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Celebrate : Homemade by Santa's Elves... well Martha's really!

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zach & pillow

This Christmas I was most excited to give one gift in particular. For the newest member of the Graj family, I made a pillow out of an old shrunken cashmere sweater that belonged to his beloved Grandfather, whom he will never be able to meet. After seeing Julia Rothman's free downloadable christmas tags, I was inspired to use a mix of the adorable graphics for this project. Using wool felting fibers and wool yarn, I felted and embroidered the graphic onto the washed and hot dried shrunken sweater. When the graphic was complete, I did a blanket stitch around the perimeter and sewed the pillow within.

zachary's pillow

I topped the gift with a pair of handmade elf shoes for the baby—when his little feet get a tad bigger, probably next Christmas! I used wool felt and red embroidery floss, with a pair of green jingle bells for the point of each pair.

elf shoes

The template is below for anyone with spare time to whip these up over this lovely holiday week!

elf shoe templateHope everyone enjoyed their holiday and have a happy New Year!! See you in 2011!

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  • The pillow is so wonderful!! I was inspired by Julia's gift tags too -- they were so great! I'd like to learn that type of wool felting some year (wait, maybe I need to search around this site for a tutorial... :) . Thanks again -- beautiful inspiration! Molly in Fla.

  • Your work is beautiful, but the jingle bells might be a choking hazard. I made the same mistake years ago when I made an outfit for a friend's baby, and put beads on it that I later realized were a choking hazard. My friend realized it before she used it, and took the beads off.

  • Totally cool! I love these little elf shoes and will definitely have a go at them! Thanks for sharing the template! Happy New Year to you all, Ira

  • We love them! This was such a wonderful gift. Using Ray's father's sweater makes it even more special. You are so unbelievably talented!! Thanks so much!

  • what precious gifts. i especially love the elf booties. i'll going to try and make a pair.

  • Crafter Comment:

    Yes the jingles bells are a choking hazard for sure! I warned the parents about them. Thanks for mentioning that—I forgot to write it in the post! Happy Holidays!

  • Oh my goodness! The little elf shoes are too adorable. I think I might need to make those for a girlfriend who just had a baby as well.

  • [...] Wool likes wool: You can even needle-felt wool roving into the felt pieces to create designs! (Kristin did it here.) [...]

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