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Tools & Materials : Storing Scraps

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I was inspired by Athena’s post on her scrap-box- here’s my  method for storing those precious bits and pieces.  Using a presentation book with plastic sleeves, I store paper scraps according to color.  This makes for a fairly neat and easily accessible stash of papers for card-making and small paper projects.  Though I find it …

Dries Van Noten

Meet : Dries Van Noten

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photo by Mikael Jansson via T magazine Since I studied Fashion Design, I often look at my favorite designers for inspiration. Dries van Noten is at the top of that list. Especially for his treatment of fabrics with lots of amazing embroidery and beading,  and his unusual sense of color combinations. So for this post …

Goodbye Party

Celebrate : Goodbye Party

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We recently said goodbye to our dear coworker Susanna.  She used to work for the Martha Stewart Crafts line designing some of your favorite products.  The treats were delicious and the decor was impeccable.  I love the scale shift between the giant “We’ll Miss You Susanna” sign hanging from the ceiling, and the tiny “We’ll …


Behind the Scenes : Hoarders

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I don’t know why they call it spring-cleaning. It seems like the best time to tackle those daunting organization projects is in the dead of winter. These past weekends after the New Year I’ve been slowly attempting to address my storage situation. Basically, my rent for a 5’ X 8’ cubby is equal to what …

last-minute valentines!

Make It : last-minute valentines!

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These are some miniature Valentine cards I made for our February issue’s well opener. We needed just one very small valentine for the shot, and ended up choosing a version with a ric-rac edge… But I loved them all! See below for a description of the materials and a simple how-to that applies to all. …

Gifts from the Heart

Behind the Scenes : Gifts from the Heart

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If you haven’t seen it yet, check out February’s Living for some inspiring, luxurious, handmade Valentine gift ideas.  Corinne Gill worked on the story “Gifts from the Heart” along with several other editors, and she passed along some photos from the shoot to share…

Ask the Crafts Dept. : Sourcing Valentine Boxes

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Patricia asks: Dear Crafts Department,
Could you give me manufacturers/suppliers of Valentine’s Day confectionery boxes?  Thanks very much! Happy to oblige! Here are few good online sources for heart shaped candy boxes: Box and Wrap has vintage looking red foil boxes, but aslo silver and gold which can be hard to find. SugarCraft has quite a few …

Felt So Loved - Heart Scarf

Make It : Felt So Loved - Heart Scarf

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Recently I have had some request to teach people how to needle felt. Instead of just showing a demo, I thought a project with an end result would be a nice approach to this lesson. I also wanted it to be approachable and safe, so the worry of poking  fingers with sharp barbs would be …