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Make It : Colorful Cupcakes

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Filling the cupcake liners with pink batter

1 Filling the cupcake liners with pink batter

Filling with green batter

2 Filling with green batter

Batters in different colors

3 Batters in different colors

squeezing yellow batter into the centers

4 squeezing yellow batter into the centers

before baking

5 before baking

baked cupcakes

6 baked cupcakes

adding the finishing touches

7 adding the finishing touches

One thing that I have learned from baking with my niece and nephew is that after cracking the eggs, the most exciting part for them is decorating. Last weekend we decided to do some early valentine baking and instead of waiting till the end for the decorating, we colored the batter to make the mixing a bit more fun. Molly chose to color the batter pink and purple and Jace chose yellow and green. We used bottles that are meant for icing to squeeze the batter into the cupcake papers and then again to add a different color to the center. The squeeze bottles made it pretty easy for them to fill the cupcake liners. After baking they iced the cupcakes in vanilla and chocolate and topped them with a conversation heart.


In a bit of a role reversal, the same weekend that I was baking cupcakes, Sarah and Jennifer from the food department were busy crafting valentines with their kids (with a food twist of course). Check out these deliciously cute valentines on the Living in the Family Room blog.

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  • they really work. taste like mini colorful angles, even though i never tried them but you get the piont anyway! Well excuse me i will eat now.

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