. Once I have the designs done, I plan to add glitter in gradient colors. Your shells inspired me!

  • I love the snowflake ornaments that Eric showed in the December issue of Martha Stewart's Living Magazine, page 82. They are lovely and I plan to hang them from the lamp in my dining room.

  • Its our first Christmas in our new home - and our Christmas tree is a little sparse because we don't have many ornaments so I am planning on making some, and glitter would be the perfect sparkle to top it off!

  • I just love every Martha Stewart crafts supplies especially the glitter. Me and my 6 year old son glitter everything we can. His teacher actually calls him the glitter kid. He loves to mix different colors together to come up with different colors. We are getting ready to do snowflakes tomorrow when he gets home. I would love to be able to get all of her craft supplies then we would be in heaven (as well as my husband he could watch whatever he wanted on tv with out us bothering him lol)!!!!

  • I am making Holiday decorations and cards with the children that I work with. Kids love the glitter and so do I.

  • I haven't used your glitter before. I'd love to try a project for Christmas. The colors are to die for!

  • I plan to make some snowflake ornaments with my son. Tinsel glitter would make them extraordinary.

  • I would use the glitter to add some sparkle to the Gocco screen printed note cards I am making this year as gifts!

  • I love glitter! I need to make new ornaments/decorations to hang over my dining room table. Definitely one of my favorite parts of Christmas!

  • I'm a First Grade teacher and I'm planning on using glitter for the projects the students are making for their parents. I collect pine cones from my back yard. I purchase small terra cotta pots to glue the pine cone in. It looks like a natural tree shape. I will have the children put small dots of glue on the tips of the pine cone and add silver and white glitter for a snowy look. I'll have them punch out a star with the Martha Stewart punches to glue on the top..........done!

  • I am making some frames for presents that could definitely use some glitter!

  • I really want to glitter some pine cones and a banner for my Christmas decor. I hope I win!!!

  • I have some ornaments tucked away just waiting to be glittered! Thanks!

  • I glitter everything I possibly can; cards, tags, ornaments, floral accents, you name it.

  • I haven't purchased a gift tag in my life. I always make them. I'd love to add a little sparkle with glitter to them this year!

  • My daughter is making goodie bags for her friends and we will be glittering the bag toppers! And, on another note, I showed her the "big box" of Martha Stewart glitter at Michael's - I wish you could've seen her face light up. "Mom! Do you know what I could do with ALL THAT GLITTER?!" She was over the moon at the thought of all that could be glittered. Little does she know - she's getting it for her birthday in early January (from my sister...we should all have an aunt spoil us so!!!)

  • I'm inspired by the snowflakes and would love to make a glittery garland of them to hang in our windows!

  • A friend and I just bought a Cricut machine together - we each paid half - so I would love to glitter some homemade cards!

    I think that's the first time I've used the word "glitter" as a verb.

  • I think I'm going to glitter my new Golden Retriever puppy, Bentley! He's the cutest thing and would make a great addition to any tree! :)

  • oh, i want to glitter letters in my daughters room!

  • I plan on making (more) Christmas cards. I also make cards for every occassion and even times that aren't "offical" occassions. Glitter adds so much to cards. It gives them a "pop" that nothing else can.

  • I want to glitter our handmade Christmas cards this year!

  • I'm planning on glittering up a couple of mini christmas trees and some gift tags! Love me some glitter!

  • I want to make a paper Christmas village with my nieces when they finally arrive in Texas from England. I'd love to glitter the rooftops. And I can always use more glittered ornaments!

  • I considered glittering the dog to cover up all the mud he got into today, but I guess I will just have to settle for glittering some paperclay snowmen that I am making, and some of those cute Martha village houses that I am making also. Everything is better with glitter! :<D

  • I loved the Christmas craft of glittered birds and nests over a birch bark covered paper tube that Martha showed for this year's craft ideas. I adapted it for a Christmas dinner for 22 next weekend as a candy holder at each place setting. It has tiny red Cardinals, and a sprig of variegated holly and berries, or holly and a tiny pine cone glued to the "birch" log". I used spray on adhesive to prep for sprinkling a little pearlized glitter over the whole thing. I couldn't find that fine ground glitter that was shown in the original craft so I opted for a very coarse glitter instead. If I had the glitter in this giveaway, I'd look forward to making winter snowglobe scenes with it, and I will definitely do the snowbird craft again, it is really pretty.

  • I'm gonna glitter my dog.

  • I make greeting cards, ornaments, boxes, gift bags and tags. It seems I can't make anything without reaching for my glitter. I don't have any of your glitter but I am told it is fine in texture. I would love to put it on everything I make...I have to have my bling!!

    Thanks for this opportunity!!

  • We just packed up our entire household goods for shipment to USA (from Bavaria,Germany-military move)so don't have any of our ornaments, will make some homemade paper ones with my cricket expressions(carrying this on the plane!) and let my son glitter away!

  • WOW! I absolutly love your glitter, it is the best.

  • I love the glittery items and would like to try the glitter on Christmas cards.

  • I can imagine the fun my granddaughters and I would have making ornaments. They love everything shiny!

  • I'm planning to make some glittery Christmas trees!!

  • I would like to 'glitterize' some seashells for my daughter. She has a silver tinsel tree covered with seaglass, shells, and various ocean creature glass ornaments. Very pretty!

  • I make my own gift tags every year and this glitter would be a fun addition. Also, the snowflake ornaments look like fun.

  • Are you kidding? If I had this rocked-o.ut set of glitters I would glitter cards, shells, ornaments, pine cones...the list goes on.s

  • Beautiful glitter colors! I would add glitter to ornaments, Christmas cards, and gift tags. Thanks!

  • To make some simple glass ornaments a bit more dazzling!

  • We're going to glitter old oranments donated from Grandma's Christmas box to give them a new life with the kids. :)

  • I will be making Christmas ornaments with polymer clay with my grandchildren. We will be using glitter to accent the ornaments

  • I would make glitter place cards for dinner on Christmas Eve and possibly some new ornaments!

  • I would glitter twigs. Place then in a vace and hang ornaments from the twigs.

  • I'll be helping my kids glitter the cuffs of inexpensive gloves to give their cousins! Yay for glitter!

  • I want to glitter everything! I am having a retro 50s/60s christmas and my color scheme is red, green, lime green, and hot pink (also white and silver of course, as they are not really colors). I want to glitter ornaments, table decorations, gift wrapping, and some sort of mobile/ornament to hang over the table. I would love to win these!

  • I want to glitter pine cones from my yard to use as Christmas decorations.

  • my boys and i have been glittering some salt dough dinosaur ornaments we made over the thanksgiving weekend. it has been a simple craft that my 5 and 3 year old boys have been able to do with minimal help from me. the dinosaurs look so great that we plan to use them as gift tags for the children on our lists. so more glitter is needed!

  • Pinecones, ornaments, and I'd love to try the little houses too! Fun!!

  • I'm planning glittered present tags for everyone. :)

  • Loves it! glitterama

  • I'm watching your show right now on the Hallmark Channel. :) What a great thing to do on such a chilly willy day! Well we are not having a tree again this year..:( We moved to SC last year and I had given all our Christmas stuff away to charity. Maybe next year. :) Anyways..I am making some Chipboard snowflakes with Martha Stewart irradescent glitter & Martha Stewart mod podge..more colors would be fun to play with. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • I am going to make some felted snowmen much like the felted sheep Martha made this week. and add some glitter for an extra special touch.

  • I have been wanting to make my own homemade ornaments.

  • Im going to be making ornaments and christmas cards, glitter is a must!!

  • Everything but me! Cards, little papier mache snowmen, folded magazine trees (like yours), little animals...

  • I have zero Christmas decorations, so I will need glitter for everything - garlands, ornaments, and snowflakes for the windows.

  • I'm excited to glitter some Christmas ornaments for my tree, possibly some little birds to perch in the branches.

  • I would like to do glitter ornaments and some holiday cards

  • I am going to glitter some solid colored glass ornaments. I love ornmants for the holidays to be super, over-the-top sparkly!

  • What would I glitter? The easier question is what WONT I glitter!? :)

  • I want to glitter some cards and if I can get some free standing lace ornaments made, I want to glitter them.

  • I'm going to glitttering my cards

  • I want to glitter EVERYTHING!! My Christmas decor needs a refreshing punch this year, and my family and I are crafting a lot of gifts this year, we need some glitter!

  • My kids are making a holiday "scene" for our mantel and they want to glitter it to add some sparkle.

  • Glitter is ALWAYS exciting!!

  • I would love to try out those snowflake ornaments!

  • I am glittering some branches (for a wreath) , also, some pinecones and acorns to put into apothecary jars. I can't wait too see what they will turn out like:) I think I will add in some glittered birds too, I love yours Martha, they are beautiful!

  • Ornaments and "putz" houses.

  • My mom & I have been making the trees from magazines that Martha has shown on her show, & we want to put glitter on them.

  • If I win, I will never ever open the beautiful package of glitter but just keep it to look at and someday pass on to my kids. Maybe that's silly? I think not!

  • What wouldn't I glitter with these beautiful colors?!? I haven't done my Christmas cards yet so I'd probably use the glitter to make those!!

  • I am going to glitter a tiny treasure box.

  • I want to put large ornaments on my live outdoor Christmas tree and covering them with glitter would be so sparkly!

  • glitter wreath!!!!

  • Giving old ornaments a new lease on life!

  • Oooh how fun! I would use these for lovely Christmas Tablescape decorations. These would really add some sparkle to the table!

  • Oh mee please!

  • I would like to glitter a large collection of pine cones gathered on Thanksgiving by me and my 3-year-old son from my mother's yard. Growing up in the middle of a pine forest, I never thought much of these prickly suckers. Now that I've lived in a pine-free area for a while, the pine cones give me a nostalgic feeling and it was fun to introduce them to my young son. I plan on turning some of the cones into tree ornaments and affixing the rest to a pine garland.

  • oooh, i love glitter and definately need new ornaments so i can have a reason to have glitter all over my floor;)

  • I make ornaments out of sculpey clay and the glitter is what makes them stand out the best.

  • I just watched how to make a wreath out of gum ball tree pods and glitter. I can't wait to make that!

  • I would love to decorate glass balls with glitter for the tree and silver balls for a large bowl. I would also love to put glitter tips on pinecones and acorns.

  • I just found this giveaway! Hope it is not to late. My Twin sister and I use to ADORE our most wonderful Grandfather. We use to go over to his house where he would read to us along with so many other wonderful DIY projects He could build, remodel anything plus had a goodie box filled with treasures & craft supplies. We loved the few hues of Glitter her had and the 3 of use to make Christmas decorations and Cards using it. LOVE this GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

  • Snowflakes! Christmas ornaments! We make our own every year, and it would be a beautiful addition.

  • My daughter and I will be glittering many things, who knows even the cat this year!! My partner and son just shake their heads when they see the crafts boxes come out but give them a few days and they always endup joining in the fun!!

  • I make cordials for gifts. I think glitter on the label and tags I use for them would be a nice addition to the final product. I may glitter some of my cards this year too. Of course, the kids will want to glitter their stuff as well - school projects, cards, toys - each other! lol. Fun!

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