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Contests & Prizes : Holiday Giveaway #3 and Treat Box Winners!

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Congratulations, Laurel, Blythe, and Gianna. You won our Snowflake Treat Box giveaway! Please e-mail your mailing addresses to, so we can send out your prizes.

For the commenters who didn't win, don't despair—we have one more giveaway for the year: Treat Bags and Compartment Treat Boxes!

Three winners will win one set of each. Even if you're not a baker, these could be handy for packaging other gifts, too:

Three winners will receive a set of each—8 treat bags and 6 treat boxes. For a chance to win, leave a comment and tell us the best handmade holiday gift you've received, along with a valid e-mail address. All comments must be received by 6 p.m., Friday, December 17. We'll choose three commenters at random to win these prizes.

(See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.)

Comments (54)

  • Adorable gifts! So simple anyone can create them and yet look like you could have purchased them at a very nice department store. Thank you, for great ideas.

  • Our families are past the major gift giving stage and are on to the smaller, more personal, handmade gifts. These boxes/bags are perfect!

  • best hand made gift: crocheted snowflakes from my great grandma (who just turned 97!).

  • So, so cute!!!!

  • I made an ornament out of plastic candy canes. the canes turned with the top together look like a heart. I glued them onto a piece of felt. I then atached a picture of my kids and grandkids in the middle. The picture is inside a heart cut out of the felt. I attached a bow at top and three red berries at the top. very cute and the kids love seeing their picture on the tree. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest. Debra Byrd

  • How simply beautiful. The boxes and bags are so very Martha. What a treat to win a "Martha" prize. The best holiday hand made items I received were holiday ornaments my children made in school.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • What an adorable giveaway! The best handmade holiday gift I've ever received was from my Dad in fourth grade. I was extremely into collecting Breyer/Grand Champion horses, and he spent months building me an amazing wooden barn to hold them all. I loved it so much I insisted on taking it to my grandparents later that day for Christmas dinner, even though it weighed about 50 pounds :)

  • The best holiday handmade gift I have recieved has been a large bag of homemade toffee made from a "secret" family recipe. The toffee has a top and a bottom layer of chocolate!

  • Although we just finished packing 18 Martha boxes with baking gifts, I think my most attractive homemade gift was blood orange marmalade with zesty orange scones... Wonderful colour!

  • I once received a beautiful hand made glass platter with amazing detail. Snowflake pattern makes it a perfect cookie tray for the holidays :)

  • I received a quilt from my friend one Christmas with quotes on friendship stitched on it. I still adore it.

  • I love the scarf my best friend made me a few years ago - it's the warmest, chunkiest, coziest scarf I own!

  • My maternal grandmother crocheted afghans for the grand kids; but since there are so many of us (my mom is one of 9, there are 23 grand kids, not including partners and spouses) she only gave 2 or 3 a year. My grandmother passed away in 2001 and this afghan not only keeps me warm & inspires me to keep knitting, it makes me think of my Family (extended and not) all the time.

  • My friend, who is not a baker, made me oatmeal cookies and they were great! I love the effort she put in.

  • THE BEST handmade gift I've ever received was licorice flavored salted caramels...They were AMAZING!

  • The best hand-made gift I've ever recived was a tub of homemade hot cocoa mix. (I believe the mix is dry milk, cocoa, and sugar.) It was the BEST hot cocoa, not to mention it lasted quite a long time! For several years that is what they gave out to their friends, and we so looked forward to receiving it every year.

  • The best handmade gift I received was our wedding quilt from my Grandma. It is a beautiful king size hand embroidered quilt. I cried when I unwrapped the package.

  • The best handmade gift I ever received was a hand-knitted floor pouf. It's lovely to put my feet up on, and also very pretty to look at.

  • My mother, who passed at 88 yo, made me a holiday doily for Christmas one year. Now the tradition and the pattern has passed on to me. It was my favorite gift ever and I still use it every year! Happy Holidays to all at Martha Stewart. You have helped me make my Christmas decorations more beautiful than ever!

  • such cute packaging!

  • The best handmade holiday gift I have received is a pair of knitted slippers made by my great-grandmother. Each year she would provide the whole family (extended included) a big bag of knitted slippers, in various sizes and colors, to let everyone choose favorites. My favorite pair was navy blue and purple, and I still have them, 10 years later.

  • I work at a university, and my student worker took a sewing class this semester and gave me a beautiful zipper bag she made with sheet music fabric, and complete with a sparkling music-notes charm on the zipper pull. Before that class she couldn't sew anything, let alone zippers! She knows I sing in a choir, so it was pretty special!

  • the fun ornaments that my children have made in school that have their school pictures on them-fun to see how they changed over the years

  • The best hand-made present I ever got for Christmas was a hand-turned ornament from my hubby He also surprised me at Valentine's by making a heart shaped platter (on the lathe)! Thanks!

  • the best hand made gifts are the ones I have received from my son which I will always treasure. When we were decorating the tree this year my now 14 year old son said I can't believe you kept this! I told him I always will.

  • A friend of mine once made me a book filled with pictures and notes from our friendship over the years. It is still a treasured gift for me.

  • my aunt made a wooden advent calendar that we hung every year after receiving. Each day, we would take one ornament from below and hang it on the painted tree above. Such fond memories~!

  • Those are great gift boxes! Last year my family had a homemade gift exchange, which turned out to be really great. My brother, the most uncrafty person I know, made me a scrapbook of photos of us growing up. It's fantastic and something I'll have forever.

  • The best handmade holiday gift I have ever received was one by my sister, it is a ceramic christmas mouse ornament in a stocking that she made and painted. It is still on the tree, and has been for 34 years. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • the best handmade thing that i received was a handwritten card from my husband to be.

    i am a foodie and mom always gave me food. my fave is Filipino spaghetti and casava-coconut cake

  • I the round plaque my daughter made for me when she was 7. She made an imprint of her hand. I still have the plaque and I cherish it. My daughter is 38 now.

  • A quilt, from my mom. She's a great sewist.

  • the best handmade gift i've received is the card my boyfriend made that had tickets to Wicked in it - it was a hand drawn replica of the musical poster but it took my a while to tell - IT WAS THAT GOOD!

  • Best handmade gift: ornaments from various friends for my Christmas tree!

  • Pottery my daughter made of the two of us together, it is still on my nightstand.

  • the best gift I get is homemade cookies from my friends, I think these are the best. Especially since I am a terrible cook!

  • The best handmade present I've received was an Hawaiian quilt, completely hand appliqued and quilted. It was beautiful! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  • The best hand-made present I have received was crocheted by a girl friend in Seattle WA after I had moved to Sherman TX. I know much about her but never knew her talent in crocheting. She made a pair of slippers for me and also a Christmas stocking decoration. I have worn the slippers until I blew the thread and had to wash them and send back to her for repair. The Christmas stocking adorns my coffee table with poinsettas in it. I miss my friend in Seattle but each time I wear my slippers throughout the year, I know I have a life long friend.

  • An apron with my Grandma's recipe card printed on fabric for a pocket. The BEST!!

  • The best gifts I received were the sweatshirts my mother hand painted for my 9 month old daughter and I 23 years ago. Mine had a mama duck painted on it and my daughter had a baby duck on hers.

  • It was last year from my daughter, in pre-school she made and orgnament. Not just any orgnament it was her handprint made to look like santa. The thumb & bottom palm was santa's hat, the other fingers was his beard. This I have a tree that will hold all her homemade orgnaments.

  • I may be a grown woman but I'm not above a softie when it comes my way.

  • The best handmade gift was the year that my mother got me a 24inch fashion doll and my grandmother made the wedding dress and other clothes for her. In fact, anything my grandmother made was always the best. Next in line is this year. My best friend from forever lives 1300 miles away so she send my B/D gift and Christmas gift at the same time (they're close together). I of course have to open both when the package arrives. This year she sent me pillowcases. Why is that great? She has always been afraid of her sewing machine since she got it when she was 14 or so. Because of that, she hasn't sewn much and feels she doesn't do a good job. Well, she made pillowcases this year and she did a perfect job even with the french seams. I am so proud of her.

  • Yay for second chances. The best homemade holiday gifts I've received is hand knitted sweaters from my grandma. She was so talented and I looked forward to her new creations every Christmas.

  • Making homemade boxes this year to give Christmas cookies and candies to neighbors. Lots of fun.

  • It would be so wonderful to win this gift from Martha Stewart. I am on a limited income (Soc. Security), so all my gifts are handmade. It defeats my purpose to have to go buy boxes and bags, which oftentimes cost more than the gifts I make. Having these supplies and instructions on hand would make any gift giving much more easy. Thanks for the opportunity at a chance to win this!

  • A handmade quilt from my husband's aunt. So she's talented at picking out colors and patterns. They are gorgeous works of art.

  • Hand-crocheted snowflakes. I received a flurry of them from a friend. They're beautiful!

  • My most favourite gift has to be anything made by my children. Pasta necklaces when they were little, now their older they've turned their hand (with help from an older cousin) to make 'bath bombs'. They know mum needs pampering this time of year!!

  • The best handmade holiday gift I've received were Christmas cards.

  • A tiny little hand sculpted nativity scene from my daughter when she was about 9 or 10.

  • Making some new ornaments this year with glitter!

  • Shhh, I'm not supposed to know, but the best handmade gift I will receive is the pair of earrings my daughter made for me. mcglen8 [at] gmail [dot] com

  • My son and daughter each made me a plaster of paris casting of their little hands when they were 5 & 6. I still have them; they are now 39 and 37....but they are still my babies!

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