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Make It : Wedding Dolls

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My sweet little (or not so little) cousin just got married. A perfect small wedding, no white dress, no registry...just a very happy young couple. I'm sad I couldn't be there, but thought it was silly to send fancy dishes or napkins, as that is just not the life they live, in a little cottage in the woods in Germany with dogs and bees. So what better excuse could I find to sew some dolls...still one of my more favorite things to make. Usually the dolls take on a resemblance to people I know by accident. This time I tried to make the dolls to look like my cousin and her (now) husband. Just as a joke I "dressed" them up in wedding gear.


married couple

What a sweet couple. I wish you only the best, Hannah & Otto!!!!!!


(Psssssst.......can't wait to make a baby doll!!!!!!)

A tip for making these dolls: Think of them as "people," which come in big and small, thick and thin.... The template (which you can find here or in our Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts) is a guide to start. However, you may wish to make the arms and/or legs shorter, make the body slimmer, the head wider and rounder. Don't be afraid to experiment. It is so much fun to have these "people" come to "life" in your hands.

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