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Contests & Prizes : Holiday Giveaway #2 and Glitter Giveaway Winners!

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Congratulations to Heidi, doakie, and kara for winning our tinsel glitter from Holiday Giveaway #1!

Please send your mailing addresses to so we can send out your prizes.

This week's giveaway is for anyone getting ready to bake some homemade fruitcake, gingerbread, cookies, etc.

Snowflake treat boxes!

Three lucky winners will receive a set of six—just in time for some edible festive cheer. For a chance to win, leave a comment and tell us what holiday treat you're famous for making, along with a valid e-mail address. All comments must by received by 6 p.m., Friday, December 10. We'll choose three commenters at random to win these prizes.

(See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.)

Comments (125)

  • I'm famous for my chocolate chip cookies, but I'm hoping to branch out some this year and make some bark or toffee.

  • Normally I'm famous for Cranberry Hootiecreeks or Scones, but now that I've found a recipe for cinnamon popcorn it may become the thing I'm most known for~ arochster(at)gmail(dot)com

  • I make Oatmeal Lace cookies, which I found on AllRecipes, and they're pretty unlike anything else on the cookie table spread. My husband loves them, but they are SO buttery, I only do them at Christmastime!

  • I ALWAYS make sugar cookies - this year in the shape of my new puppy!

  • I'm not famous for making any holiday treats...yet! For our first holiday party, my fiance and I will try our hand at peppermint bark as part of the goodie bags we prepare for our guests. I hope I win!

  • We make a lovely, light fruitcake. Not sure if it's famous, but we sure enjoy it!

  • Oooh! I love making the cute little corn flakes wreaths!

  • Congrats to the winners! And thanks for a chance to win another great giveaway!

  • Such cute boxes!

  • I make Cranberry Candy every year, it's similar to Aplets and Cotlets (Turkish Delight). Always popular because it's a little different, and pretty.

  • I have been making chocolate crinkle cookies the last few years and they are a big hit. Just made my first batch of peanut brittle and think that will be added to the list for years to come!

  • I'll be making "Flapjacks". I make them throughout the year either plain, chocolate or fruit. At this time of year they'll be made with cranberries and a hint of cinnamon spice to make them festive. My little boy manages to get in on the act too and when he gives them to his teacher I let him take all the glory!!

  • My grandmother's Czech Apricot Nut Rolls. They are worth the 5 hour preparation time, they are just as she made them, by hand, without a mixer or electrical device. I adore them, nothing says "christmas" more.

  • One of the cutest halloween costumes I have seen was a small child dressed as a bumblebee, the child was flittering around and looked like a little bee flying from flower to flower

  • peppermint bark.

  • Chocolate covered caramel corn

  • I am famous for making fudge and my grandmother's "Christmas Bread."

  • omg i need these! i am baking cookies form martha's cookie book, for family this holiday season~

  • I hope I win so I can use my Martha Stewart Cookie book and fill these lovely boxes with treats for my family and friends!

  • I wish I was famous for making cookies but I'm known for eating them. :)

  • Last night I finished spritz. I fought with my cookie gun and won. Tonight, I tackle the gingerbread man. I am not famous for the cookie, but the decorating of the men.

  • Well I am usually making all kinds of holiday goodies. Cocoa Peanut butter Logs... Cookies... Fudge. But I have just found out that I have multiple allergies, Including Wheat and Peanut Butter. Which makes my holiday baking more difficult. I have a gluten free chocolate cake I am about to try to make. I hope it turns out great. I think I'll probably just make the cookies for my family. Why should they have to suffer?

  • years ago,in an old cookbook I learned how to make a christmas tree out of sweet cinnimon bread, you make a bunch of long log shapes and I have shaped trees candy canes, and wreaths. Then decocate after baking with cherries , nuts and small candies with a glazed icing. My kids used to decide, now my grandbabys choose the shape. Happy Holidays all

  • perfect for the cookie swap i have coming up! :)

  • Mmmmm peppermint toffee bars!

  • I made Korean seafood pancakes for our Father's day dinner, and it's been requested at every dinner since. Even if it does not fit the theme.

  • Gingerbread Houses & Hot Chocolate... W Kaluah for the adults !

  • The easiest thing to make and everybody LOVES: Chocolate covered Preztels! One year I didn't make them and everybody asked about them. Also my secret recipes for Sugar Cookies (Martha's receipe)LOL

  • I have a few cookie exchanges to go to but I hope to make hot cocoa mix to give to people with marshmellows and a coffee mug.

  • Everyone always wants me to make Baklava. Because it's expensive and time consuming I give it as gifts!

  • I make an old pumpkin cookie recipe every year from the Joy of Cooking. They are light and spongy like cake with the festive flavor of pumpkin and spice. The newer editions of the cookbook have omitted the recipe, but it lives on at our house!

  • I'm more famous for the amount of cookies I produce at Christmas than for any particular type. Although the people at work were very partial to cake pops.

  • Peanut Butter Fudge and White Fudge is a favorite of my husband and mine at holiday time.

  • Every year I make cutout sugar cookies. And every year I say it's the last but continue. My granddaughter is now old enough to help decorate them with me.

  • I'm famous for my sugar cookies, which are actually Martha's recipe ("Coconut Sugar Cookies"), minus the coconut flavoring. Yum!

  • Everyone loves my pumpkin bread, but this year I want to try making some of the chocolate barks from the December issue of Martha Stewart Living!

  • I was famous for my cappuccino cookies but sadly the last few years I can't find the cappuccino morsels. Maybe I will this year.

  • My family and friends love my ginger cookies.

  • I do alot of baking around the Holidays, from cut-outs to Cranberry Pinwheels to "Snowman" cupcakes. I start getting requests for my desired cut-outs well before Thanksgiving, and this year was no different!

  • I love making sugar cookies out of large fancy cutters. Lots of icing, sprinkles, and bling.

  • I'm famous for making yummy peppermint bark. This year I'm going to try my hand at marshmallows instead.....

  • I am getting ready to bake next week. I would love these!

  • I love to bake,especially for the holidays, but the treat that my family and friends know me for are my scotch eggs with celery sauce. My children who are grown and on their own are already asking for them. It's just not Christmas without them.

  • I love to make Walnut Crescents, they are so simple to make, so light and so delicious. I send them to work with my husband during the Holidays(he's a carpenter) and all the guys clammer for more.
    I love all your ideas! Thanks for all the good ones.

  • My gift to everyone is boxes loaded with cookies, candies and fudge~ all handmade by me. The most difficult part is narrowing down the variety to a few favorites!(impossible btw!)

  • Always make homemade chocolate chip cookies in my house at Christmas.

  • I am famous for my fruit cake cookies.

  • I m famous for making my Peanut Butter Fudge. I only make it once a year for Christmas.

  • I have my grandmothers recipe for divinity. I have the luxury of an electric mixer, my grandmother used to beat that divinity by hand. I miss her and think of her when we are baking and candy making for the holidays.

  • Everyone loves my deviled eggs! My mom and I even have a competition to see who can make the better batch.

  • Fudge, chocolate cheesecake, and brownies are all on the list my roommates have given me for what they'd like for Christmas. :D

  • Every Christmas season finds Mexican Wedding Tea Cakes on the "to bake" list in our house. We all love them. My Grandmother taught me how to bake them. They would look lovely in those snowflake treat boxes!

  • Every year we make Cornflake Wreath Cookies and Peanut Brittle.

  • I always make fancy decorated sugar cookies-they're a family favorite and I have so much fun making them!

  • I'm famous for my rolo cookies (which are not named that officially, but that's what we call them)! They are originally from the Pillsbury cookoff.... Thanks for a chance to win!

  • Around the holidays, I always make pfefferneuse and my great-grandma's sugar cookies, and help my mom make spritz cookies. I want to try the peanut butter-chocolate bark from the December issue of Martha this year, though, too!

  • I love to make Christmas cookies. It is a great way to practice some creativity and the cookies are so yummy!

  • Toffee...and it would look terrific in these boxes!

  • I am attempting to make my grandmother's homemade "Mounds" bars this year! They are delicious and such a hit!

  • every Christmas my brother-in-law ask for the same gift, a very simple cookie that he just loves , ritz crackers spread with peanut butter and dipped into melted white or almond bark ,his favorite and also my three grandkids and other nieces and nephews enjoy these , and they really are so simple and delicious , thanks

  • I like to make chocolate fudge to give to my friends. I always need a cute way to package it.

  • every year, i make biscotti. my family has, since I was little, make: spritz, sugar cookies, gingerbread men and shortbread sandwich cookies. preparing the cookies is a good quarter of the holiday fun!

  • Everyone loves our Swedish Spice Heart Cookies that we have been making for over twenty years. The are a thin gingerbread like cookie decorated with frosting and red hots-yum yum.

  • That would be a great way to transport my holiday cookies, so cute.

  • Our family recipe for a Norwegian cookie has now been passed on to a fourth generation. It wouldn't be Christmas without this thin, crisp krumkake that is rolled into a lovely cone. It is baked on a special iron.

  • My sister and I make Cheese Dainties every year. They are like a savory Mexican Weeding Cake cookie. Truly yummy, and would be even better in a Martha box! :<D

  • Yay! My son and I have just completed our cookies list.

  • Mini Bundt Cakes! I hope they fit.

  • The Martha Stewart minty marshmallows dipped in chocolate have always been a big hit. Also snowflake sugar cookies decorated with royal icing and silver dragees.

  • I am a teacher and every year I make lots of baked goods to give my colleagues. The favorites are Martha Washington balls and divinity, which I make with my great-grandmother's recipes.

  • Fudge! Good old FUDGE! My Dad says its the best and reminds me of it when the holidays start getting close

  • I make a lot of butterscotch banana bread and orange chocolate chip cookies!

  • I make cookies, cookies and more cookies!

  • Martha Holiday Crafts are the best! I look forward to what you guys come up with every year. These boxes don't disappoint. If only they came with the cookies pictured!

  • I make the best molasses gingerbread cookies for Christmas.

  • I'm famous for my chocolate chip cookies.

  • I usually make an assortment of cookies that include Snowflake cookies and Gingersnaps. Beautiful boxes that will make the treats even more special.

  • My pistachion-lemon cake with rosewater! :)

  • Pies!! But I love cookies and am planning on making some of the cookies out of my Martha Stewart Holiday Cookies Magazine to give as wonderful gifts!!

  • I make a wide assortment of cookies for my family - including mexican wedding, toffee, and candies as well...

  • I like to make Pralines and think of my Grandmother when I do any Christmas baking cause she is the one who always fixed the best of every kind of treat at Christmas.

  • I suppose I'm best known for baba rum cakes. My mother always made them for the holidays and finally gave up the recipe on my 21st birthday. I'm sure they would look gorgeous in a lovely snowflake box. :)

  • My vegan chocolate babka - it won me a blue ribbon at the county fair! I actually veganized a recipe from MSL from about 10 years ago.

  • Christmas Cake muffins! They are a hit with everyone every year.

  • Everyone loves my dark chocolate turtles and my buckeyes.

  • I make peanut brittle.


  • The boxes would be great to gift some of our cookies!! I am famous for making Rosettes. My mother gave me her irons years ago and it has been a tradition to make with homemade Hazelnut Mocha mix!!! YUM!!!

  • These are so cute and will be perfect to showcase our fudge.

  • Apple Crisp a la mode is my family's favorite!

  • I am famous for making cake cookies! I combine a lot of different ingredients to make each batch special! Some of them include: chocolate chips, toffee, nuts and coconut flakes then I top them with melted chocolate. I would love this gift pack! Thank you!

  • It's tradition to make chocolate chip cookies and maybe some oatmeal raisin cookies too!

  • Cut-out cookies, toffee, and fudge!

  • I'm well-known for my Starlight Mint Surprise Cookies and other treats that I like to mix up in special containers.The snowflake boxes are beautiful!

  • In my family I'm known for my pumpkin bars and fudge. This year I want to try a few other varieties of treats.

  • I bake bread as gifts every year. People look forward to it, and I enjoy doing it!

  • I'm not sure, but when I get home for break I am going to make chocolate jumbles and pepparkakor.

  • yea! crossing my fingers. :)

  • Lovely boxes! They would hold my usual batches of chocolate chip cookies and home-made turtles that I give to family and friends.

  • We make batches of Chex party mix to give as gifts each year. I also make other homemade goodies to give to shut-ins. I took a goodie box last year to an elderly lady and she cried and said no one had every done anything like this for her before. She sent me the sweetest thank you note. It's the simple gestures in life that are the most meaningful and literally make someone else feel special. Thanks you for offering this giveaway.

  • Everyone loves my pecan tarts. They are such fun to make and taste just great without being overwhelming and are small so it's a "no guilt" dessert (that is if you can eat only one)! LOL

  • I always make fudge! Im running out of ideas of how to package...this would be perfect!

  • Each year I make cranberry pistachio biscotti to give out to people at my office. These boxes would be great to put them in!

  • I like trying new things each year - I've done peppermint bark and chocolate peanut butter fudge in the past.

  • Yum! I am actually not particularly famous for my cookies - always baked them for too long. Until I opened the last issue of Living with the Ice Box Cookies. OMG! What a revelation!

  • I'm famous for my Reese's PB Cup Temptations. My family requires dozens of them at every holiday get-together, my co-workers insist on them at our office potluck.....

  • I am famous for my peanut butter cookies, its my great grandmothers recipe and they are delicious

  • Fudge!

  • Today I'm going to bake my Pannetone and some toffee bars so I can get them sent off to out of towners.

  • I make great peanut brittle =). The best part is that they are so easy to make but taste great!

  • I'm famous for my salty/sweet peanut brittle ! It would look fabulous in these boxes !

  • Family and friends love my Molasses Cookies. They are made using ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. The best part is the recipe makes approximately six dozen cookies. Plenty to share.

  • I made a buche de noel (Martha recipe of course)complete with meringue mushrooms for a work Christmas party that really impressed. I'm planning to bake another one this year for family. It's fun and impressive.

  • I am 74 and am in Romania doing missionary work. Here they do not have cookies of any kind so the ones I make are very popular. I'd like to have the adorable boxes (also nothing like that available here) to give them to my friends. I made Snickerdoodles, Oatmeal/raisin, Peanut Butter (actually just came in one store in my area in the last three months), and Chocolate Chip (no chips available so I cut up a dark chocolate candy bar for these). Everyone loves the "American desserts.":}

  • Forgot to say the boxes could be sent to my daughter in OR who is coming for a month during the holidays.

  • My grown-up daughters (32 and 26) and I always have a 'cookie day' when we make dozens of almond-flavored, Christmas cut-out sugar cookies. We usually try 1 new recipe, but the sugar cookies are the main feature of the day.

  • I like to make a mixture of simple treats that everyone in a family will love including decorated cookies, dipped pretzels, peppermint bark, etc.


  • Every year I make peanut brittle and fudge for friends and family, along with the usual Scandinavian baking. Sandbakkels and krumkakke are big favorites.

  • I love these cookie boxes, which would be perfect for my famous holiday cookies! I make a twist on chocolate chips by doing a white chocolate chip/cranberry combo. I also love to make chai cookies, served with the spicy tea.

  • Big soft sugar cookies :)

  • I make brownies.

  • I make a mean sour cream sugar cookie, yum!

  • I make Christmas Chippers. It's a different version of a chocolate chip cookie only made at Christmas. They are amazing!!

  • I always make my family's gingerbread men recipe. Mmmmm.

  • Martha, I would like to just say HAPPY HOLIDAYS to ALL of your STAFF! They kick Butt! Hats off to All of you! I always see comments saying that to Martha, but what about her Dream Team Staff? All of you work so HARD to make and keep Martha looking good! So keep up the good, good work that you All are doing including the ones we never see! And if you are like myself, you ALL know that Thank You's make you feel good inside! HAPPY HOLIDAYS MARTHA'S DREAM TEAM STAFF!!! val price

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