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Make It : Birthday Candles

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The January issue of Living features a story all about birthday parties, which I worked on with art directors Stephen Johnson and Tanya Moskowitz, and stylist Tanya Graff. It was so fun to spend a few weeks planning and decorating imaginary parties and exploring all the possible things you can do with standard, inexpensive party supplies. Jennifer Aaronson, our food editor, made quite a few amazing birthday cakes, too You can see more of the story here, and the issue is on newsstands now.

One favorite project from the story is the handmade "letter" birthday candles shown below. In 2005 Marcie made these Christmas candles, which I always loved. The process is really simple; they're made with beeswax sheets and cookie cutters.


We were working on a few pages of ideas for using letters as a party theme, so I adapted Marcie's project to make some extra-special birthday candles. See below.


candlehowtoI love them!

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