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Make It : Teacher's Gift

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Usually I give food gifts to teachers, since I never feel like I know them well enough to make something more personal. This year, however, my son told me that his teacher collects sea horses and he wanted to give her something to add to her collection. Athena made me aware of this craft punch, which inspired this gift.


Teachers can never have enough cards, envelopes, and Post-its, right!? I prepared some for her, left some blank so she can punch her own with the punch I'm including, bought pretty colored pens, and added the "sea horse confetti" that fell out as I was punching away. I doubt your kids' teacher collects sea horses, but there are so many punches in our Martha Stewart Crafts line that there is something for everyone, for sure. How about alphabets for the kindergarten teacher, numbers for the math teacher, an apple as the classic teacher symbol, or a snowflake for the season. Regardless what you choose, you'll have a thoughtful gift for someone who deserves one.closed

Happy Holidays and thank you to teachers of all kinds.

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  • I love that you can find any punch that you need amongst your collection. You really do think of everything. Happy Holidays and Healthy New Year!

  • So cute Silke, I love it!

  • Love Martha Stewart craft products! Amazing, so easy to use and so inspiring!

  • What a lovely gesture to show these very important people how much they do for our children. Beautiful gift!

  • As a teacher myself, I can't tell you how AWESOME it is that your son noticed that his teacher is into seahorses.!!! I am a big cat lover and when my students bring me a cat related gift it really TOUCHES my HEART!!!

  • What a clever idea! I've been loving punches lately, so I will definitely keep this in mind...

  • Love this! How cute + thoughtful is this gift?! May I ask, where did you source the wooden box from?

    I have a few crafting kits for the little ones on my list. This box is perfect for giving + storing! ; )

  • I am the recipient of this gift, and it really means so much to me. I do love seahorses and I always need stationery. What's more is that I am touched by the thought and care behind such a gift. Each time I use something from this lovely set, it will remind me of the special people who notice the special things- many many thanks!

  • [...] had admired  ‘Wunderkammer’ before, but when my son told me about his teacher’s love for sea horses, I finally decided it was time to attempt one of Jessica Polka’s amazing crochet patterns. I [...]

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