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Tools & Materials : Bogus Paper

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We typically tell you about tools we use for vey specific tasks.  Bogus paper, on the other hand, is a favorite material around our craft room because it is so versatile.   It’s 100% recycled, and the perfect shade of grey.   We’ve used it as table runners, place mats, gift wrap, and for card making.  It’s …

sandy collection. 3D scrapbooking.

Inspiration Board : sandy collection. 3D scrapbooking.

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What do you do with all the things you collect on the beach? I had a pile of sea shore scores that were sitting in a bin, for over 2 years, that I finally sat down to organize.  All the odds and ends, my boyfriend Ashley and I collected from the beaches of Elbow Cay …

early spring flowers

Make It : early spring flowers

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If you’re like me, this is the time of year for daydreaming of spring and those first bits of color and warm weather. Above are some crafts projects from a story I worked on a few years back that was inspired by the flowers and colors of early spring. We made paper snowdrops, (shown above …

Tools & Materials : knitting needle gauge

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With drawers full of knitting needles I never know which one is which. I have US size and metric size, often the number is no longer visible, and if it wasn’t for this little tool, I would probably never start a new project out of frustration for not finding the right needles. So thanks to …

Celebrate : Packaging Treats for Purim

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The Jewish holiday Purim starts Saturday night. The celebration includes costumes, noise makers, wine, triangular cookies called hamantaschen, and best of all, mandatory gifts of well packaged treats. Purim treats, also called mishloach manot, must include at least two kinds of food that are ready to eat, and should be exchanged on Purim day. Here …

Make It : Easy Birthday Banner

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I made some birthday decorations for my sister Lee!  This banner couldn’t have been easier- and made from basic household items too.  First I used 3×5 index cards to cut out letters.  Cutting them from the existing rectangle allowed me to quickly make letters of a uniform size spelling… Then I punched two small holes …

Inspiration Board : Museum of Arts and Design

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Last week, my coworkers and I paid a visit to the Museum of Arts and Design (formerly the American Craft Museum) to give our brains and hands a rest and to get some inspiration (one forgets how important this is!!). I was particularly taken with one of the current exhibits, “Slash: Paper Under The Knife,” …

On The Web : Snowed in?

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If, like me, this time of the year has your yearning for spring, well, remember it’s only February and there’s still a lot of winter left.  Don’t despair; there are plenty of fun crafts that are exclusively for these chilly months. like this snow caterpillar these felted mittens and this snowman’s rosy cheeks These are …