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On The Web : iPad News

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EXTRA, EXTRA, read all about it!

Have you heard? The February issue of Living will hit virtual newsstands soon...

If you or someone you know has an iPad, it's choc-full (sorry, I couldn't help myself) of videos and interactive displays. For a preview and to sign up for notification when the issue is available, click here.

(Did you miss our first issue? Go here for a peek.)

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  • Already updated and downloaded!

  • I have subscribed to Martha Stewart Living for a number of years. Since receiving a Barnes and Noble Nook for Christmas, I would like to receive my magazine on my Nook. How can I do this without getting another subscription?

  • Hey! I gotta say, i LOVED the first issue and will definitely be getting feb. too. Any way subscribers could get discounted access to the ipad version? Regardless, not going to miss it. It makes having an ipad worth it!!

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