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Make It : “Carefree” Valentine’s Day Dress

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Today's guest post comes from Kate Muth in our digital department, a true romantic at heart:

Carefree Dress

To say that the appliqué work I did on this American Apparel knit dress was “inspired” by the get-up that Ginger Rogers wears in Carefree, from 1938, would be giving myself too much credit. I was not so much inspired by the film as I was possessed by the idea of replicating—heart-for-heart and arrow-for-arrow—the complete motif on Ginger’s slightly more polished outfit.

Carefree Dress In Progress

As the fetching, fickle Amanda Cooper, Ginger spends half the film hypnotized and accidentally falling for Fred Astaire, who plays the psychiatrist (!) tasked with refocusing her affections on her boring fiancé. In this dress, Ginger’s all dolled up to be psychoanalyzed by the man she calls “Dr. Marvelous.” Later, the two tappity-tap their way through a dance called the “Yam.” They don’t make ‘em like that anymore…and I wanted to wear a bit of the film’s kooky heart on my own sleeve.

Carefree Dress Detail
I used fabric scraps, fusible interfacing, and embroidery floss to re-create the look. My hand stitching is far from perfect, but I love the one-of-a-kind effect.

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  • i've never seen the dress or movie, but i love it! will you wear it on other days besdies v-day?

  • hi Kate

    your dress looks wonderful. Perfect for V'day

  • Thanks mom ;) . And yes, I'll wear it on days besides Valentine's. Hearts and arrows are always appropriate.

  • Love the idea of taking new clothes and reworking them to add a vintage touch. Thanks for the inspiration!

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